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What is a budget committee?
The budget committee is a fiscal advisory group to the Council.  Oregon budget law establishes the budget committee and its functions beginning with ORS 294.414.

The committee is made up of the governing body of the local government and an equal number of appointed members. The City of Ashland’s 14-member budget committee consists of 7 elected officials and 7 appointed members.

Appointed members of the budget committee must be electors of the local government. They cannot be employees, officers, or agents of the local government. The City of Ashland budgets on a biennial basis, therefore member appointments are for a four-year term. No member of the budget committee (governing body members included) receives compensation for serving on the committee. 

What is the purpose of the budget committee?
The primary role of the committee is to insure expenditures do not exceed revenues and the overall budget is consistent with the service priorities of the Mayor and Council. The culmination of the budget committee’s work is to set the City’s tax levy and recommend the budget to the City Council.

The three functions of the budget committee are:

  1. To receive the proposed budget and budget message
  2. To hold one or more public hearings following the presentation of the proposed budget; providing citizens the opportunity to comment prior to Council adoption of the budget
  3. Approve the budget and set the ad valorem property taxes

The budget committee does not change staffing levels, salary schedules or negotiate salary contracts.  It is not the committee’s role to adjust policies or priorities set by the Council or to add, delete, increase or decrease programs.

The budget committee can make changes to any of the line items in the budget to meet the goals and services established by the Council within the revenues projected. 

Individual budget committee members have no special authority to request information or direct staff to provide reports. However, the budget committee as a whole may, by committee vote, direct the administration to provide additional reports, information, data or presentations to help the budget committee better understand the budget.

The budget committee plays a large role in providing communication with the community about the budget process and limitations within which the local government works.  Committee members develop a good understanding of the City’s fiscal constraints and the services funded and thereby are able to explain those to their friends and neighbors throughout the community, providing an important communication conduit to the community regarding the City and its services.

The Council values the service of the Citizen Budget Committee Members and any advice they wish to share on the financial matters of the City.

Budget meetings are held in May, with Council adoption of the budget in June.


Name Email Title Term Begin Term End
Dylan Bloom City Councilor 3/15/2023 11/30/2024
Andy Card Committee Member 1/31/2023 6/30/2025
Jeff Dahle City Councilor 3/15/2023 11/30/2024
Gina DuQuenne City Councilor 1/1/2021 12/31/2024
Mike Gardiner Committee Member 1/31/2023 6/30/2023
Mayor Tonya Graham City Councilor 1/1/2019 12/31/2022
Eric Hansen City Councilor 1/1/2019 12/31/2022
Shane Hunter Committee Member 3/21/2023 6/30/2024
Paula Hyatt City Councilor 1/1/2021 12/31/2024
Bob Kaplan City Councilor 1/1/2019 12/31/2022
Eric Navickas Committee Member 1/31/2023 6/30/2024
Linda Peterson Adams Committee Member 1/31/2023 6/30/2024
David Runkel Committee Member 3/16/2021 6/30/2023
Leda Shapiro Committee Member 3/21/2023 6/30/2025

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