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Regular Monthly Meeting

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Ashland Tree Commission
Minutes, October 3, 2002

Call to Order - The meeting was called to order at 5:08 p.m. by acting Chairperson January Jennings. Additional commissioners in attendance were Greg Covey, Bryan Holley and Laurie Sager. Also in attendance were Parks liaison Donn Todt and staff Robbin Pearce.

Approval of Minutes - Minutes for September were approved as corrected.

Welcome Guests - Chris Chambers, the City of Ashland's Forest Work Coordinator introduced himself. His position is funded through Title III County funds and the Department of Forestry. Chris' education and experience will enable him to coordinate one of the only programs in the nation which is involved with fuel reduction specifically creating a defensible barrier between private property and the watershed. This will include controlling native trees and vegetation, reimbursing landowners for work being done (selective thinning - not clear cutting), some work on City and Parks property but mostly in the interface zone. Chris will keep the Commission informed of his work.

Old Business

Recommended Street Tree List - Staff promised a document in November. It was discussed to publicize the release of this document in the City Source, utility newsletter and with a press release.

Review Goals - Commissioners approved the goals as presented and approved the goals being forwarded to the Planning Commission and the City Council. Staff was asked to keep the primary goals on the monthly agenda until they are completed.

Heritage Trees - This item was tabled until November. Prior to that decision discussion included creating a database on disk for reference. Greg Covey will work on this project. Once the list is established it was suggested each commissioner should physically check out each tree to inventory location and condition before creating the final list.

Tree Ordinance Issues - Mitigation, Costs and Locations: It was decided:

    • money will be spent on planting at schools and/or parks with an annual expenditure to purchase and install from the mitigation budget.
    • Replacement will include trees that have died on school grounds and irrigation and maintenance will be included in the cost
    • Staff will work with Parks to purchase trees through Parks annual tree purchase program.
    • Until a costing/valuing process is established $200 per tree will be charged and added to the act
    • Tree Commissioners will recommend to staff where planting will take place. All final decisions and responsibility will lie with staff.

Public Works Specifications - Laurie Sager asked staff for more input in the form of additional existing specs used in the past on public works projects for further reference in the development of standard specifications for tree issues. An update will be presented in November.

Bryan Holley's Street Tree Memo - This item was tabled and will be worked on as part of the overall 2002-2002 goals.


    • Morton Street Update - Bryan Holley informed the commissioners the report has gone from Adam Hanks, Code Compliance to Paul Nolte, City Attorney. Mr. Nolte will inform staff when the case goes to court.
    • Siskiyou Bv Project Update - Donn Todt reported he hasn't reviewed the revised plan with a fine-toothed comb but he has worked with Mark Hadley, the Landscape Architect and Donn recommends:
        1. Drought tolerant species specific to our area (which the commission did review) and
        2. Donn couldn't find all the proposed trees. Those that he could not find will be changed to Kwanzan cherries. He has also recommended
        3. Pruning all trees to be effected by paving through Siskiyou Bv.
        4. Address the impact of below 6 inches grade excavation on roots of all existing trees beyond the curbs.

Staff will ask Public Works to present a revised plan in November.

    • Fire Station demolition site - Laurie Sager reported she was involved on site during the root pruning of the remaining tree. Donn Todt reported the sumac and all of the liquidambars were kept and moved to park sites
    • Bryan Holley reported the Qwest building looks like it won't impact the hedge. Staff reported a Certificate of Occupancy has not yet been requested. Staff will report once the C of O is requested.
    • Blue Moon Bed & Breakfast on Helman and Hersey - Commissioners agreed with the idea of the leylandis being called a hedge. Bryan Holley asked that a file be started to show how such situations are handled.
    • Library - January Jennings reported she is still on the Library project and has discussed with John Gilbert - Adroit's job supervisor, the essential need for education. January also declared conflict of interest on this project. Bryan Holley submitted a history of the Tree Commissions activity around the Library. Discussion included lack of follow through by applicant, contractor and staff; degree of change from original project to current status. Staff explained that unless a revised set of plans has been submitted and approved the plans on file will be used to review the installation once the Certificate of Occupancy is requested. Then a list of corrections can be made. Staff will share this list and how it is being addressed by the applicant at that time.
    • Professional Designer Standard Condition - Laurie Sager reported she is working with staff on a standard conditon that would require design professionals to be involved with installations of their projects when those projects are approved as planning actions. Staff will add this project to the November agenda.

Tree Permits - There were no permits this month.

New Business

Site Reviews -

    • Archerd & Dressner on Lithia Way - Plans were reviewed and approved.
    • DeLuca on East Main - This landscape plan was approved.

Ginkgo Dedication - Colin Swales recommended replacing the dead evergreen with a ginkgo. The Commission unanimously recommended "given the site development a ginkgo is not appropriate for this location. The replacement should be small and unusual."


    • Donn Todt asked the Commission for approval of the installation of a street tree in front of Standing Stone. They have asked for the tree to provide some shade too the front of the all glass building. His recommendation was a new variety of Autumn Blaze Pear (P. calleneraria)

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 7 p.m.



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