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Airport Commission Regular Meeting

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Ashland Airport Commission

These minutes are pending approval by this Committee

Zeve calls meeting to order at 9:30 AM
Members Present Bernard Spera, Lincoln Zeve, George Schoen, Daniel Palomino, Susan Moen, Andrew Vandenberg.
FBO Present: Bob Skinner
Members Absent: David Wolske (Chair), Dana Greaves, William Skillman, Dennis Slattery (Council Liaison)
Staff Present: Chance Metcalf, Kaylea Kathol, Shannon Burruss
Guests: Burl Brim, Chad Menneke
Public Forum Ė Brim states that Brim Aviation has sold out to Cobra Aviation and Chad will now be working for Menneke. Zeve asks if Menneke can speak a little about Cobra Aviation. Menneke states Cobra is a powerline utility company that has companies underneath it, they are looking to grow and work on the West Coast. They are primarily working in Puerto Rico on powerlines. Brim has been working with Cobra in Puerto Rico for over a year. Zeve asks Menneke if there are any plans as far as in relation to the Ashland Airport Operations. Menneke states there are currently not. Brim states nothing is changing for them yet. Zeve welcomes Menneke.
December 4th, 2018
-Spera Moves to Approve, Vandenberg Seconded
Vote all ayes. Minutes approved as written
Request for Additional Items from Commission Members- Skinner states that last meeting the commission talked about adding in discussion about spraying and weed control, he has asked Burl Brim to join the Commission Meeting.
Old Business
Reversionary Hangers- Zeve mentions the discussion between the previous hanger owners, who went to City Council, Council reduced price. Skinner states it was reduced to .25 per square foot.  5 of 6 hangers are rented and are currently working on the 6th. This is a big increase in income. Door design is an issue on some of hangers. A meeting between the City, Skinner and American Industrial door will occur the Thursday after this meeting. Skinner proposes that American Industrial Door go through all the doors, lube and adjust them to get them functioning properly and see how long they last. Some doors were ignored by previous owner in relation to maintenance. Zeve asks about 6th hanger, Skinner says no one has rented it yet. The old door hangers do not have electricity. Money has been spent on meter boxes, but no conduit has been ran for electricity. Skinner had previously been told it would cost $11000 to $12000 to run conduit the length of the hanger. Skinner felt this was a high bid and could be done cheaper. Palomino mentions the existing conduit on the back side on JLC also needs to be addressed. Moen asks if itís time for another bid. Skinner states this time of year he may be able to get better bids. Kathol mentions that the City didnít have the resources to do the job when it was investigated last year. She conferred with Fluery who stated at the time it was the tenantís responsibility but states she will check into it further. Zeve and Skinner mentions the additional income could be added into the maintenance of the hangers. Palomino inquires if Skinner can just go ahead and start getting bids for the project. Skinner states that heís not been given the go ahead from the City to do that. Kathol informs that the City wants to oversee any improvements made to its own buildings. Skinner says that Dave Arnold has been very good about doing fixes around the Airport. Moen wonders how the Commission could go forward about getting bids for the conduit installation. Kathol states that sheíll check back in with the City to see what their position is. Metcalf states he will place it under old business and check back at the next Commission meeting.
ODF Draft Letter- Zeve is asking the City through Bob Strasser to send out a letter regarding ODF keeping helicopters at the Ashland Airport. Skinner states he spoke with Lee Winslow Assistant District Forester for ODF, who stated that ODF doesnít know much more than the Commission, but heíd be happy to have the helicopters in Jackson County. Skinner states that there are some advantages to having helicopters at Ashland airport due to winds and inversion layers. Moen recalls that at the last meeting it was agreed that there were no downsides. Metcalf states he spoke with Fluery about drafting a letter to ODF, Fluery said if itís the interest of the Commission to pursue grant funds, it would need to be a recommendation to Council to draft a letter, but if itís just expressing interest and availability Commission could draft a letter and Fluery will send it out on City letterhead. Palomino suggests if the Helicopters do choose the Ashland Airport that the Commission send out notifications to surrounding residents to minimize complaints. Zeve states heíll put together a letter, per Bob Strasser who is a County Commissioner and liaison to City Council.
Solar/Backup Generator- Metcalf states that solar is currently being pursued as a solar farm for the City, Fluery is currently waiting to see the outcome of that as it will dictate what can happen with solar at the Airport. It is being headed up by Stu Green. They are currently seeking the 10MG and if that doesnít work they are going to go for the 1MG. It is unclear currently what the location would be for the solar farm. Metcalf will update as information becomes available.
Backup Generator: could be coordinated with the solar farm, or since budget is coming up it could be added to the budget.  Kathol speaks about emergency generator at the Cityís PD, generator was 100kw, $100,000 project, itís a large project. Skinner states that they would need power just for the rotating beacon, runway lights and fuel pumps. It needs to be discovered how much power the airport would need to run in an emergency situation. Kathol states the generator itself was not the primary expense. Expense was the engineering, asphalt cutting, conduit, a fuel supply (which is not currently available at the airport), the transfer switch, and then a deal with Pacific Power for a utility swap. Skinner recommends getting additional information to make an informed decision. Zeve mentions that there may be grants for this purpose. Moen suggests finding a small airport that has a backup generator and getting information from them. Skinner states heíll make a few calls and see what he can find out. Zeve mentions the Fuel tax and the application process, Metcalf states he will check in with Fluery in regard to that question and to keep the discussion on the agenda.
Riparian Mitigation- Metcalf states that Freshwater Trust is under contract to review different stream frontages in the City including the Airport, they are still in the process and the City is waiting until they are done to see if the Airport fits the project outline. Skinner states they were out a month or so ago walking the creek, so they are in the process. Metcalf will bring the results once more information is available.
