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Ashland Water Advisory Ad-hoc Committee Meeting

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

ASHLAND Water Advisory Committee
May 28, 2019
Williams called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM

Committee Members Present: Pat Acklin, Joe Graf, Rich Miller, Don Morris, Donna Rhee, Alex Amarotico, John Williams

Committee Members Absent: Lesley Adams, Kate Jackson, Darrell Boldt
Staff present: Paula Brown, Scott Fleury, Steve Walker, Kevin Caldwell, Taina Glick


April 23, 2019 filed as presented.



RH2 Master Plan Schedule Update/Progress Report

Rachel Lanigan from RH2 presented Chapters 5 and 6 of the Water Master Plan (WMP). Defined high level -challenges and goals are:
1: moving from gravity system to partial gravity system
     A: expand granite zone to reduce pumping
2: Granite tank is aging and in a poor location
     A: evaluate if clearwells at new water treatment plant could replace tank
3: Alsing Reservoir water quality issues
     A: rezone to improve water turnover
4: Fire flow deficiency to highest customers (Park Estates and S Mountain zones)
     A: expand zone and increase pipe size
5: TAP supply cannot reach Crowson Zone
     A: project postponed to increase capacity of new WTP and will be reconsidered after TAP master plan is completed.
6: Extreme pressure zones
     A: consider rezoning to resolve pressure issues
7: Inability to meet higher fire flow standards
     A: improve with suggested piping projects
8: Storage deficiency
9: Aging, undersized pipes
     A: increase pipe size as able

Supply for fire flows was discussed including flow requirements and how to ensure adequate pressure to the customer at the highest elevation during a fire event. Fire flow deficiency map was provided and Lanigan explained how suggested projects were prioritized. Fleury explained allowed use of SDC funds for these projects. Graf questioned if a consideration was given to ensure infrastructure is not underbuilt in the future. Acklin noted that provided map does not include urban growth boundary and city limit lines and that a portion of the Alsing zone includes land outside city limits. Lanigan clarified that outside city limit tax lots are not included in demand projections. Morris asked if emergency scenarios had been considered in projections and she indicated supply outages, peak-hour demand, and fireflow had and elaborated on the assumptions for those scenarios.

Acklin requested Lanigan direct group toward topics that require input from the committee. Williams suggested Lanigan summarize evaluation criteria. Lanigan read table 5-1 Supply Level of Service Goals provided in packet.

Morris inquired about testing of the Terrace St pump station and what was gained by building it. Walker indicated that testing went well. Fleury added that what was gained was increased pump efficiency and greater safety to crew.

Lanigan explained contents of CIP section of the WMP, rezoning recommendations, and answered project specific questions. Hillview pump station was identified as the next weak spot in the system and will be undersized with expanded Alsing zone. Acklin noted that much of the Alsing zone is outside city limits and that those properties cannot be served. Laning clarified properties that contributed to demand on the zone. Ackin suggested that the final maps should only include taxlots inside the urban growth boundary and city limits. Rezoning recommendations were explained.

Acklin inquired about program to ensure right-sized infrastructure is placed. Fleury indicated that program still exists.

Graf wondered where the welcome center is located and how its factored into calculations. Fleury and Walker clarified the services provided to the location. Graf and Acklin suggested renaming proposed zones and representing them differently on the maps.

Miller pointed out there are fire vulnerabilities throughout the city and wondered if those vulnerabilities are factored into building requirements or Firewise Communities requirements. Graf asked if there had been an analysis of if the City has the right number of fire hydrants installed. Walker replied with the number of hydrants in our infrastructure and the
current regulations for distance between hydrants.

Lanigan explained how cost estimates were established. Acklin asked how rate increases relate to proposed projects. Fleury indicated that current estimates are at 4% rate increase per year but has not yet been approved by council.

RS-2 Risk and Resilience Assessment and Emergency Response is a new federal requirement, due by 12/2021. Amarotico inquired if timeframe included mitigation.

Graf asked for clarification of the plan to eliminate the Granite Reservoir.

June Document review and recommendations for adoption of WMP. HDR will provide brief update on design engineering of new water treatment plant.

Williams wondered if the committee still has a council liaison. Brown will investigate and follow up. The group wondered if Adams and Jackson are still on the committee.

Next Committee meeting June 25, 2019 4:00 pm.

ADJOURNMENT: at 5:52 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Taina Glick
Public Works Administrative Assistant

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