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Communiyt Center and Pioneer Hall Ad-Hoc Committee Meeting No. 2

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Community Center and Pioneer Hall Ad-Hoc Committee
Pioneer Hall Courtyard 
Wednesday, July 14, 2021
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Present: George Kramer, Gil Livni, Christopher Brown, Kaylea Kathol, Steven Matiaco
Absent: Shaun Moran, Adam Hanks, Stefani Seffinger, Chief Ralph Sartain
Guests: one crew member and one engineer, associated with Gil Livni
  1. Call to Order – 11:00 AM
  2. Roll Call
  3. Unfinished Business
  1. Objectives and Approach Document – all present Committee members concurred
  2. Competitive bidding applicability question – not addressed at this meeting.  The applicability of competitive bidding per ORS 279 was confirmed via email to the committee from Adam Hanks on 06/28/21
  3. Preliminary scope negotiation notes – this document was provided in the packet but not addressed at this meeting
  4. Clutter in attic removal request – Kathol confirmed that staff was not available to remove attic clutter for the benefit of the committee.  The nature of the work and the staff time involved is not insignificant
  5. Legal description of property – A legal description of the properties is not available from Jackson County Surveyor’s online database.  However, GIS imagery and an assessor’s map available on County website shows approximate property lines that suggest the hillside behind the buildings is mostly City-owned.  This reduces the likelihood that future installation of a retaining wall behind the properties will require an easement on private land.  However, a survey will be required to determine ownership.
  1.  New Business
  1. Discussion and site walk with Fire Chief and Building Official
Chief Sartain was not able to attend but Building Official Matiaco had conferred with the chief beforehand to prepare for meeting.
Kramer asked Matiaco why the buildings were closed.Matiaco clarified that only Community Center was closed. Pioneer Hall is evacuated during snow events.Matiaco explained that Community Center was closed due to possibility of collapse identified in the 2019 structural evaluation.The decision to evacuate Pioneer Hall during snow events was made following a 2018 structural evaluation that found the roof was overloaded during snow events.
Kramer asked if Matiaco knew of any other building code issues that needed to be addressed.Matiaco represented that, because no occupancy change was anticipated, there would be no requirements to bring other systems up to code.
Matiaco explained his role as being review oriented.He will need to see plans, details, and calculations so that he can approve them is his official capacity.
Kramer responded that the commission will develop a narrative of problems and fixes, including calculations and details for Matiaco to review.
Brown added that some structural engineering would be needed to provided documents that could be reviewed by the Building Official and could be put out for competitive bid.
Livni asked whether seismic strengthening and/or sprinklers were required at either building.Matiaco said these items will not be required since there is no occupancy change.
The committee and attendees completed a building tour of both structures with Matiaco.Problem areas previously identified were pointed out and discussed.Some high-level solutions were contemplated.A closer inspection by Livni’s team will be required to better understand and document the nature of the problems in the two buildings.
    1. Kramer and Kathol will identify a good time to open the building to Livni’s crew to facilitate a closer structural review.  This task will not be a public meeting due to the specialized nature of the work.  

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