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Housing and Human Services Commission Regular Meeting

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Ashland Housing and Human Services Commission
April 25, 2019
Audio Recording, part 2
CALL TO ORDER:   Commission Chair Rohde called the meeting to order at 4:30 pm in the Siskiyou Room at the Community Development and Engineering Offices located at 51 Winburn Way, Ashland, Oregon, 97520.
Commissioners Present: Council Liaison
Rich Rohde Dennis Slattery / not in attendance
Tom Gunderson  
Heidi Parker SOU Liaison
Erin Crowley None appointed at this time
Linda Reppond  
Sue Crader Staff Present:
Jackie Bachman Linda Reid, Housing Program Specialist
Gina DuQuenne Liz Hamilton, Permit Technician
Commissioners Not In Attendance:  
Approval of Minutes
Commissioners Linda Reppond / Jackie Bachman m/s to approve the minutes of March 28, 2019 and April 4, 2019. Voice Vote: All Ayes. Motion passed
Public Forum
Stephanie Reid & Justin McCoy presented info that a unit in their HOA which is regulated by the City of Ashland Affordable Housing Program has been rented at market price.  This is in violation of the planning approval with the City of Ashland.  Linda Reid & Rich Rohde discussed what direction is being taken with legal Dept of Ashland.  Linda Reid to update commission with decision the legal department makes.
Social Service Grant Applicant Presentations
Discussion about perceived conflict of interest and statements by commission members:
Jackie Bachman – “I am on the Board of OHRA and I believe I can make objective decisions regarding all grant applications”.
Heidi Parker – “I volunteer with Winter shelters and have worked with most of the applicant organizations and believe I can make objective decisions regarding all grant applications”.
Gina DuQuenne – “I am on the board of ARC and former Board member of Children’s Advocacy and I believe I can make objective decisions regarding all grant applications”.
Linda Reid – “I am on the Board for La Clinica and I have no voting status on this commission regarding the Social Service Grants”.
Rich Rohde asked if there were any objections with perceived conflict of interests and voting?  There were none.
Applicants were given 5 minutes to present, applicants presented in Alphabetical order
Addictions Recovery Center:  Diana Drew / Communication & Development director, gave a presentation regarding mobile units.
Questions from Commissioners
Have you done this before? We have been doing this in a limited capacity for 18 months.
How many people are in the vehicle?  Usually 2.
What detox/sobering center will you transfer to?  The only sobering/detox center from Ashland to Eugene is located in Medford.
Are there other services that you would be duplicating? On Track does something similar, but they do not currently have a detox center, clinics or housing.
Do most of the referrals come from police? No they also come from ER rooms or anywhere.
CASA of Jackson County: Wenonoa Spivak / Deputy Director, gave a presentation in regards to capacity building.
Questions from Commissioners
Are the 19 children identified in the application new children in Ashland on the waiting listYes, that is the number on the wait list for a CASA volunteer.
Reminder of the scope of your budget and how much you are asking for?  Asking for $7,500 each of 2 years and our budget is just over a million dollars.
Do you partner with any other agencies in Ashland? Yes, any agency that touches Ashland we try to work with, our main community partners are Community Works, La Clinica, and CAC.
Center for Non Profit Legal Services: Debra Lee / Executive Director, gave a presentation for legal aid to promote affordable and fair housing in Ashland.
Questions from Commissioners
The application state that 9 of 45 Ashland residents where housing cases last year?  Yes
What were the other cases in Ashland?   Collections, Expungement, Health Care, Child Custody, Immigration/Citizenship, Domestic Violence, Family Unity, Reinstate License, Guardianship, and Social Security/Disability.
Is your organization going to be able to handle the New Rental Law?  Yes, we have already had some cases.
Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County: not represented.
Community Works:  Barbara Johnson/ Executive Director gave a presentation in regard to
 -Dunn house: to help with housing for survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and or Stalking. 15% served last year were from Ashland.
No Questions from Commissioners
- Help Line: to help with funding a coordinator.  518 people from Ashland helped last year.
Questions from Commissioners
Wonder about Cultural Competency in relation to the volunteers? We have 5 staff members that are bilingual and bicultural.  Also have a language line that is bonded to help us with language issues.
Staff trained in LGBTQ?  We ask if they feel comfortable giving that information, but it is not required and out staff is trained to know that all information is privileged.  The Dept of Justice does not want us to even ask callers. But yes, the staff is trained to deal with gender issues.
Question about volume? Served far more Medford residents than Ashland, how do you explain Medford giving less money than Ashland?    I cannot answer for what Medford does, I do know we ask for more from them than from the City of Ashland.
