To maintain bees, bee colonies, or bee hives within the City of Ashland all beekeepers must register  through the no-cost Beekeeping Registry.  Please complete the Beekeeping Registry form and submit it electronically,  or deliver to the Community Development Department at 51 Winburn Way, Ashland Oregon 97520.

Beehive apiaries registered within the City are displayed on the map below. Click on the yellow icons for apiary address and  the number of hives located at that site.

The standards relating to the keeping of bees as outlined in the Ashland Municipal Code (09.08.040) shall be continuously met:
  • Registration with the city is required to keep beehives within the city limits and the Director of Community Development shall provide a beekeeping registration process.
  • No more than three (3) bee colonies shall be kept or maintained on properties of less than one acre.
  • No more than five (5) bee colonies shall be kept or maintained on properties of one acre or greater.
  • Bee colonies shall be kept in hives with removable frames, which shall be kept in sound and usable condition.
  • For each colony permitted to be maintained under this ordinance, there may also be maintained upon the same property, one nucleus colony in a hive structure not to exceed one standard 9-5/8 inch depth 10-frame hive body.
  • In each instance where a colony is kept less than twenty five (25) feet from a property line, a flyway barrier at least six (6 )feet in height shall be maintained parallel to the property line for a minimum of ten (10) feet in either direction from the hive The flyway barrier may consist of a wall, fence, dense vegetation or a combination there of, such that bees will fly over rather than through the material to reach the colony.
  • A constant supply of fresh water shall be provided for the colonies on site within fifteen (15) feet of each hive.
  • Each beekeeper shall ensure that no wax comb or other material that might encourage robbing by other bees are left upon the grounds of the property. Such materials once removed from the site shall be handled and stored in sealed containers or placed within a building or other insect proof container.
  • If the beekeeper serves the community by removing a swarm or swarms of honey bees from locations where they are not desired, the beekeeper shall be permitted to temporarily house the swarm on the property for no more than 30 days from the date acquired.
  • The sale of surplus honey or bee’ s wax produced on site shall be permitted on the property where the keeping of bees is permitted.
  • Africanized bees are prohibited.

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