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Airport Commission Regular Meeting

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

CALL TO ORDER    @ 9:32am
Roll Call:
Members Present: Andrew Vandenberg, Patricia Herdklotz, Bernard Spera, George Schoen, Jeff Dahle, David Wolske
FBO Present: Bob Skinner
Members Absent: Daniel Palomino
Council Member Present: Rich Rosenthal
Staff Present: Chance Metcalf, Kaylea Kathol, Shannon Burruss
Guests: None
  1. Information Items-
  1. Commissioners: None
  2. Public Forum: None
                Spera moves to approve minutes, Dahle seconds with condition that his last nameís spelling will be corrected. Agreed All ayes, motion carries.
  1. Old Business
  2. Box Hangar Roof Repairs- Kathol reports that two of the repairs had been completed for a total of $4800. She states the contractor also did some extra repairs as well. Skinner states that heís optimistic that the repairs will solve the problems moving forward.
  3. Council Airport Commission Report- Report is contained in meeting packet, Wolske relays that Council has postponed the Commission Report and it has not been presented as of yet.
  4. Action Item List:
  5. Airport Entrance Landscaping- Kathol reports that the process continues. City staff has been in contact with KenCairn Landscape Architecture, who did the design. Construction will be placed out to bid shortly, more than likely bids will be put out to public bid. The project is taking a little longer than planned, and Kathol hopes to have it completed by the end of January.
  6. Commission Member Vacancies- Schoen recommends that someone from JLC should be present on the Commission. Woslke states that has been a precedent in the past but that itís up to them to show interest. Commission will keep eyes and ears out for potential commissioners.
  7. Airport Maintenance Plan- Metcalf mentions that there has been little movement on this. However, talks between Public Works and Parks departments have been taking place. Metcalf states heís been trying to get more momentum, but events have postponed further solidification of the Airport Maintenance Plan as departments have been shorthanded. Metcalf will continue to pursue. Wolske wonders if private landscape contracts could be pursued at this point, rather than Parks and Recreation. Kathol states she is supportive of looking into the costs of a private company. Metcalf agrees, he mentions that the contract is up in June of 2021, also stating his support for looking into estimated costs for private companies to do the work. Kathol requests Commission to put together their minimum requirements to present for cost estimate accuracy. Wolske states the Airport Maintenance Work Group would be in a good position to put those requirements together. Vandenberg agrees to do so.
  8. Airport Mural- Spera reports that portions of the mural have been completed. Skinner states that the aircraft have been added but not completed but should be completed shortly. Various Commissioners express their approval of the work done so far. Spera would like the permission from Commission to reach out to local TV station and newspapers for advertising the mural, all were in support.
  9. Flight Path Trees- Metcalf states that there will be a survey done on the flight path for tree height, as well as tree location. However, when the survey has been completed it will be bird migration season and it will not be possible to have the trees cut this year. More possibilities will be pursued by City Staff in hopes of finding a more economical and long-term solution to this issue. Wolske states that in the past there have been talks with neighboring homeowners about removing the trees in question and would like to see that pursued once again by City Staff. Commission discusses liability and easements. Commission discusses further.
  10. New Business
  11. Ownership Transfer of Sky LLC Hangar- Metcalf relays that a letter request has been received, and states that the City is in favor of the requested transfer. Wolske asks if income will be impacted, and if the City still retains first right of refusal if Brimm decides to sell. Metcalf states that the income does not change the current terms, and that as of now, the City does not have plans to purchase the property. Skinner relays the history of the hangar, and verifies what Metcalf stated previously.
Herdklotz moves for a motion to recommend the Public Works director to decline the First Right of Refusal to purchase the interest in the hanger and allow the sale to Burl Brimm. Spera Seconds. All ayes, Motion Carries.  
  1. Chair/Vice Chair Election- Metcalf explains the delay in the election due to COVID. This election would be in effect until April 2021 and gives term limitation information and particulars to Commission.
Spera recommends Wolske as Chair and Dahle as Vice-Chair. Dahle accepts nomination and seconds for Wolske as Chair. All Ayes.
  1. Airport Good Neighbor Items- Skinner reports that in the last 6 weeks that there has been quite a bit of fire activity, which did not generate as many complaints as anticipated. The Airport closed for less than a week and had an extended period of time where portions of the Taxi Way was closed for helicopter operation, a helibase was established on site for firefighting support.
  1. FBO Reports- Attached.
  2. Announcements-  None.
NEXT MEETING DATE:  11.03.2020
   ADJOURNMENT:    @10:20am
Respectfully submitted,
Shannon Burruss
Public Works Administration  
(Full Meeting Video Available by Request)



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