Policies, Interpretations & Procedures


Policies & Procedures
• BD-PP-0001   Footing and Foundation Wall Rebar Requirements for Single Family Residences
• BD-PP-0002 Inspection Requirements for Gas Pressure Tests
• BD-PP-0003 Inspection of Existing Buildings
• BD-PP-0004 Acceptance of Reversed Plans
• BD-PP-0005 Plan Review and Permit Fees for Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Systems 
• BD-PP-0006 Pre-Inspections of Existing Chimneys and Vents
• BD-PP-0007 Plan Review, Permit and Fee Requirements for City Projects
• BD-PP-0008 Discharge of Hot Tubs, Spas, and Swimming Pools
• BD-PP-0009 Fire and Life Safety Review
• BD-PP-0010 Assessment of Re-inspection Fees 
• BD-PP-0011 Timed Inspections 
• BD-PP-0012 Definition of Unfinished and Semi-finished Basements or Other Areas
• BD-PP-0013 Inspection of Property Pins
• BD-PP-0014 Plan Submittal for New Single-Family Residences 
• BD-PP-0015 Thumb-Turn Deadbolt Locks 
• BD-PP-0016 Smoke Alarm Requirements in Residences 
• BD-PP-0017 Master Plan Review Applications 
• BD-PP-0018 Implementation of Code Changes, Interpretations and Policies 
• BD-PP-0022 Determination of Valuation 
• BD-PP-0023 Plumbing and Contractor Registration and Licensing Requirements
• BD-PP-0024 Electrical Contractor Registration and Licensing Requirements 
• BD-PP-0025 Shower and Bath Specs
• BD-PP-0026 Sewer Contractor Licensing Requirement
• BD-PP-0027 Issuing over the counter permits
• BD-PP-0028 Special Inspection and Testing Agreement
• BD-PP-0029 Storm Water Drainage Systems
• BD-PP-0030 Change of Use or Occupancy
• BD-PP-0031 Truss Submittal Package Review
• BD-DIR-0001 Preparation for Seismic Event
Field Interpretation Guidelines
• BD-FIG-0001 Residential Inspection Protocol

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