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Airport Commission Regular Meeting

Tuesday, March 05, 2019


Ashland Airport Commission


March 5th, 2019







Wolske calls meeting to order at 9:30 AM


Roll Call:


Members Present: David Wolske (Chair), George Schoen, Andrew Vandenberg, William Skillman, Bernard Spera, Dana Greaves

FBO Present: Bob Skinner

Members Absent: Lincoln Zeve, Daniel Palomino, Susan Moen

Staff Present: Chance Metcalf, Kaylea Kathol, Shannon Burruss

Guests: David Ridsdale- JLC




Public Forum – Ridsdale speaks regarding his tiedown request, he states his request is based on ADSB mandate coming due and an increase in customers and more aircraft needing to be parked for longer periods of times. He does not feel as though he or his customers should have to bear the cost of additional tie towns and would like to be provided parking without incurring costs. Ridsdale discusses lease information, he asks the City to review the lease and how many tie downs he could use without additional charges. Skinner speaks of his lease and what was negotiated when it was drawn up and suggests Ridsdale should renegotiate his lease agreement with City regarding access to tie downs. Schoen mentions his understanding was that Ridsdale’s initial request was temporary for tie downs. Ridsdale states he’d still prefer tie downs granted temporarily for free rather than renegotiate his lease. Wolske states the matter should be taken up with the City and not the Commission.








Motion made by Skillman, Seconded by Vandenberg

All ayes, Motion Approved by Commission




Motion made by Vandenberg, Seconded Greaves

All ayes, Motion Approved by Commission


 Request for Additional Items from Commission Members- Schoen speaks that he’d like to discuss the meeting with Brimm. Woslke briefly goes over meeting specifics of meeting, reiterating Kathol’s information.  


 Old Business


Tie Down Requests- Wolske re-caps tie down request situation from previous meetings, mentions the proposed reduced rates for tie-downs was not in the purview of the Commission and must be done through City Council. Wolske informs that recommendations for rate changes will be done at next meeting. Metcalf states Commission can make recommendation to Council.


Hangar Electrical- Metcalf states that the City is not currently interested in furthering the hookup to the “old closed hangars” at this time and mentions that the Airport’s CIP has increased, and the project could be discussed as a matter of Airport budget in the future. Rate and value for hangers with electricity vs without electricity discussed. Skinner mentions that some of the hanger’s electricity was run long ago, and possibly pre-code and may not be compliant. Metcalf states he will inquire to the City to see what the City is required to do about that.


Airport- In the absence of Zeve, Wolske suspends to next meeting.




 Action Item List:




Landscaping/Irrigation (Driveway)- Metcalf discusses updates on project. Once irrigation piece is completed it will be solicited as a full project.



Restroom Improvements-  Metcalf updates, one bathroom finished other should be finished soon.


Airport Maintenance Plan- Metcalf explains sub-committees and work groups and clarifies the differences between the two. Skinner discusses contracts for Maintenance with various City departments. A review of the existing contracts with these departments is suggested by Metcalf and Skinner, Skinner suggests a work group to discuss what projects around the Airport need to be addressed in what order and what improvements can be made. Woslke asks what Commission members would like to be involved in a work group for this reason. Vandenberg volunteers, absent members may be interested.


Motion: Commission forms work group to develop master airport maintenance vision.


Vandenberg Motions, Greaves Seconds


All Ayes, Motion Approved by Commission 




New Business


Commission Policies and Operating Procedures: Wolske briefly discusses Commission operating procedures to meet legal requirements. Wolske asks Commissioners to review policies included in agenda and bring back any questions to the next meeting. Wolske asks Commissioners to review agenda electronically prior to coming to the Commission meetings. Metcalf informs Commission of trainings the City employees have received regarding public meeting laws and the various roles of the City staff and the Commissioners. Metcalf reiterates that copies are available for review in the meeting agenda and provided in paper copy. Metcalf explains the role of City staff in respect to the Commission.




Airport Maintenance Communication Process: Kathol introduces and goes over Airport communication process outlined in documentation within the meeting agenda and provided paper copies at meeting.  Skinner as FBO being first point of contact for Airport users with any maintenance issues in order to streamline priorities. Commission discusses notification process. Kathol informs commission that a map of spray areas will be created to aid in communication to airport users.


Budget Update: Metcalf presents budget information complied by Fleury which was included in meeting agenda for Commission review and states that there will be a budget discussion at the next Commission meeting. Metcalf informs Commission of additional budget funds and an increase in CIP. Airport rate discussion for future will occur at next meeting.


Airport Good Neighbor Items: Nothing to report.



FBO Reports: Skinner goes over completed repairs to hangar doors and spoke about costs associated with that project. He informs Commission the next project is to replace leaking screws on hangars to prevent future water damage to insulation.


Skinner speaks about the break in that occurred recently which highlighted the need for a better security system. Skinner Aviation has paid to have FBO and maintenance hangar have a security system installed. Skinner suggests new security camera system for the Airport. Metcalf suggests bringing the subject up during the budget portion of the next meeting. Skinner states he will do some research into the matter and bring it to the next meeting.




Brown Bag Lunch- Nothing to report.




NEXT MEETING DATE:  April 2nd, 2019



   ADJOURNMENT:           Meeting adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Shannon Burruss

Public Works Administration  


  Text Box: In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the City Administrator's office at (541) 488-6002 (TTY phone number 1-800-735-2900).  Notification 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the meeting (28 CFR 35.102-35.104 ADA Title I).



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