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Housing and Human Services Commission Regular Meeting

Thursday, May 23, 2019

 Ashland Housing and Human Services Commission
May 23, 2019
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Call to Order
Commission Chair Rohde called the meeting to order at 4:32 pm in the Siskiyou Room at the Community Development and Engineering Offices located at 51 Winburn Way, Ashland, Oregon, 97520.
Commissioners Present: Council Liaison
Rich Rohde Dennis Slattery - Absent
Joseph Tomlin  
Linda Reppond SOU Liaison
Erin Crowley None appointed at this time
Tom Gunderson  
Sarah Spansail Staff Present:
Jackie Bachman Linda Reid, Housing Program Specialist
  Liz Hamilton, Permit Technician
Commissioners Not In Attendance:  
Gina Duquenne  
Heidi Parker  
Approval of Minutes
Commissioners Jackie Bachman/ Erin Crowley m/s to approve the minutes of April 25, 2019. Voice Vote: All Ayes. Motion passed
Public Forum No attendees.  Commissioner Sarah Spansail put forth changing meeting times to 4pm as she sits on another board same day, Commission agreed to 4pm next meeting and will vote on time change at that time.
New Commissioner Welcome and Introductions
Round the table introductions for everyone in attendance
CDBG Action Plan Review and Approval
Linda Reid gave a basic description of the annual CDBG grant process, HUD process, and the Continuum of Care Board for Jackson County.  Jackie Bachman had a question as to meaning of the acronym used in the Action Plan which referred to ESG Funds.  Linda Reid stated that ESG was the acronym for Emergency Shelter Grant, which is money given to a program direct thru ACCESS, not thru the City. Linda gave examples of what HUD is still funding in our communities.  Erin Crowley noticed that Food angels is not listed in the Plan review, Linda will change how the form draws in the info at certain locations so that Food Angels is listed. 
Commissioners Jackie Bachman/ Linda Reppond m/s to approve CDBG Action Plan with corrections discussed. Show of hands Vote: All Ayes. Motion passed.
Rich Rohde discussed a plan to be more aggressive with outreach in promoting the grant funds next year.  This will be a discussion item in future meetings.
Jackie Bachman made commission aware of the “Round Up” program thru the Ashland Low Income Energy Assistance Program.  Wants Linda Reid to research the program and consider promoting that through the commission.
SB 608 Forum Planning
SB 608 is the new State of Oregon Rent Stabilization regulation for rentals.  There is discussion about partnering with City of Medford or working with other partners to sponsor the event to help with the cost of renting a room at SOU as well as making it a larger event.  Discussion about who to target, tenants or landlords. Want to target education of both tenants and landlords as well as promote open discussion between both groups.  Possibly add a fair housing element to the Forum?  A Work Group was formed to concentrate on where to hold event, what education items will be provided, and who to partner with.
Work Group for SB 608 Forum:  Joseph Tomlin, Sarah Spansail, and Gina Duquenne (assigned in absentia)
SS Grant Process Debrief and Strategic Plan Update Next Steps
Rich Rohde felt the process with the commission and the council went well this year and the council understood the process the commission went through to make the recommendations.  Discussion about having the additional meetings to go over applications before presentations next year as well as work groups.  Discussion about changing the application form to be personalized to just Ashland.  Discussion about publicizing tangible guidelines for the service priority of the city for each round of grant applications.  It was decided that the Commission should form a work group to bring recommendation changes of the application form to the commission.
Work Group for Application form changes:  Tom Gunderson, Erin Crowley, and Heidi Parker (assigned in absentia)
Liaison Reports discussion       
            Council (Dennis Slattery) – not present
            SOU Liaison (vacant)
            Staff (Linda Reid) – gave an update on Terrell Terrace Condominiums and the issue of a low income unit being rented at market rate.  The matter is being handled by the Legal Dept of the city and they are in touch with the owner of the unit.  A Compromise has been worked out until the city issues their amended resale restriction covenant.  Also gave some update on the Grand Terrace complex proposal, that presented to the Commission at their regular meeting in February.  The proposal is still in the early phases of the planning process, will first need to get the land annexed into the city.
            General Announcements:
Rich Rohde provided information on the Ashland Housing forum being held at the library on May 25th.
Erin Crowley asked for an update on the status of the Community Center.  Staff stated that the building is not structurally sound and the city is working on a plan for renovation of the building.
Jackie Bachman gave update on the OHRA winter shelter.  OHRA has hired a new Executive Director, they are currently searching for a shelter Program Manager and are continuing to work with the County on the planning approval for 2082 E Main as the permanent winter shelter location.  Rohde and Bachman provided an update on the Shower/laundry trailer.  The shower trailer that is currently being used is on temporary loan from the forest service and as fire season is approaching it will have to be returned.  OHRA bought a new shower/laundry trailer which was damaged prior to delivery.  The Company that damaged the trailer is taking responsibility for repairing it, but the repairs are taking longer than anticipated.  The trailer is currently in Eugene being repaired, may be 6-8 weeks before it will be ready.
Upcoming Events and Meetings
                        Next Housing Commission Regular Meeting
4:00-6:00 PM; June 27, 2019 in the Siskiyou Room of the Community Development Building
ADJOURNMENT:    Rich Rohde adjourned the meeting at 6:20p.m.  
Respectfully submitted by Liz Hamilton

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