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Housing and Human Services Commission Virtual Meeting

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Ashland Housing and Human Services Commission
November 19, 2020
Call to Order
Commission Chair Rohde called the meeting to order at 4:00pm via Zoom meeting.
Commissioners Present: Council Liaison
Rich Rohde Dennis Slattery  ABS
Echo Fields  
Gina Duquenne     SOU Liaison
Linda Reppond      None appointed at this time
Jackie Bachman  
Tom Gunderson Staff Present:
Heidi Parker Linda Reid, Housing Program Specialist
Chris Mahan  
Commissioners Not In Attendance:  
Erin Crowely  
Approval of Minutes
Commissioners Echo Fields / Gina Duquenne m/s to approve the minutes with amendment to section of Affordable Housing Trust fund & CDBG Award Update of October 22, 2020. Voice Vote: All Ayes. Motion passed
Public Forum  - None
Council Update Debrief
Linda Reid, Housing Program Specialist, grand terrace property annexation was on the docket.  Developer is waiting for land use changes to happen before they bring their development plans forward
Echo Fields stated what she liked about the council meeting.  
Gina Duquenne talked about needing a property to house homeless
CAPER Review and Approval
Linda Reid, Housing Program Specialist, meet goals for homelessness, facilities and housing rehab. Funded Maslow and they helped 117, St Vincent De Paul 27 households, food angels benefited thousands.  CARES act money funded 2 projects from 2019, hotel vouchers for ORHA 57 people housed for 67 days.  Peace house ORHA for meal delivery, 125 meals 4 days a week since March.  Shower trailer back on line, was an economic development project with hiring cleaner for shower trailer. 
JB page 55 chart for drawn down money amounts.  Did everything get drawn down properly?  LR caper only counts what is drawn in the given year, most times there is carry over to next year.
GD fair housing training for landlords and property management.  Where are we with that?  LR on city website we have a housing hotline with info for fair housing.
RR There is a new fair housing person for Southern Oregon, Meg Tinan.  Break down of racial data for people served showed only 4 people of color? LR Maslow and St Vincent De Paulk keep better records for racial needs.  However, Food angels does not as they are not doing a direct service. 
CM Is there long-term penalty for not meeting goals.  LR not really, if we were to continually be lower on our goals.
Commissioners Chris Mahan / Gina Duquenne m/s to accept the Caper report. Voice Vote: All Ayes. Motion passed
Pam Marsh-Manufactured Housing Discussion
Pam Marsh got involved with mobile parks because park space rentals went up so high.  Rights of park residents when park closes.  Own unit, lease space. Wanted Legislation in Oregon requires notification of closure and residents be given option to buy park.  Hb 2896 would help private funding to buy parks that would be closing or for sale.  8-10% of total housing stock in Oregon.  104 parks before fire here.  1100 parks statewide 27 are alternate owned.  20 parks destroyed in our fire.  1500 homes in those parks destroyed. Parks that come back will be at a higher price point with all new homes as well as higher space rent to recoup rebuilding.  For low income housing parks coming back will not cover low income again.  CASA puts together cooperative park running. 
Pallet Shelter Pilot Project Overview
Linda Reid, Housing Program Specialist, Ashland failing is lack of location for cold weather shelter.   City purchasing 3 pallet shelters, putting them at Unitarian church in parking places. Volunteers will check in evening.  4900.00 per unit.  25K for 3 units set up.  Coming from old CDBG money
December Retreat Meeting Agenda Discussion
No speaker yet, possibly Chelsey Gatter (sp?).  Zoom training with mental health.  Rich, Heidi & Jackie want to focus affordable housing in Ashland.  How to learn to break down barriers in getting affordable housing into Ashland.  speaker options could be Columbia Care and Umpqua neighbor works. 
Dec 10th Thursday during the day 2-4:30
General Announcements and Updates
TG - Rogue retreat is expanding the campground to 100 people.  Grants Pass shelter is going to 24 hour for 3 months. 
RR implementation of measure 110 decimalizes small amounts of drugs and puts Marijuana into drug treatment.  Forum on Dec7th 5pm locally, send to Linda Reid for invite. 
CM gave COVID report at SOU, 61 in quarantine, if students go home for holiday must quarantine when they come back. 
Linda Reid Americorp intern for conservation dept, Bridgette, coming to January meeting with new project.
Upcoming Events and Meetings
                        Next Housing Commission Regular Meeting
Adjournment:   Rich Rohde adjourned the meeting at 6:15p.m.  
Respectfully submitted by Liz Hamilton

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