Do you receive funds from JC? Yes, as well as from individual donors and the State of Oregon.
-Sexual Assault Services: To help provide emotional support in cases of sexual assault.  This is the area with the fastest growth of resource and advocacy needs in the last 4 years.  The grant also helps provide care bags for rape victims.  15 calls from ACH for sex kits last year.    
 37 people from Ashland identified as sexual assault survivors.   
Questions from Commissioners
What other collaboration do you participate in?  We are members of the Sexual Assault Task Force of the State of Oregon.  In Southern Oregon we collaborate with our sister units in other counties and communities.
 What is in the care bags?  New clothing, hygiene items, shoes, material about healing, blanket or teddy bear.
Community Volunteer network:   Kristin Milligan, Executive Director, presented information for:
-Call-a-ride: to help reimburse volunteers for their mileage and gas for their vehicles to provide medical transportation for seniors 60+ in age or people with disabilities.  Volunteers use their own cars. 20% of clients are from Ashland, 25% of volunteers are from Ashland
Questions from Commissioners
What is your Accident rate?  Low
Do you have a cost breakdown per ride?  Does not have that information
How do you think Uber will impact? Not sure that it will, most clients cannot afford to pay the fee for a ride.
-Foster Grandparent:  to supplement volunteers that are 55+ in age that are tutoring and or mentoring youth in the community
Questions from Commissioners
How many volunteers in Ashland?  3
What are you doing to increase the numbers of volunteers in Ashland?  Putting together an outreach agenda and outlook plan. Want to partner with more churches to find low income seniors.
On your statement of functional expenses, there is a line item for legal fees?  Unexpected legal deductible from insurance for incident with a volunteer.
You mentioned they are mentoring at the YMCA, is this in a group setting or one on one?  always supervised setting by teacher or site supervisor.
Food Angels:  Pamela Joy / Founder & Director, gave a presentation regarding a request for funds to help cover costs of operating.  Regular recipients include Ashland Food Bank, Peace Meal, Head Start, Jackson county food committee, and various children programs.
Questions from Commissioners
It looks like the total materials and services are 20K and program expenses are 8k per year is that correct?  Is your fund raising and food contributions a portion of that?  We have old equipment that is needing repairs and the utilities to keep the cold storage keep going up.
So last year was 8k and you are anticipating 20k this year then? Yes
Jackson County SART – Susan Moen / Executive Director, gave a presentation regarding the request to help fund Sexual Violence Prevention Programs targeted to students.  1/3 - ½ of total students served are in Ashland.
Questions from Commissioners
Are the ethnicity numbers in the application for Ashland or for all of Jackson County?  All the numbers listed for this grant are strictly for Ashland.
You listed fees for services?  Who pays that? For the whole organization budget? Our organization is a fiscal sponsor for the “You Have Options” programs thru the Ashland Police Dept. mentoring program and those funds were for a contract we had with the NY Police Dept. for trainings.  It’s part of the organization budget, but not part of our local budget.
In addition to prevention, you also do forensic exams? Yes, throughout the county.
La Clinica:  Bob Bowen / Team Lead for Mobile Health Center unit, gave a presentation regarding the request to fund a community health worker for the mobile unit.  Approx. 185 people are seen once a week at the Methodist church in a half day.   More than just medical treatment, also help with OHP, drug treatment, mental health, and dental health.
Questions from Commissioners
Will there be changes in the location of the mobile clinic services in Ashland in the future?  No, not aware of any changes but La Clinica is always open to additional sites.
Do you need this amount in full to show community support, or could a portion help? Yes, we do need this money to show community support but we need the full amount to fund the health care worker as the Mobile Unit is totally supported by donations. 
Maslow Project:  Karen Phillips / Development Director, gave a presentation regarding a request to help fund efforts to assist homeless children find housing and other resources to support the goal of graduation from High School.
Questions from Commissioners
Your yearend Profit & Loss statement from last year show a very healthy income, are those funds reserved for something?  We try to keep 10-12 months in reserve should we lose funding from donations of any kind.
OHRA: Ken Grudger, Board Chair / Michelle Arellano, New Executive Director – presented on the programs that they provide in Ashland.  Provided a handout (see attachment A)
No Questions from Commissioners.
Peace House: Elizabeth Hallett, Executive Director, presented info on the request for funding to support the hot meal on Tuesday at Ashland Methodist church.   90-150 meals served every Tuesday.
Questions from Commissioners
Is it correct you are paying rent of $750 a month for kitchen at the church?  Yes
Is it possible to lower that rent?  They did not charge rent for 15 years, but now the building is needing repairs and the church does a lot of extra things to facilitate the Meal night and we would not feel comfortable asking for lower rent.
