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Council Meeting Preview for November 14 and 15

Study Session of November 14, 2016
3.    Update on the consolidation discussion between Jackson County Fire District 5 and Ashland Fire and Rescue. Jackson County Fire District 5 and Ashland Fire & Rescue have, since last summer, been discussing a possible consolidation of the two agencies.  Additionally a request for proposals has been developed to solicit potential contractors to conduct a feasibility study for this consolidation.  Staff will update the Council on the status of these discussions and seek direction for the RFP.
4.    System Development Charge committee update. This is an update on the System Development Charge (SDC) Committee recommended SDC adjustments based on the updated Water, Sewer and Transportation Master Plans. System Development Charges are paid by developers to reimburse the City for the cost of capital improvements necessary to expand infrastructure to accommodate new growth and development. If approved, proposed SDC impacts would be as follows:
  • Residential and commercial wastewater SDC increases by approximately 150%;
  • Residential water SDC increases by .30% and commercial and industrial water SDC is reduced by 1.2% to 1.5% depending on water meter size; and
  • Single family residential transportation SDC increases by 5% and all other transportation SDCs increase or decrease based on the number of PM peak hour trips.
5.    Discussion of letters from Guanajuato (request of Mayor Stromberg). This item is about two letters that were sent to Ashland from Guanajuato during the past six months.
Business Meeting of November 14, 2016
Please note that this meeting starts at 6:00 p.m.!!!
1.    Discussion of policy questions to be addressed regarding the 10x20 ordinance. This is a discussion of potential answers to a list of policy questions that need to be addressed in order to conduct feasibility and cost analyses for implementation of the 10x20 ordinance.  These questions were initially developed by City staff and supplemented by the ad hoc Climate and Energy Action Plan Committee.
Item 1 is an item the Council regularly sees (minutes, appointments to commissions, liquor licenses, etc.)
2.    Approval of a resolution titled, “A resolution adopting guidelines for the creation and installation of murals”. This is a resolution to formally adopt the public art mural guidelines that have been in use by the Public Art Commission (PAC) since 2013 and which were reviewed and approved by the Council at its October 3, 2016 study session.  The PAC drafted the Public Art Mural Packet at that time to assist mural applicants and property owners who wish to execute and install an exterior mural.  The Ashland Municipal Code requires that exterior murals must be approved by the PAC.  The packet spells out the process for reviewing mural proposals and the criteria that are used in considering whether to approve them.
3.    Medford Water Commission water delivery contract. This is a wholesale water agreement with the Medford Water Commission (MWC) the delivery of water through the Talent Ashland Phoenix (TAP) intertie. Council has previously approved a similar agreement. The new agreement includes one recommended change to Article 3 to remove language that identifies water supplied by MWC as an emergency source of water for Ashland.
1.    Council review of questions for downtown behavior study. At its November 1, 2016 meeting, the City Council approved an intergovernmental agreement with Southern Oregon University to conduct a survey of downtown businesses to determine their perception of behavior issues this past summer as compared to the summer of 2015.
       The Council requested the opportunity to review the survey questions developed by Eva Skuratowiez, Ph.D., director of Southern Oregon University Research Center (SOURCE). Dr. Skuratowiez will be at the meeting to describe the survey process and to answer Council questions.
2.    Discussion of removing public art review and approval requirements from Chapter 18 of the Ashland Municipal Code. The Council voted at its October 18, 2016, meeting to continue to this meeting a discussion to determine if review and approval of public art on historic structures should be removed from Ashland Land Use Ordinance (ALUO) 18.5.2, Site Design Review, and moved to the portions of the Ashland Municipal Code that govern the Historic Commission (AMC 2.24) and the Public Art Commission (AMC 2.29).  However, staff is still working through issues in the code language with the two commissions and will request that this item be postponed again.
1.         First reading by title only of an ordinance titled, “An ordinance amending AMC 14.04.060 Water Connections Outside City The Limits” and move to second reading. The City’s water supply and water conservation continue as ever-present concerns.  AMC 14.04.060 has been routinely interpreted to have addressed these concerns by prohibiting the connection of premises outside the City to the City water system, with a few clearly-defined exceptions.  The amendment to AMC 14.04.060 proposed in this agenda item is intended to unambiguously confirm that routine interpretation.

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