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Agendas and Minutes

Tree Commission (View All)

Tree Commission Meeting

Thursday, May 09, 2019

May 9, 2019
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Tree Commissioners: Parks Liaison:
Christopher John Peter Baughman (Not In Attendance)
Asa Cates  
Cat Gould Council Liaison:
Russell Neff Steven Jensen (Not In Attendance)
Not In Attendance: Staff Liaison:
Eric Simpson Aaron Anderson
Members of the Public in Attendance:     
                                    Julie Norman
                                    Doug Kay
                                    Kayo Jijina (Ravenwood)
                                    David Scott (Fork)
                                    Amy Gunter (Fork)
Chair Christopher John called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. in the Siskiyou Room of the Community Development and Engineering Services Building located at 51 Winburn Way.
NEFF/GOULD m/s to approve the minutes of the April 4, 2019 regular meeting as amended
  • Council Liaison (Absent)
  • Parks & Recreation Liaison (Absent)
  • Community Development Liaison Anderson
  • Note from Peter B that the tree climbing comp will be held this sat. awards will be issued for TOY (pictures have been printed and framed and given to Peter B)
PUBLIC FORUM  Open to guests.
Julie Norman – Lithia trees (see exhibit a). John Mclaren and his contribution to lithia park. And a survey of the grove of Fir trees.

