Affd Housing Income Limits

The term "affordable housing" refers to a households ability to find housing within their financial means. Households that spend more than 30% of their income on housing are considered to experience cost burden. This term applies to all income levels. However what people typically mean when using the term is to indicate low-income or subsidized housing. Such housing is usually restricted to occupancy by households that earn less than 80% the area median income (80%AMI). The table below shows how this income target varies by household size.  Additionally many affordable low-income rentals are further restricted to households earning 60%AMI or 50% AMI. 



Income Limits by Family Size: $/year

May 2019 May 2020

Income Level Number of Persons in Family
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8+
Extremely Low Income (30%) 13,650 16,910 21,330 25,750 30,170 34,590 39,010 42,800
Low Income (50%) 22,700 25,950 29,200 32,400 35,000 37,600 40,200 42,800
Income at 60% of Median 27,850 31,820 35,800 39,780 42,960 46,150 49,330 52,510
Moderate Income (80%) 36,300 41,450 46,650 51,800 55,950 60,100 64,250 68,400
Median Income (100%) 46,410 53,040 59,670 66,300 71,604 76,908 82,212 87,516
Income at 120% of Median 55,690 63,650 71,600 79,560 85,930 92,290 98,650 105,020
Income at 130% of Median 60,333 68,952 77,571 86,190 93,085 99,980 106,876 113,771
*For the Medford-Ashland Statistical Area as determined by the HUD

Due to the considerable variations regarding the terms of affordability, and income guidelines, for each specific housing unit it is necessary to contact the City's Housing Program Specialist (Linda Reid at or 552-2043) with questions before renting, buying, or selling a covered affordable housing unit. 

If you have spoken with the Housing Program Specialist about the specific housing unit  you are interested in renting or buying (provided it's covered under Ashland's Program), the income verification form, including a description of what constitutes income, can be accessed via the following link: Income Verification Form.

If you are looking for housing in Ashland, this brochure should have some information to assist you in both finding housing and identifying some local resources that are available: Housing Resource Brochure

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