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Council Study Session with Budget Committee

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main Street

 5:00 p.m.
  1. Public Input (15 minutes, maximum)
William Shanor – Ashland – Spoke regarding the canal. He spoke regarding the alternatives and suggested Staff come up with another one that is less expensive.
Gwen Davies – Ashland – Spoke regarding the budget and the importance of dealing with spending. She suggested to look at each Department and cut 3-4%.   She spoke against any utility fee increases.   
Dr. Voisin – Ashland – Spoke regarding budget and read a statement into the record (see attached).
  1. Department Budget Presentations:
Administrative Services Director Mark Welch gave a brief staff report. 
Administrative Services
City Administrator Kelly Madding gave a brief Staff report and presented a PowerPoint to Council (see attached).  
Items discussed were:
  • Accomplishments.
  • Goals.
  • Future Challenges.
  • General Fund Programs.
  • Tourism Restricted TOT.
  • Economic Development.
Shaun Moran questioned over the last 2 years what has the City done to enhance Economic Development.  He suggested for Staff to bring back the numbers to the Budget Committee.   Madding spoke that she would bring that information to the Budget Committee.  
  • Downtown Parking Program.
Community Development
Community Development Director Bill Molnar gave a brief Staff report and presented a PowerPoint to Council (see attached).
Items discussed were:
  • Community Development Overview.
  • Financials.
  • Accomplishments.
  • Key Legislation.
  • Adoption of the Transit Triangle.
  • Cottage Housing Ordinance.
  • Affordable Housing.
  • Grants.
  • Goals.
  • Future Challenges.
  • Workload Indicators.
  • Community Development Block Grant (CBDG) Fund.
  • CBDG Accomplishments.
The Committee discussed development projects.
Runkel spoke that the City is not getting many applications for commercial development.  Molnar explained that is difficult to predict they currently have a few that have just been approved.
The Committee discussed permits issued and permit types.
Madding spoke regarding permits verses revenue. Madding explained that the City waves fees for affordable housing.
Moran questioned the Community Development materials and services which are $900,000 and salaries and benefits which are $1.4 million.  He explained this leaves an overhead of 2.4 million which is not sustainable. He questioned if there is a way to cut materials and services.
Molnar explained that it would take restructuring the goals of the department. 
The Committee questioned what areas could be cut if need be.  Molnar explained that a lot of what Community Development does is driven by the Council.   He spoke that he would need to get direction from Council and structure accordingly.
Mayor Stromberg spoke that if the Committee has any further questions to send them to the City Administrator.  
Ashland Parks and Recreation Director Michael Black, Parks and Recreation Administrative Analyst Tara Kiewel and Parks and Recreation Commissioner Mike Gardiner gave a brief Staff report and presented a PowerPoint to Council (see attached).
Items discussed were:
  • Open Space Inventory.
  • APRC Staff.
  • Expenses.
  • Revenues.
  • Accomplishments.
    • Clay Street Sale.
    • East Main St. Purchase.
  • Administration Division Challenges.
  • Parks Division.
  • APRC Forestry Measurables
  • Tree Maintenance Measures.
  • Parks Future Challenges.
  • Recreation Division
  • Recreation Accomplishments
  • Recreation Measurables.
  • Recreation Challenges.
  • Golf Course Accomplishments.
  • Golf Course Challenges.
  • Senior Services.
  • Senior Services Accomplishments.
  • Senior Services Challenges.
The Committee discussed tree damage due to beetle kill. Black explained that the Forestry Department takes care of the trees as soon as they know about it.
Seffinger questioned if Pioneer Hall and Community Center has impacted Park revenue.  Black explained that the Community Center isn’t a huge revenue earner, but they are losing money.  He spoke that Pioneer Hall is not a revenue earner.
The Committee thanked Staff for their presentations.
Madding explained that the items on the Agenda that were not discussed with be put on a Special Study Session.
The Committee discussed the number of Parks Staff. 
Rosenthal questioned if Oak Knoll Golf Course considered park land.  Black answered yes.
Moran questioned the increase in personnel.  Black explained this is not because of adding employees it is PERS and insurance increases.  
Due to time constraints the 2 items below will be discussed at a future meeting.
  • CIP
  • Recorder
  1. Adjournment
The Study Session was adjourned at 6:35 PM
Respectfully submitted by:
City Recorder Melissa Huhtala
Mayor Stromberg

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