Town Hall & Special Shows

Town Hall Show and Special Programs

•   January 29, 2018 - Annual State of the City Celebration, with Year in Review, the Mayor's State of the City speech, and presentation of the James M. Ragland "Volunteer Service" Award and the new Alan Bates "Public Service" Award.

•   June 28, 2017 -   "A website is the guest. As well as Gabriel Howe from the Siskiyou Mountain Club who joins Mayor Stromberg for the June edition.

•   May 10, 2017 -   "Possibility of Change" is the title for the May edition of Town Hall. Mayor Stromberg welcomes Bob Lieberman, CEO of Kairos.​​

•   February 8, 2017 -   "Road Trip." Ashland Resident Chris Hardy reviews his journey last December to Standing Rock and the opposition to the Dakota Pipeline. Hosted by Mayor John Stromberg.​

•   January 18, 2017 -   Mayor Stromberg welcomes former State Representative Peter Buckley for a program titled "Trauma Informed." After six terms in Salem Buckley is now the program manager for Southern Oregon Success.​

•   December 14, 2016 -   "The View From Here" is the title for the December 14 program as Mayor Stromberg welcomes Ashland Daily Tidings Columnist Chris Honore.​

•   November 9, 2016 -   Saundra Theis and Anne Bellegia from RVCOG's Senior Advisory Council join the Mayor and Ashland Councilor Stef Steffinger. Senior and end of life issues are the focus.​

•   October 12, 2016 -   Mayor John Stromberg speaks with Jessica Sage and Peter Alzedo of Oregon Stage Works.​

•   July 27, 2016 -   The July 27th program is joined in progress. The Equamore horse sanctuary from Ashland is featured. “Hungry, Neglected, Abused… Never Again” is the focus of this non-profit sanctuary and outreach center. ​

•   June 9, 2016 -  Mayor Stromberg welcomes Chris Chambers, Forestry Division Chief for AFR and Amanda Stamper of the Nature Conservancy to highlight the Ashland Forest Resiliency Project.​

•   March 23, 2016 -  Professor of Economics Ric Holt from Southern Oregon University is Mayor Stromberg's guest for the March 23 edition. The "Galbraith Project", the basis for a soon to be released book by Dr. Holt is the topic.

•   February 24, 2016 -  Phil Ortega from Life Art non-profit vists with the Mayor in a follow up to the November "Bright Prospects" episode.​

•   January 21, 2016 -  Jason Houk joins Mayor John Stromberg for a discussion on the challenges facing renters in Ashland with few units available.​

•   January 11, 2016 -  Mayor John Stromberg gives the annual Ashland State Of The City address, along with celebrating the James Ragland Award for 2016 and recognizing State Representative Peter Buckley.​

•   November 11, 2015 -  "Bright Prospects" Mayor Stromberg welcomes Adrian Chavez from Life Art, Luis Ayala from the SOU Latino Student Union, and Carolina Morones, Resident Teaching Artist with OSF.​

•   October 14, 2015 -  The Mayor speaks with artEquity Director Carmen Morgan and artEquity Program Manager Nijeul X. Porter about the transformative power of theater.

•   September 9, 2015 -  The Mayor welcomes Dr. Ray Seidler and Kristina Lefever to discuss the troubles with Glyphosate, a herbicide causing health issues for humans and bees.

•   August 6, 2015 -  Mayor Stromberg is joined by Kathy Conway and Alan Journet of the Southern Oregon Climate Action Now Project.

•   July 29, 2015 -  The drought and water conservation measures are featured in the July Town Hall. Public Works Director Mike Faught and Water Conservation Specialist Julie Smitherman host with tips on making it though the hot summer months in low water years.

•   June 11, 2015 -  Former SOU Administrator Sara Hopkins-Powell joins the Mayor for Ashland Perspectives in the June Town Hall.

•   May 27, 2015 -  JW & Nancy Lyons of FOTAS Project Street Dogs, which provides spay and neuter service for the dogs & cats of the homeless.​

•   March 11, 2015 -  Claudia Alick, Associate Producer for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Inclusion at OSF.

