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Agendas and Minutes

Tree Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Thursday, September 05, 2002

Ashland Tree Commission
Minutes, September 5, 2002

Call to Order - the meeting was called to order at 5:05 p.m. by Acting Chair January Jennings. Additional commissioners in attendance were Greg Covey, Bryan Holley, Dan Moore, Laurie Sager and Rich Whitall. Also in attendance were Council liaison Kate Jackson and staff Robbin Pearce.

Approval of Minutes - Minutes for June and July were approved with corrections.

Welcomed Guests - Kathleen Weaver was in attendance for Planning Action 2002-096. Carl Carlson, Evan Archerd, Russ Dale and John Galbraith were in attendance for Planning Action 2002-054.

Old Business

Recommended Street Tree List - Staff asked two commissioners to review final draft. January Jennings and Bryan Holley volunteered. Once they have approved the draft staff will have the graphic design finished and the printing done.

Bryan Holley's Memo - Kate Jackson suggested formulating where you want to go (it is actually in the memo); ask for consideration, guidance and support (soften the language); keep it to one page; be less emotional and then develop logic points as to why the city should be involved with the costs. Greg Covey suggested using the title Urban Landscape Manager. It was decided to hold this item for goal setting.

Public Works Specifications Revision - Laurie Sager reported there is a lot work to be done. The committee will review he Siskiyou Redesign specs to establish a set of boilerplate specs for use by Public Works when a design professional is not involved.

Heritage Tree List - Bryan Nelson and Greg Covey will continue to develop this program and report in November. January Jennings and Greg Covey will work on the technical aspects

Tree Ordinance Issues - Discussion included: "valuing" and then replacing with equal value; creating programs for replacement with volunteers; ensuring the public benefits from the process; including a piece that requires property owners to maintain the trees. It was acknowledged that true valuation is a complicated process, which should require a certified arborist. We need to keep it simple. It was decided to continue the discussion to goal setting.

The handout was reviewed and corrections submitted. Staff reported the next step was the creation of a permit form.

Morton Street Update - Discussion included assessing maximum fines equal to maximum valuation. The monies from the fines should be used to educate the professionals (arborist, etc.) A letter will be drafted to Adam Hanks (code compliance officer) with recommendations for penalties including mitigation and valuation with the fine (relevant to the value of the trees) to be spent on education, covering the cost of staff time and any impact on the neighborhood. Also, the property owner should pay for the valuation determination by the certified arborist and that information should be sued to assess the fine. Bryan Holley volunteered to draft the letter.

Siskiyou/Pardee project - Commissioners discussed the outcome of this project


    • Blue Moon - Staff shared the letter from the planner, which shows the leyland cypress being classified as a hedge and allowing the property owner to remove them.
    • Library - January Jennings recommended the recommendations from the Tree Commission must require the protection fencing to stay up during construction (not be moved) and education and early communication with all parties involved be an essential part of making protection work. Bryan Holley asked to review what the Tree Commission recommended and what actually got done. It was decided that at goal setting the commission would review "how effective are we or are we wasting our time" and "are we being realistic about requiring trees to be saved.

Tree Permits - Staff presented the permits issued for the month of August. Commissioners asked that the monthly tree permit list include the type of permit.

New Business

Site Reviews

    • Planning Action 2002-096 (Haxton on 5th) - Be sure a pressure regulator is installed on the irrigation system.
    • Planning Action 2002-054 (NoMoCo) - Good Variety of plant materials. We recommend percolating culvert along North Mountain. We also recommend utilizing natural runoff/flows to irrigate if possible through a bioswale system. The cottonwoods next to the open space may be hazardous to homeowners. This situation should be evaluated especially if it will be maintained for wildlife habitat. Make every attempt to preserve the large street tree on Lynn Street.

Goal Setting Date - The meeting was scheduled for Wednesday the 11th at 7 p.m. Location to be determined.

Type I plant material subcommittee - Staff asked that commissioners be available for questions on plant materials for review of Type I planning actions. Staff will create a rotating schedule and will only call if needed. Knowledgeable commissioners agreed.


    • Greg Covey resigned. He will be available to work on the Heritage Tree piece of the ordinance.
    • Landscape Design Professional Standard Condition - Laurie Sager is working with staff to create a standard condition that planners can use, which will require landscape design professional involvement throughout the installation process.

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

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