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Airport Commission Regular Meeting

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Ashland Airport Commission
March 2nd, 2021
CALL TO ORDER    @9:30am
Roll Call: Meeting Recorded
Members Present: Patricia Herdklotz, Bernard Spera, Andrew Vandenberg, Jeff Dahle, David Wolske, Jerry Campbell, Daniel Palomino, George Schoen
FBO Present: Bob Skinner
Members Absent: None
Council Member Present: Shaun Moran
Staff Present: Chance Metcalf, Shannon Burruss
Guests: None
  1. Information Items-
  1. Commissioners: Wolske introduces new Airport Liaison Council Member Shaun Moran. Moran presents information regarding himself and his relocation to Ashland. Commission and FBO introduce themselves to Moran.
Vandenberg would like to address lines and markings at the Airport Ramp (See Good Neighbor).
Commission discusses budget information, and requests to have the current information brought to Commission regularly, Metcalf commits to adding a quarterly report to the agenda.
  1. Public Forum: None
  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES- 02.02.21
Error in attendance and spelling of name for George Schoen corrected.
                Herdklotz moves to approve minutes as amended, Dahle seconds
All ayes, motion carries.
  1. Old Business
  2. FBO Fiber/WIFI Update- Metcalf updates Commission that the fiber installation portion of the project was completed a little over a month ago. WIFI should be hooked up and operational at the FBO by next meeting, which will be available to the visiting public as well as for business purposes.
  3. Waterline Extension Project- Metcalf updates that in order for the Airport to expand the current waterline system needs to be extended. He informs that rather than contracting out, the expansion can be done by the Cityís Water Department. Plans are set for Mid May/Early June.
  4. Action Item List-
a. Airport Entrance Landscaping- Metcalf states this is Katholís project, but that it is moving forward. Contract has been approved by City Legal department, the Tree Commission has approved of the project, the contractor, Overstreet Landscaping, is the in process of gathering the required documents. Staff will continue to update.
b. Commission Member Vacancies- Wolske reminds everyone to keep an eye out for candidates and to encourage qualified people to apply.
c. Airport Maintenance Plan- Metcalf relays Katholís update to Commission. Commission had previously directed to staff to inquire about private contractor costs for similar maintenance to what is currently being done by the Parks department, Kathol asked two companies, already approved to work for the City, for budgetary numbers which she anticipates to have in the next week or so.
d. Flight Path Trees- Metcalf states the surveyor will start next month, once completed the project will move forward to next steps. Wolske asks if there will be any trimming of the tree this year. Metcalf states that trimming is set to occur in the Fall of 2021.
e. Airport Emergency Preparedness- Dahle speaks about the progress made by working group. Campbell, Herdklotz and Dahle reached out to fifteen airports in three different states relatively the same size as the Ashland Airport. The end result being that none of them had an Emergency Preparedness plan, all places spoken to asked for a copy of Ashlandís, once completed. Herdklotz mentions inviting the Fire, Police and Hospital to do a tour on the Airport to familiarize them with the Airport property, she also suggests a protected sheet for emergency contact information that anyone can access, she also mentions the need for preventing people from accessing dangerous areas. Campbell asks what contact has previously occurred between Airport management and the mentioned facilities. Skinner explains previous contact instances with police and fire. Skinner also explains that there are access and emergency numbers posted at the FBO. Skinner explains a new NOTAM management system that heís been training on and will be establishing soon. Work Groupís goal is make a working document thatís easy to understand and actionable regarding emergency preparedness at the airport.  
  1. New Business
  2. New Hangar Construction Project- Brought by Commission Chair Wolske who asks for a status update on the project. Metcalf responds with the current state of new hangars, two of the new hangars are already in progress towards building. Discussions are being had with Brim on the third project.
  3. Painting- Vandenberg mentions faded paint in multiple areas and wonders if the Street department could come have a look and give an estimate for how much it would cost to repaint. Metcalf states he will get in contact with Streets department and have them contact Vandenburg or Skinner.
  4. Stimulus Money- Wolske inquires if anyone is tracking the stimulus money information. He wonders if it will be able to utilize by the Airport and City. Metcalf provides some commentary but states heís unsure as to where the third will finally be allocated once it passes. He assures that if there is money available staff will be reaching out.
  5. Airport Good Neighbor Items-  Palomino informs Commission about a helicopter that had a laser light from the ground shined in their eyes. OSP is investigating but warns pilots coming in at night to be wary. He wonders if something can be posted on the FBO website.                                Skinner states there hasnít been much activity and very little public comment. Skinner details more information about the NOTAM management program including naming and mapping the airport locations which he will be posting at the FBO. Skinner mentions changes that have occurred in the airspace above the Airport including RNP approaches, which has prompted the creation of an air safety bulletin that is currently posted at the FBO.
  1. FBO Reports- Attached.
  2. Announcements-  None.
   ADJOURNMENT:    11:03 am
Respectfully submitted,
Shannon Burruss
Public Works Administration  
(Full Meeting Video Available by Request)


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