RVCOG / Food & Friends:  Evelyn Kinsella, Program Manager, presented info the request for support fo the “Meals on wheels” program for seniors.
Questions from Commissioners
I know we funded Ashland Fire and Rescue some CDBG funding to support a home safety program last year, did they coordinated with you?  Yes, and we also coordinate with the Police dept.
RV Mentoring Rose Center:  Sara Kreisman, Executive Director, gave a presentation regarding support for a youth mentoring program, and for train and support to teach adults to mentor youth.  RV Mentoring is looking to fund a Lead Mentor.
Questions from Commissioners
Looking at Program costs, they include travel and advertising costs, can you tell us what that is about?  Working to boost volunteer base, which is a primary challenge. 
SO Jobs w/Justice:  Vanessa & Jason Houk gave a presentation on the “Peace Meal” program, which provides a free meal 5-days a week in Ashland. 
Questions from Commissioners
With regard to the Culinary training program, with the addition of appliances will you still be able to facilitate this training at your Hersey location?  That is our ultimate goal, yes
I know your program is newish and growing, do you have a strategic plan for more growth?  It is a goal, although we also operate on a day to day need as well
St Vincent De Paul:   Paul Adalian, President of the SVDP Ashland Conference, which serves both Ashland and Talent & Vickie Weiss, Grant writer, gave a presentation of services provided in Ashland.  ASSG is the program for Ashland that SVDP matches every dollar given with funding raised by SVDP through other grants. 
Questions from Commissioners
Strategic planning: it seems you’ve had a growing program that works, are we static in that, or are we thinking down the way?  When we work with our partners, its mostly funding and working together to solve a problem and we all work together anyway, but maybe a strategic plan between organization would be good.
Your Diocese is decreasing funds? The thrift Store program has had a reduction and yes, some overall funding has been cut.
Will that Effect the “every dollar is matched”? No, because we prioritize and the matching programs come first.
Housing and Human Services Commission Social Service Grant Award Discussion and Recommendation
The Commissioner went around the room and each commissioner stated what they kept in mind with their preliminary allocation recommendations.
Heidi Parker – strategy to concentrate on goals for Ashland housing.
Rich Rohde - focus on commission goals.
Tom Gunderson – highest priority for use of money, and what is more represented in Ashland.
Gina Duquenne – I agree with small amounts to preventative services.
Sue Crader – prioritized home grown Ashland programs.
Erin Crowley – looked at it from housing and human services perspective.
The Commissioners discussed how they might allocate monies for better return on services. At 7:15 P.M. Crowley stated that she had to leave due to a conflicting meeting schedule, but stated that she trusted the rest of the commission to continue with the making a final determination on the remaining allocations.  The final Social Service Grant allocation recommendations were as follows:
Organization/Recommended Allocation
Addictions Recovery Center                              $4,000
CASA of Jackson County                                         $0
Children's Advocacy Center of Jackson County       $0
Center for Non-Profit Legal Services                 $4,000
Community Works Inc. (Dunn House)               $6,500
Community Works Inc. (HelpLine)                     $4,500
Community Works Inc. (Sexual Assault Victim Services)                                                            $1,000
Community Volunteer Network  FGP                        $0
Community Volunteer Network  RSVP/Call a Ride                                                                                   $2,000
RVCOG-Food and Friends                                 $8,000
Food Angels                                                     $12,000
Jackson County SART                                       $4,500
La Clinica                                                           $5,000
Maslow                                                               $8,500
OHRA                                                              $26,500
Peace House                                                     $7,000
RV Mentoring                                                     $2,000
Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice                 $13,000
St. Vincent De Paul                                         $25,500
Round table Roll call to accept allocation recommendations of the of the Social Service Grant awards:
            Rich Rohde                   Yes
            Tom Gunderson            Yes
            Sue Crader                    Yes
            Jackie Bachman            Yes
            Linda Reppond             Yes
            Gina DuQuenne             Yes
            Heidi Parker                  Yes
            Erin Crowley                  Absent but stated she trusted the commission to make allocations
Upcoming Events and Meetings
                        City Council Meeting-Social Service Grant Award
                        7:00-10:00 PM; May 21, 2019 - Council Chambers 1175 E. Main Street, Ashland, OR                     
                        Next Housing Commission Regular Meeting
4:30-6:30 PM; May 23, 2019 in the Siskiyou Room of the Community Development Building
The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Liz Hamilton
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the Community Development office at 541-488-5305 (TTY phone is 1-800-735-2900).  Notification 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the meeting (28 CFR 35.102-35.104 ADA Title 1).

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