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Vision Feedback

Draft Vision Statement

The City Council recently approved a draft set of values, a draft vision statement and 15 two-year goals.  Now the Council is interested in your feedback on all three.

The values are meant to represent what is most important to us as a community.  The vision statement describes the long term direction towards which Ashland should be moving.  And the two-year goals are concrete policy actions the Council expects to focus on through July of 2011.


Ideally all three (values, goals, vision) would be completely consistent with each other.  In the real world, however, there are often tensions among the three.  It is the purpose of community dialogue to refine, clarify and better align these three elements. 


The Council will gather public input through September 21, 2009 review the input and adopt a final Values and Vision Statement in November.  The council will review the feedback on the goals in January 2010 prior to beginning the budget process for FY2011.


The deadline to submit comments is September 21.  Thank you for taking the time to complete the following form.

Vision Statements

Ashland is a stikingly beautiful town, nestled on the edge of the Siskiyou Mountains. Ashland is a small, safe, and welcoming place. Residents enjoy the urban amenities of a university town and a center for world-class outdoor recreation and perfomring arts.

Ashland has vibrant neighborhoods. Young singles, families, children, and senior live in diverse housing types throughout the town. People know their neighbors, and they work together to care for each other. Children walk and bicycle to their neighbors, and they walk and bicycle to their neighborhood schools, and Ashland's school system is one of the best in the nation. Every resident can find shopping, recreation, and open space within an easy walk from their homes.

Ashland's residents treasure the natural environment. Salmon spawn in Ashland's creeks. Solar panels gather energy on rooftops, community gardens dot the parks, drought tolerant plants grace yards, parks and open spaces. The community cleans and re-uses its stormwater and effluent so no drop is wasted. It is as easy to walk and bike in Ashland as it is to drive. Ashland is connected to the Rogue Valley and the entire West coast through strong transit and rail systems. Population growth is managed, making efficient use of land and ensuring the community is vibrant.

Residents and visitors share Ashland's lively downtown. Ashland is eclectic and funky, and peoples' differences are treasured, not just tolerated. Visitors return to Ashland year after year to refresh themselves, to hike, bike, and ski, to learn, and to experience the performing and visual arts. Community events and festivals allow locals, regional residents, and visitors to share music, food and ideas.

Ashland supports businesses that are committed to family-wage jobs and Ashland's environmental ethic. The business community has a strong working relationship with Souther Oregon University, and university graduates find ample, reqarding employment in Ashland and the region. Small businesses thrive, and entrepreneurs choose to start and grow their businesses here.

A wilderness is a short hike away from the downtown plaza. Ashland's forests are healthy and managed to support the unique habitat of the Siskiyou Mountains, support recreation, provide clean drinking water, and ensure Ashland is safe from forest fire.

The City of Ashland is respected in Oregon and the region as an innovative, effective, efficient, and well run municipal government. The city is well connected to its citizens, and is responsive to citizen and business needs. The city is an employer of choice to high quality professionals who have chosen public service as a career.

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.

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