Construction Valuation Table

In accordance with Oregon Administrative Rule 918-050-0100 (1), (C), (c); the City of Ashland Community Development Department, Building Safety Division is required to use the International Code Council (ICC) “Building Valuation Data” matrix table as published by the ICC each year. As part of the statewide “Uniform Fee Methodology” program initiated on January 1st 2009, the State of Oregon Building Codes Division mandates the use of this table.
The structural permit fee is based on valuation or the square foot cost of construction. This total cost of construction figure is determined by the actual cost or by using the minimum default price per square foot as stated in the ICC valuation table. The building permit fee is then calculated using this “Valuation”. If your actual costs (“materials, labor, profit and overhead whether paid for or not”) are lower than the minimum default price then supporting documentation will be required. Please note that all occupancies have a different valuation amount applied due to different types of construction, i.e.: Fire rated vs. Non-Fire rated construction.
The Valuation chart will be updated April 1st each year.

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