•   February 25, 2015 - Producer/Author Jeff Golden is the February Town Hall guest.

•   January 28, 2015 - The Hearth community of storytellers is featured with Mark Yaconelli.

•   January 27, 2015 - State of the City Celebration.

•   December 10, 2014 - Historian Jeff LaLande talks about "Our Story, Before Our Story,"

•   November 12, 2014 - Councilor elect Steffani Seffenger and new Parks and Recreation Director Michael Black join Mayor Stromberg

•   September 8, 2014 - The Lived Practice of Non Violence is examined with guests Kit Miller, Director of the MK Ghandi Institute for Non Violence, and Dominic Barter from Restorative Circles in Rio de Janerio.

•   August 13, 2014 -Mayor Stromberg introduces us to Bert Etling, new Editor for the Ashland Daily Tidings. A new format and changes in the industry are examined.

•   July 23, 2014 -Mayor Stromberg welcomes Grant WIlliams, Founder of On The Edge and work he does with the International Womens Center.

•   June 18, 2014 -Mayor Stromberg is joined by DEQ Regional Solutions Team member Kate Jackson. Intergovernmental connections and the WISE water project are on the agenda.

•   June 4, 2014 -Mayor Stromberg is joined by Public Works Director Mike Faught and Water Conservation Specialist Julie Smitherman with information on the drought conditions ahead this summer and how citizens can help conserve.

•   March 20, 2014 -Mayor Stromberg welcomes a panel of fire, forest and eco-experts to share the latest on the Ashland Forest Resiliency Project.

•   February 6, 2014 -Mayor Stromberg welcomes Heather Stafford, Executive Director of Sustainable Valley Technology.

•   January 22, 2014 - Mayor Stromberg welcomes Sheila Clough, CEO For Asante Ashland Comm. Hospital

•   November 13, 2013 -Mayor Stromberg welcomes The Honorable Phil Arnold. Former District Court Judge.

•   October 9, 2013 -Mayor Stromberg welcomes longtime Ashland icon Shirley Patton

•   September 11, 2013 -Mayor Stromberg visits with Mark Weir and Sammy the Salmon from the Conservation Comm.

•   August 14, 2013 -Mayor Stromberg welcomes K.S. Wild Executive Director Joseph Vaile. 

•   July 30, 2013 -Mayor Stromberg welcomes Livia Genise of Camelot Theatre in Talent.

•   June 12, 2013 -Mayor Stromberg sits down with small business owner Garrett Furuichi to discuss Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's)
•   May 16, 2013 - Meet Cynthia Rider, new Executive Director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
•   April 24, 2013 - The Center with Christine Dodson and Stefani Steffinger.
•   March 13, 2013 - Police Chief Terry Holderness and members of Jackson County SART.
•   February 13, 2013 -Meet newly elected City Councilor Rich Rosenthal.
•   January 9, 2013 - Profile of Ashland At Home with Barbara Jarvis and Steve Nueberger
•   November 15, 2012 - Profile of Ashland City Attorney David Lohman
•   November 1, 2012 - Profile of The Abundant Swap with guest Jeff Golden
•   September 12, 2012 - Profile of Joyce and Richard Stanley: Flaming Donut
•   August 8, 2012 - Profile of Dot and John Fisher-Smith
•   July 12, 2012 - Ashland Emergency Food Bank with Pam Marsh/Greg Lemhouse
•   June 13, 2012 - 4th of July: Behind the Scenes
•   May 9, 2012 - Firewise Week in Ashland
•   April 24, 2012 - Cashmob and Other Ventures
•   March 15, 2012 - New City Manager Dave Kanner
•   February 8, 2012 - Klamath Bird Observatory of Southern Oregon
•   November 14, 2011 - Ashland Community Hospital
•   December 7, 2011 - The Water Question
•   November 9, 2011 - Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan
•  October 12, 2011 - Proposed Expansion of RVTD Bus Station between Medford and Ashland
•  August 10, 2011 - The Importance of Food 
•  July 13, 2011 - The Road to Guanajuato

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