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Airport Commission Regular Meeting

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Roll Call:
Members Present: Dana Greaves, Andrew Vandenberg, Daniel Palomino, Patricia Herdklotz, Bernard Spera, George Schoen
FBO Present: Not Present
Members Absent: None
Staff Present: Chance Metcalf, Kaylea Kathol, Shannon Burruss, Rich Rosenthal
Guests: None

  1. Public Comments- None
  1. Information Items- None
  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES- 02/04/20
                Motion to approve minutes by Dana Greaves, Seconded by Daniel Palomino.
Minutes approved, Herdklotz abstains.
  1. Old Business
  2. Airport Master Plan Update- Metcalf goes over Fleury’s memo, staffing issues at the FFA have delayed final approval. He estimates that by October or, more likely, November he’ll have the full booklet with plan available to the Commission. Wolske states he’d like to have more in process input. Metcalf states that the final options presented to the Commission have stayed with the FAA and there have not been any changes since then, to his knowledge.
  3. Airport Signs- Wolske recaps a situation in which a vehicle drove to a helicopter operator at the Airport which resulted in a confrontation. The suggestion has been made to add signs at the entrance and exits. Schoen asks commission about security on the airport suggests coded entrances, Wolske states that it has not been a preferred option in the past. Commission discusses future options for security measures.
  4. Action Item List-
  5. Airport Entrance Landscaping- Palomino states his suggestion that prior to buying plants and doing the landscaping, that the Commission focus on maintaining what is there. Palomino refers to the weeds and current blackberries. Metcalf asks if maintenance requests have been made regarding this, and suggests it is done so that the requests can be taken to Parks. Metcalf also mentions that the landscaping and relays that the new plants are part of an effort to mitigate the weeds. Wolske suggests that maintenance requests go to Bob Skinner. Metcalf refers Commission and work group to the current schedule to check if Parks is fulfilling their obligation. Commission discusses mowing for fire suppression. Metcalf to check regulations.
  6. Commission Member Vacancies- Rosenthal requests that any potential Airport Commissioner’s applications be sent to him so that he can assist in having them reviewed by the mayor quickly. Wolske states he may know some people who would be interested in applying.
  7. Airport Security Camera- Metcalf states that all the conduit for the fiber has been installed. Fiber should be done this week. City IT is working on camera bids that should be available next meeting. He hopes to bring more than one option to the Commission.  Airport security to stay on Action Item List.
  8. Airport Mural- City Planning and Chairman of Art Commission have approved of the mural. The  artist who visited the Airport indicates that the existing surface is sufficient to have the mural painted directly on it. Spera will bring cost bids from a few artists, the one who came out to look estimated $4000 for cost. Commission discusses options for what the mural will be composed of. Commission discusses the viability of spending money on the mural project vs other pending projects at the Airport. Commission discusses what finance options might be available, and whether Art Commission or the City would have a role in financing. Spera makes the argument that an art piece at the Airport introduces people to Ashland in a way that represents the community. This will stay on Action Item List for further discussion.
  9. Hangar Electrical-  Metcalf speaks, Skinner to investigate separate pricing, options for renters who choose to pay for the installation to be reimbursed. Vandenberg mentions that until the budget is finalized he has nothing to say on the matter.
  10. Promoting the Airport: Herdklotz states she had a standup meeting with the liaison for the Chamber of Commerce who responded positively to the Commission’s ideas for travel packages, she states she will continue to pursue the matter. Vandenberg relays that Skinner has no interest in purchasing a courtesy car, as previously mentioned by Commission, in the past it has not proved worth the trouble. Commission to continue to investigate options.
  11. New Business
  1. Burl Brim Hangar Proposal- Brim will be bringing his proposal to the next meeting.
  2. City Council Report: Wolske hands out literature.
  1. Airport Good Neighbor Items-
    Commission discusses the promotion of Green Aviation.
    Commission discusses the Riparian Restoration project, Kathol reports that it is under the purview of the Department of Reclamation and the City will not have any information regularly to discuss with the Commission. Spera discusses wildlife at the airport and wonders if Riparian restoration would add to the problem. Wolske mentions the new fence related to the restoration should prevent any issues.
  1. FBO Reports- Attached.
Commissioners are concerned and discuss the lack of renters at the airport and unoccupied spaces. Wolske would like an occupancy update when next Skinner is present.
Vandenberg reports that both he and Lisa at the FBO can now issue NOTAMS. Commission discusses usage of a flag and communication as well as overhead lights. Vandenberg to look up requirement. He also reports on an emergency plane landing that occurred, no injuries, total loss of plane. Reports of hard landing on the airport that totaled the plane, with no injuries. Metcalf reports a few gauges in the run way, and a few lights, both will be repaired. City, Commission, and FBO discuss chain of communication.
Vandenberg states there was a public complaint about low flying planes. Nothing further has happened as of yet, Wolske would like Skinner to get that on the information.
  1. Announcements- None

NEXT MEETING DATE:  April 7th, 2020
   ADJOURNMENT:      10:49am
Respectfully submitted,
Shannon Burruss
Public Works Administration  
(Full Meeting Audio Available by Request)

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