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Airport Commission Regular Meeting

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Ashland Airport Commission
    September 3rd. 2019

Roll Call:
Members Present: David Wolske (Chair), Bernard Spera, Andrew Vandenberg, Dana Greaves, Daniel Palomino, Patt Herdklotz, George Shoen,
FBO Present: None
Members Absent: William Skillman,
Staff Present: Rich Rosenthal, Chance Metcalf, Kaylea Kathol
Guests: None
  1. Public Comments- None
  1. Additional Items from Commission Members- Spera announces the William Skillman will no longer be on the commission due to illness. This leaves two vacancies on the Commission.
Palomino Motions, Greaves Seconds
Motion Carries, Minutes Approved.
  1. Old Business
  1. Hangar Electrical- Metcalf states that the City has reviewed, Skinner to look into pricing. Options have been discussed to allow tenants to do upgrades to hangar with a discount on their rental to recoup costs.
  2. Lars Svendsgaard Letter of Concern- Commission discusses concerns addressed in the letter. Woslke mentions that the situation brought up the need for signage for visitors so they don’t access areas that are to be authorized personnel only. Palomino discusses FFA regulations for Helicopters vs fixed wing aircraft in reference to altitude requirements. Wolske refers issue to Skinner to make contact if necessary. Commission discusses security gate options.
  3. Airport Master Plan Update- Metcalf presents Fluery’s memo on the subject. The estimate is that by October or November Fluery will have the final booklet for the Master Plan put together for Commission.
  4. Action Item List
  5. Airport Entrance Landscaping- Palomino discusses access to water, he suggests that prior to planting of new plants, that the Airport should maintain what is currently there. He states the City is not maintaining the blackberry bushes and other shrubs that that been previously planted. Metcalf mentions that maintenance requests can be given to the Parks department through Skinner. Wolske suggests Palomino and Vandenberg present a list of needed maintenance around the Airport in regard to landscaping, and mowing. Commission discusses mowing during fire season.
  6. Commission Member Vacancies- Rosenthal asks to be informed of applications in order to allow him to expedite the process with the Mayor.
  7. Airport Maintenance Plan- A map of the plan is presented to the work group and Commission.
  8. Airport Security Camera- City IT is working on compiling camera options to present to the Commission.
  9. Airport Mural- Spera reports that City Planning has approved of the mural. He also spoke to the head of the Art Commission, who likes the idea as well. A Concern was the material. A local artist came out and stated that the surface was not an issue. Spera was quoted $4000 for the entire project, Spera to get other estimates. Commission discusses possible themes for the mural. A discussion is also had regarding the cost and priorities around the airport. Woslke asks if the Public Art Commission would be able to help with cost. Spera will speak with Mayor to discuss options.
  1. New Business
  1. Promoting Airport- Commission discusses promoting the Airport to the Chamber of Commerce for tourism. Herdklotz states she spoke with the liaison between City Council and the Chamber who liked the idea of tourist packages. Herdklotz to be point person in this area. Woslke would like the topic to be added to the action item list. Vandenberg mentions he’d spoken with Skinner about a courtesy car, Skinner stated that he’s previously done so and it comes with problems so he’s not interested in purchasing a car for this reason. Palomino suggests shuttles to nearby hotels. Commission also discusses green options for the Airport.
  2. Riparian Area- Wolske would like to add to action list. Kathol states that the Fresh Water Trust is moving forward. Kathol mentions that it would not be City or Commission, but rather the process is handled by the Bureau of Reclamation. No addition to the action item list warranted, no addition made.
  3. Airport Good Neighbor Items- Vandenberg reports that there was a complaint from a hop farm near Eagle Mill road. Vandenberg informs Commission of compliant log at FBO. Complaints to FBO, then Commission, then City Council for escalation chain.
  1. FBO Reports- Skinner not present, Woslke would like occupancy update upon his return. Vandenburg reports he and Lisa at the office have now been trained and authorized to do NOTAMS. Vandenberg reports on recent plane incidents on the airport and in the area. Commission discusses having an official backup for Skinner.
NEXT MEETING DATE:  October 1st, 2019
   ADJOURNMENT:           @10:49am
Respectfully submitted,
Shannon Burruss
Public Works Administration  
(Full Meeting Audio Available by Request)

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