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Regular Meeting

Monday, March 25, 2002

City of Ashland

City of Ashland



March 25, 2002


Present: Commissioners Eggers, Jones, Landt, Lewis, MacGraw; Director Ken Mickelsen

Absent: None


Chair Landt called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main


Regular Meeting February 25, 2002 Under the Sub-Committee and Staff Reports item "Strawberry/Hald - Map of Proposed Trails," Commissioner Eggers requested that "trails group" be substituted for "trails commission" for the sake of clarity. There was no opposition among Commissioners. Commissioner Eggers moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Commissioner Landt seconded.

The vote was: 3 yes 2 abstain (MacGraw, Jones)


Request for Outdoor Restaurant Seating on Calle Guanajuato

Susan Powell (180 Nutley Street), owner of Pilaf Restaurant, requested permission to place two creekside tables in a different section of the Calle than where Pilaf has traditionally had seating. The requested location is in front of Pilaf rather than the traditional location near the Global Pantry.

Commissioner Landt suggested this item be moved to New Business and that New Business be moved ahead of Unfinished Business on the agenda.

Open Forum - None


As noted above, "Request for Outdoor Restaurant Seating on Calle Guanajuato" was added to New Business and New Business was moved ahead of Unfinished Business on the agenda.


Request for Outdoor Restaurant Seating on Calle Guanajuato

Director Mickelsen explained that Staff was supportive of Ms. Powell's request, with the stipulation that outdoor seating in the requested location would not be allowed on Saturdays or Sundays due to the Lithia Artisan Market.

Public Input

Susan Powell (180 Nutley Street), owner of Pilaf Restaurant, explained that she was looking to establish a welcoming focal point at the lower end of the Calle.

Discussion Among Commissioners

Commissioner MacGraw expressed her support of the request.

Commissioner Eggers said that she did not support the request, citing congestion in the area.

Commissioner Jones expressed her support of the request, noting that creekside dining is an attractive amenity of the Calle.

Commissioner Lewis inquired as to whether the Department had received any complaints about creekside seating in the area. No complaints had been received.

MOTION Commissioner MacGraw moved to allow Pilaf two tables for seating on the Calle in area #7 as designated on the Calle Map (creekside, in front of Pilaf Restaurant, to the Winburn Way side of the bridge). Commissioner Jones seconded.

Discussion of the Motion

Commissioner Eggers restated her feeling that the area was already congested with tables, saying it was difficult to walk or push a bicycle by. Noting that the Calle is a public area, she said she had a very strong concern about adding to the congestion.

Commission Landt inquired as to whether the motion included Pilaf's forfeiture of seating in area #4 (in front of the Global Pantry -- not currently in use for seating). Commissioner MacGraw replied that it did not. Commissioner Landt stated his view that it would be "cleaner" to include that forfeiture. Commissioner MacGraw asked whether that could be a separate motion by someone else. Commissioner Landt stated that he would vote against the motion as stated but would support the motion if it included the forfeiture.

Commissioner Lewis asked to include a friendly amendment deleting Pilaf's currently-approved seating in area #4 as designated on the Calle Map (in front of the Global Pantry). Commissioners MacGraw and Jones accepted the amendment.

MOTION AS AMENDED Commissioner MacGraw moved to allow Pilaf two tables for seating on the Calle in area # 7 as designated on the Calle Map (creekside, in front of Pilaf Restaurant, to the Winburn Way side of the bridge) instead of in area #4 (in front of Global Pantry Store). Commissioner Jones seconded.

The vote was: 4 yes - 1 no (Eggers)

As a point of information related to this topic, Director Mickelsen alerted the Commission that the City Council has been discussing centralizing regulation of all sidewalk restaurant seating regardless of whether the seating is on the Calle (historically under Parks jurisdiction) or on city sidewalks (City jurisdiction).


2002-2003 BUDGET

Director Mickelsen noted that a budget study session for Commissioners had immediately preceded this meeting. The current item appears on the agenda in order to accommodate public comment on the proposed budget and to allow for any Commission discussion on this matter.

Director Mickelsen reintroduced the subject of the Wold donation through the Ashland Parks Foundation. This restricted donation is designated for a neighborhood park on the knoll at North Mountain Park.

After some discussion about the restrictions of the donation and the scale of the project envisioned for the knoll, there was general agreement that it would be beneficial for the Commission to see a schematic for the design of the park and to make a site visit to the knoll.


BOCCE BALL COURTS - Informational purposes only

Director Mickelsen was excited to report that the Lions Club had generously offered to contribute $2500 to fund the construction of Bocce Ball Courts at Sherwood Park. Staff plans to start construction in April and anticipates completion of the project by the end of June.

WATER QUALITY AT LOWER DUCK POND Informational purposes only

Director Mickelsen explained that the unanticipated daphnia problem at the Wastewater Treatment Plant creates an obstacle to the treatment approved by the Commission. Although the sand filtration successfully filtered out the daphnia, it is suspected that it was not effective for filtering out the daphnia eggs. Staff is investigating other treatment options and hopes to bring a report back to the Commission by the May meeting.


Commissioner Landt noted that the next Open Space Community Meeting will take place at 7:00p.m. Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at the Hunter Park Senior Center. He stated that this meeting will be an opportunity for the public to give the Commission feedback on parcels that they would like to see included in the Open Space Plan.


Commissioner Jones reported that the Ashland Woodland and Trails Association has formed and is working on a set of bylaws. Commissioner Jones has been attending the meetings and asked that she be appointed the Commissions liaison to this group for the remainder of this year. Chair Landt approved the request and thanked Commissioner Jones for her input in the Open Space criteria, noting it was particularly valuable because of her attendance at the trails meetings. Commissioner Jones praised the Trails Association for their dedication and valuable input.


Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • Regular Meeting set for 7:00 p.m., April 22, 2002, Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main Street
  • Open Space Community Meeting set for 7:00 p.m., April 10, 2002, Hunter Park Senior Center
  • Open Space Subcommittee Meeting set for 10:30 a.m., March 27, 2002, Parks Office 340 S. Pioneer
  • Budget Hearing set for 7:00 p.m. April 18, 2002, Council Chamber, 1175 E. Main Street

Proposed Agenda Items for April

  • Evaluation & Negotiations

ADJOURNMENT By consensus, with no further business, Chair Landt adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted, Robyn Hafner, Department Secretary, Ashland Parks and Recreation Department

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