PLANNING ACTION:                PA-T1-2019-00057        
SUBJECT PROPERTIES:         126 Fork St. (formally 170 Fork)
OWNER/APPLICANT:               Rogue Planning and Development /Adderson Builders, Inc.
ARBORIST:                              Canopy LLC
DESCRIPTION:                         A request for a Physical and Environmental Constraint permit for the construction of a new single-family residential home on a property that has slopes that exceed 25%. The application also includes a request to remove a 23-inch DBH, 65-foot tall Ponderosa Pine tree. The tree was previously identified for tree removal when the original building envelope was created in 2001 which showed the tree within the buildable area of the site.
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Single-Family Residential; ZONING: R-1-1.75; MAP: 39 1E 09BC; TAX LOT: 7805
Chris John recused due to involvement. Anderson presented the staff report. Amy Gunter and David Wisnesky are present representing the applicant. Design originally was prepared to retain the ponderosa tree, but it would have required a modification of the building envelope and presented significant engineering challenges. Amy discussed mitigation, with a preference for payment in lieu. (Asa said it is $500) due to the fact that there is very little area on the property that is 30’ from the structure. Cat said it was a good option.
CATES/NEFF m/s to approve removal mitigation as submitted under the PA-T1-2019-00057 planning action, either with payment in lieu or planting Voice vote:  All AYES., with Chris John recused.  Motion passed. 
PLANNING ACTION:                TREE-2019-00058                                             
SUBJECT PROPERTY:             303-349 Ravenwood Place
OWNERS/APPLICANTS:           Ravenwood HOA / Rosemary Murphree
DESCRIPTION:                         A request for a Tree Removal Permit to remove three (3) trees, 1-Cedar and 2-Pine, each approximately forty feet in height. The cedar is suspected to have root rot, and the two pine trees have ‘sequoia pitch moth infestations’ and possible beetle infestation as well.
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Low Density, Multi-Family Residential; ZONING: R-2; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 09BD; TAX LOT: 11300  
Anderson presented the staff report and noted that one call of public comment was received during the notice period and asked to send her comments electronically, however no email was ever received, and the citizen did not leave a call back number.
Kayo Jijina is representing the HOA. The cedar has root rot, and concerns about fire hazard.  The Pines have clear evidence of the pitch moth and beetle infestation. The trees are very close to the structures and would not be allowed with the current wild fire ordinance. Chris John expressed concern about not having an arborist report and that root rot is not common, and that there are several types of beetles.
JOHN/NEFF m/s to deny permit TREE-2019-00058 pending Arborist report detailing health of the trees, type of beetles and FireWise assessment.Voice vote:  All AYES. Motion passed. 
PLANNING ACTION:                TREE-2019-00064                                                         
SUBJECT PROPERTY:             2310 Lupine Dr.
OWNERS:                                 Mountain RCH Prop Owner Assoc.
APPLICANTS:                          Same
DESCRIPTION:                         A request for a Tree Removal Permit to a mature Birch tree. The tree is partially dead. The applicant’s arborist states that there is evidence of ‘bronze birch borer’ which will likely kill the tree. The trees location is on the common area of the HOA (tax lot 1300), but is identified by the street address for clarity due to the odd property configuration of the common area. The tree is marked with surveyor’s tape for identification. Due to the large number of trees on their property the applicant requests off site mitigation.
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Single Family Residential; ZONING: R-1-7.5; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 23 BB; TAX LOT: 576 / 1300
Gould reported her observations from the site visit, and that there are large dead and damaged portions of the tree above, and evidence. Doug Kay was present to represent the applicant. Requests off site mitigation. They have been a fire wise community since 2012. The bronze borer has shown evidence and the applicants have over 120 trees in their subdivision which they want to protect from the spread of this disease.
CATES/GOULD m/s to approve application as submitted for permit TREE-2019-00064 with mitigation (on/off site) at the discretion of the applicant.Voice vote:  All AYES. Motion passed
*AA to follow up on mitigation options.
PLANNING ACTION:                TREE-2019-00060         
SUBJECT PROPERTY:             526 N Mountain Ave
APPLICANT:                             Electric Department / Dave Tygerson
DESCRIPTION:             A request for a Street Tree Removal Permit to remove one tree from the Park Row at the intersection of North Mountain Ave and Hersey St. The Electric Department will be installing a high voltage primary cable storage vault. The vault location is required to safely access and maintain underground power circuits originating from the Mt. Ave Substation. The vault is needed to accommodate the reconstruction pavement upgrades currently being done by the city of Ashland Public Works Department. The existing tree is becoming a conflict with overhead powerlines, and the Electric Department proposes to mitigate with a powerline friendly tree after the vault is installed.
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Single-Family Residential; ZONING: R-1-5; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 04 DD; TAX LOT: 400  (Adjacent to)
Anderson presented the staff report, and Tom McBartlet presented the status of the project. It may remain possible to save the tree, however in the even that they are not able to save it they want to have preemptively sought permission. The electric dept. will gladly mitigate with what ever they are told do.
Asa thought that it sounded like a reasonable proposal especially considering that they were going to make an effort to safe it.
GOULD/JOHN m/s to approve the application as submitted for permit TREE-2019-00060, with the   understanding that they will save the tree if possible and mitigation (on/off site) consultation with Mike Oxidine.   Voice vote:  All AYES. Motion passed
PLANNING ACTION:                TREE-2019-00059         
SUBJECT PROPERTY:             485 Waterline Rd.
OWNERS:                                 Gary Lee Gamble
APPLICANTS:                          Canopy LLC
DESCRIPTION:                         A request for a Tree Removal Permit to remove a large healthy Douglas fir tree measuring approximately 25” DBH and 50’ tall. The tree has been identified as a fire hazard by the Ashland Fire Department during a Firewise community assessment and recommended for removal. Pruning to meet the Firewise standards would necessitate the removal of roughly 40% of the crown which is likely to be detrimental to the health and aesthetics of the tree. The water department has concerns about a number of utility lines that are onsite, the applicant shall call for Locates and contact Steve Walker in the Water Dept. if any work is occurring in proximity to waterlines, including stump grinding.