Dust Suppression- Skinner states over the last two years the airport has done a new spray project where they have sprayed weed suppressant along taxi ways and runway, approximately 4-6 feet, encompassing the reflectors and runway lights for mitigation of weeds around the area, Skinner states Brim does not feel that this is not the proper way it should be done as it causes more dust and debris in the filters for Brimís helicopter engines causing additional maintenance. Brim feels that this could be done with just proper mowing. On the Cityís part; the weed mitigation within certain distances does help with maintenance costs relating to the asphalt as it prevents roots and weeds getting under the asphalt and causing damage to the sides. Skinner mentions he believes that an area should be maintain and to keep a little separation there, but questions whether the 4-6 foot approach is appropriate. Invites Brim to speak on the issue. Brim speaks that he feels itís the wrong way to go about it period. In his knowledge of asphalt maintenance you donít need to keep weeds back from the edge, and so long as they are not growing underneath the asphalt or in the cracks itís not a hazard. He cites the maintaining of highways, stating that in Texas they just mow. Brim offers to mow the whole airport for one year at no charge the way he is proposing for a season as a demonstration and to be able to present costs to the Commission for a budget moving forward. Zeve asks about contract with City Parks Department. Kathol states that the contract will be expiring June 30th. Skinner asks who would be doing the actual work. Brim states it would be Brim Aviation. Moen asks about the current Parkís contract and wonders if a contract could be made with the mowing portion excluded. Kathol states she would need to check previous minutes for their exact scope of work. Skinner states they do tree trimming and various other things that Skinner would like them to continue to do. Meon wants to make sure that there are no conflicts with their Park Contract if Brim takes over mowing temporarily. Kathol states that the City is preparing to discuss the next two years of budget and she will submit the volunteer proposal to her supervisor. Skinner asks how much the Airport pays for the spraying. Kathol says just under $5000. Skinner asks about areas outside of the taxiways and run way. Kathol says those would still be sprayed. Kathol states it could also expand spraying to the driveway from the savings. Metcalf reiterates Katholís recommendation that the Commission make a motion to pursue the advancement of the proposal from Brim, which will allow City Staff to gather information and bring it to the Commission in the February meeting for an educated decision. Mowing season starts in April.
Motion, Palomino Proposes: To advance on process of getting the details from the people contracted now, and then present it next meeting. Moen Seconds.
Discussion: Kathol states that if the City does not accept Brimís volunteer proposal, and decides to spray as usual, the City would still plan on adding the lignin dust suppressant in the 4ft-6ft strips along the taxiway and runway. Skinner asks Brim if he feels that it would be effective. Brim states that he uses it every year on his road to the rock quarry and that it is an effective way to keep dust down. Skinner asks Brim if it would mitigate his concerns, Brim states it would.
All Ayes.
Action Item List
Landscaping/Irrigation (Driveway)-. Metcalf states that the City plans to solicit it next month for more bids.
Restroom improvements- Metcalf states the City decided to split the work between City staff and contractors because of the high bids. Improvements will start Feb 4th and should be done in March for a 6-8 week project. The plan is to have one restroom open at all times. The project will take a little longer but be far cheaper. Tile and wall samples will be arriving later this day. Metcalf will get together with Skinner to choose options.
Tree trimming- Metcalf states tree trimming has been completed and can be taken off the Action Item List. Zeve inquires as to when it will need to be done again. Skinner states itíll be reviewed every two years, in an effort to be proactive, which will coincide with the next budget.
Hanger Inspections- The new Fire Marshall will be doing the walk through sometime by the end of March.
New Business
Airport good neighbor items- Skinner states he doesnít have any complaints and that things have been quiet.
Tie Down Request- Dave Ridsdale of JLC Avionics wrote a letter regarding his concern that there will be a lot of aircraft coming in to get their ADS-B mandated work done. Heíd like to amend or adjust the tie down rates because of additional planes coming in. Skinner states the current tie down rate is $7 a day per tie down, the monthly rate is around $48 a month.
Skinner states Ridsdale previously asked for some tiedowns, the commission decided that he could have one as Ridsdale is a lease holder. Zeve asks how many tie downs the airport has. Skinner answers 50 or so. Moen clarifies that in business leases it states the number of tie downs and asks if there is a history of giving out tie downs. It is mentioned that as this could be a special year for the business, so allowing for a monthly rate for additional tiedowns. Skinner suggests allowing an additional area for the extra use. Zeve suggests the area by the boneyard as itís less used and inexpensive. Moen worries about setting the precedent of the airport giving away things to businesses for free.
Motion: Spera makes motion: To offer tie downs to Ridsdale at $25 a month a tie down for this year only, to be revisited. Vandenberg Seconds
All ayes.
Airport Day 2019 Planning-. Planning will occur as an after meeting.
FBO Reports:
Skinner they will pursue filling the empty hanger via marketing. Kathol mentions that Skinner can send her the information and sheíll put it on the airport website.
Maintenance Updates: Noise abatement sign down. Skinner wants source for replacement tie down chains. Four or five need replacing. Zeve asks about security cameras. Skinner states one of four are out. Skinner states it might be worth reviewing getting a replacement security system as the current system lacks definition. Zeve states his opinion that the Commission should not renew their contract with the current security company.
Informational Items
Brown Bag Lunch- Moen states if this still happens it would be at the end of the month.
NEXT MEETING DATE:  February 5th, 2019
   ADJOURNMENT:           Meeting adjourned
Respectfully submitted,
Shannon Burruss
Public Works Administration  


  Text Box: In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the City Administrator's office at (541) 488-6002 (TTY phone number 1-800-735-2900).  Notification 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the meeting (28 CFR 35.102-35.104 ADA Title I).



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