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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

December 11, 2018
Chair Roger Pearce called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. in the Civic Center Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street.
Commissioners Present: Staff Present:
Troy Brown, Jr.
Michael Dawkins
Alan Harper
Melanie Mindlin
Roger Pearce
Lynn Thompson

Bill Molnar, Community Development Director
Dana Smith, Executive Assistant

Absent Members: Council Liaison:
Haywood Norton Dennis Slattery, absent

Community Development Director Bill Molnar explained the City Council heard the 880 Park Street Appeal at their meeting December 4, 2018.  They upheld the Planning Commission’s decision to approve the proposed plan.  They would hear the Appeal for 188 Garfield Street at their meeting December 18, 2018. 
A.  Approval of Minutes
1.  November 13, 2018 Regular Meeting
2.  November 27, 2018 Special Meeting
Commissioners Thompson/Mindlin m/s to approve the Consent Agenda. Voice Vote: all AYES.  Motion passed 6-0.
A.  Approval of Findings for PA-T2-2018-00005, Kestrel Parkway.
The Commission had no ex parte on the matter.  They discussed format changes for future Findings.  Commissioner Thompson provided a document of changes to the Findings.  In addition to minor corrections made by the Commission, the following changes were made:
  • Page 7, first full paragraph, fourth sentence change “The Commission finds…” to “The applicant states that it…” 
  • Page 7, last paragraph, third sentence replace “The Commission further finds that,” with “A condition requiring…” then add the condition to page 25 and add language to ensure storm water is not overlooked. 
  • Page 7, last paragraph, delete the remainder of the paragraph after the third sentence that starts “Other common open space…”  Replace with, “Other common open space areas, including the large wetland and riparian buffer, are to be owned and managed by the subdivision homeowners’ association (HOA), and maintenance of the proposed open space and common areas will be addressed through the subdivision’s CC&Rs.  A condition has been included below to require that a draft of the CC&Rs will be provided for review and approval with the Final Plan submittal.  With respect to phasing, the application states that the project is likely to be completed in multiple phases and that the logistics complying with the fifth approval criterion will be specified in the Final Plan submittal.  Based on the foregoing, the Commission concludes that the proposal complies with the fifth approval criterion.” 
  • Page 8, fifth paragraph second sentence replace “The Planning Commission finds,” with “The Commission concludes…” 
  • Page 9, final paragraph, add after the last sentence, “A condition to this effect has been included below.” 
  • Page 10, fourth paragraph last sentence change “The Commission finds…” to The Commission concludes...” 
  • Page 11, Traffic Impact Analysis, replace last sentence with, “The Planning commission accepts the analysis provided by traffic engineer Georgevitch, and based thereon concludes that LOS B is within the accepted standards of the Transportation System Plan, and that no mitigation is required.” 
  • Page 11, fourth full paragraph change “The Planning Commission finds…” with “The Planning Commission concludes…” 
  • Page 12, second full paragraph, replace the first part of the first sentence with “The Commission further finds that the development can comply with the specific design requirements from the NMNP neighborhood Design Standards, provided that at the time of individual building permit submittals, each house will…” continue as written. 
  • Page 12, third full paragraph, last sentence, change “The Planning Commission finds that the supplemental criteria of AMC have been satisfied…” to ““The Planning Commission finds that the supplemental criteria of AMC can be satisfied...” continue as written. 
  • Page 14-15, add “The Commission finds that the proposal complies with this requirement,” to each statement identifying a criterion of approval. 
  • Page 15, add a new paragraph before Section 2.6 that reads, “2.5 Based on the foregoing, the Planning Commission concludes that as detailed above and with the conditions discussed, the modifications to the NMNP are approved.” 
  • Page 15-16, Section 2.6 add “The Commission concludes that the proposal satisfies this criterion,” to each statement that identified a criterion of approval. 
  • Page 17, second full paragraph, first line, change “The Commission finds…” to “The Commission concludes…” 
  • Page 17, Section 2.7 change last sentence “The applicant requests that the Planning Commission…” to “As requested by the applicants, the Planning Commission agrees to the placement of the Kestrel Parkway to locate it entirely outside of the WRPZ, and to include a condition for this minor modification in the project design prior to Final Plan approval.” 
  • Page 17, renumber Section 2.9 to 2.8 
  • Page 18, end of the first and second full paragraphs, add new sentence, “The Planning Commission concludes that this condition is being satisfied.” 
  • Page 18, fourth paragraph change the last sentence from “The Planning Commission finds…” to “The Planning Commission concludes…” 
  • Page 18, fifth paragraph change the last sentence from “The Commission finds…” to “The Commission concludes…” 
  • Page 19, second full paragraph change the last sentence to, “The Commission finds that the long-term conservation, management and maintenance of the Wetland Protection Zone will be ensured through the Water Resource Protection Zone Management Plan provided with the application, and on the basis, concludes that this criterion is being satisfied.” 
  • Page 19, second full paragraph, first sentence change, “…the Planning Commission finds…” to “…the Planning Commission concludes…” 
  • Page 21, Section 10 F change “A site plan illustrating envelopes any…” to “A site plan illustrating any…” 
Commissioners Thompson/Dawkins m/s to approve the Findings for PA-T2-2018-00005, Kestrel Parkway as amended with the modifications discussed at the meeting, outlined in general in the document provided to staff and orally submitted by Commissioner Brown and Chair Pearce.  Voice Vote: all AYES.  Motion passed 6-0.  
Meeting adjourned at 7:52 p.m.
Submitted by,
Dana Smith, Executive Assistant

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