Chris John recused due to involvement.  Cates discussed the wildfire ordinance and that when more than 30% of the tree needs to be pruned to come into compliance there are. Cates is concerned that this will set a precedent to approve the removal of all conifer trees. Neff remarks that there are neighbors who have remarked or appeared. Discussion of the fact that if this wasn’t in hill side land this would be an exempt tree removal. Gould doesn’t want to go against the fire dept recommendation. Neff remarks that even if the tree is a fire hazard but approving the removal of this tree won’t truly make the home any safer due to the surrounding forest. Discussion on mitigation, and due to the parcel size, that off-site mitigation may be appropriate.
CATES/NEFF m/s to approve application as submitted for permit TREE-2019-00059 with a recommendation that the tree be replaced with a native deciduous tree. Voice vote:  All AYES with Chris John recused.   Motion passed. 
PLANNING ACTION:                TREE-2019-00062         
SUBJECT PROPERTY:             495 Chestnut St
OWNERS:                                 Tudor Heights HOA
APPLICANTS:                          Canopy LLC
DESCRIPTION:                         A request for a Tree Removal Permit to remove a birch tree in the common area of the Tudor Heights HOA on Chestnut St. The subject tree, a Betula pendula, is approximately 15-inches DBH. The tree appears to be in decline as evidenced by a significant amount of dead wood in the crown most likely caused by bronze birch borer. Also of concern is a large actively decaying cavity at the base of the tree. The arborist concludes that this tree should be considered an increasing safety concerns and removal is recommended.
Chris John recused due to involvement.  Anderson presented the staff report, and the commission began deliberations. The concern is that bronze birch borer may spread.
CATES/NEFF m/s to approve the application as submitted for permit TREE-2019-00062 with mitigation in the form of a large native deciduous tree (bald Cyprus OR deciduous native – on site).Voice vote:  All AYES with Chris John recused.  Motion passed
PLANNING ACTION:                TREE-2019-00063         
SUBJECT PROPERTY:             514 Siskiyou Blvd.
OWNERS:                                 Jesse Repp, Trustee for the Repp Joint Trust
APPLICANTS:                          Same
DESCRIPTION:                         A request for a Tree Removal Permit to remove two mature Mulberry trees. Both are approximately 120 years old and are located in the side and rear of the property. The side yard tree has lost two very large branches last year that fell across the sidewalk and did substantial damage to a guest vehicle on Union St. as well as causing damage to the fence. The two remaining large branches have rot and weeping occurring where they meet the trunk. The tree had been cabled by a previous owner and those cables are now compromised and are no longer supporting the remaining branches over Union St. and the yard. The owner has concerns about these branches falling. The tree in the back yard has many large dead branches and sections of ‘rot’ have been filled with a concrete type filler. The applicant states that Mulberries typically do not grow past 75-100 years and that these are both past their useful life. The applicant intends to mitigate the side yard tree with a native shade tree of a species yet to be determined. There are no plans to mitigate the tree in the rear of the lot due to other existing landscaping.
Anderson gave the staff report and explained that while it is developed with a single-family house the property was deemed to have additional development potential. Deliberations followed.
JOHN/GOULD m/s to approve application as submitted for permit TREE-2019-00063.Voice vote:  All AYES. Motion passed. 
PLANNING ACTION:                TREE-2019-00055
SUBJECT PROPERTY:             119 N. Third St.
OWNERS:                                 Michael Hoyt
APPLICANTS:                          Canopy LLC
DESCRIPTION:                         A request for a Street Tree Removal Permit to remove one approximately six-inch diameter Acer / Maple tree at 119 Third St.  The applicant is proposing to remove the Maple tree out of concern that at maturity, it will be in conflict with overhead power lines, and proposes to replace it with a tree less likely to be in conflict with overhead lines, a Paperbark Maple.
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Low Density, Multi-Family Residential; ZONING: R-2; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 09BA; TAX LOT: 3700  
The applicant had said they would appear this month to represent themselves, contacted them yesterday and they said they had not heard back from CJ (could not represent them in any event) and said that they’d revisit this at some point in the future.
Originally this was going to be tabled and moved to Discussion items, however conversation rounded back to this item and the TC elected to deliberate and rule on the matter.
PLANNING ACTION:                TREE-2019-00057
SUBJECT PROPERTY:             820 C Street
OWNERS/APPLICANTS:           John Sanders/All Concrete & Hooper Springs
DESCRIPTION:                         A request for a Street Tree Removal Permit to remove one approximately 15-inch diameter Acer / Maple tree at 820 C St.  The application notes that this street tree is lifting and damaging the sidewalk. The concrete has previously been ground down approximately four years ago.
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Low Density, Multi-Family Residential; ZONING: R-2; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 09AC; TAX LOT: 9700  
This is another case similar to Nobel and the A/4th st. tree/sidewalk issue.  Following last month’s meeting the applicant (Gary @ all concrete) said he would apply for a sidewalk closure permit, remove the panels and inspect the roots. 
CATES/JOHN m/s to approve application for permit TREE-2019-00057 with the recommendation that the owner replace the sidewalk and if the arborist determines that if the trees health compromised or structurally at risk then they can remove the tree…and mitigate with a sidewalk and power line appropriate tree.    Voice vote:  All AYES. Motion passed. 
  1. Continue discussion re: Process efficiency adjustments with Public Works
    1. Ad Hoc subcommittee
    2. 287 4th Street as an example workflow
    3. The Annual Oregon Urban and Community Forestry Conference
      1.  Peter Baughman & Mike Oxendine (neither in attendance)
Some discussion about attendance and whether the commission is able to sponsor an attendee
PLANNING ACTION:                N/A – No formal permit submitted.                     
SUBJECT PROPERTY:             287 Fourth St.
OWNERS                                  James Brisco
APPLICANT:                             Public Works
DESCRIPTION:                         A request for a Street Tree Removal Permit to remove four or possibly five trees from the tree wells along the A street and 4th Street frontages. The four of the trees have caused significant damage to the sidewalk including pushing the curb into the Right-of-Way. The Owner has not responded to mailed notifications. In an effort to expedite the trees eventual removal the city is preemptively bringing this application before the Tree Commission for their recommendation.
Solution may be to preemptively approve removal of trees, and then trust in the applicant’s arborist to make the correct judgment once the sidewalk is removed.
Aaron Anderson to gather information before next meeting on:  alternative ADA compliance materials for sidewalks, details on Tree Commission budget, Details on how the “In Lieu of” fee works and where those funds go.  These will all be discussion items at next meeting.
ADJOURNMENT John adjourned the meeting at 8:18 p.m.   Anderson noted that the next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, June 6th at 6:00 p.m.           
Respectfully submitted by Liz Hamilton

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