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Airport Commission Regular Meeting

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Ashland Airport Commission
 May 1, 2018 

 Wolske called meeting to order at 9:30 AM
 Members Present: David Wolske (Chair), Lincoln Zeve, Daniel Palomino, Bernard Spera, Dana Greaves, Mike   Morris (Council Liaison) Susan Moen, Bill Skillman, Andrew Vandenberg
 Members Absent: George Schoen
 FBO Present: Bob Skinner
 Staff: Kaylea Kathol, Scott Fleury, Tara Kiewel
 Guests: Dawn Lamb 
 April 3, 2018 Minutes 
 Spera Motioned Second Moen
 Vote all ayes. Minutes approved as presented
 Public Forum 
Old Business
Budget Review – Wolske asked if the Airport has enough funds in the budget for the priority projects of the bathroom remodel   and landscaping. He inquired about the $100,000 unencumbered line of the budget. Fleury explained this was put in the   budget for the FAA ODA grant for the Airport pavement project. The City needs to show the funds as budgeted even if we just   need to match the funding for the project. We did not have any expenditures for this project and were reimbursed by the   grant.  Fleury discussed the year to date budget report with the Commission. The Airport cannot be over budget in any   category and there is a $10,000 contingency fund used to offset any overages. Fleury explained the unappropriated fund   which cannot be used without Council approval. The hangar debt service will end this year and there will also potentially be an   increase in hangar revenue. This will give the Commission more money to recommend appropriations in the Capital   Improvements line item for the next biennium. 
 Spera asked where the funds would be for the bathroom improvements.  Fleury said this would be under improvements. Zeve   asked about wastewater charges and Fleury said this is our site fee for sewage and drainage. Morris asked for a breakdown of   the sewer charges. Fleury said he will get clarification and let the Commission know.
 Fleury would like to see a larger contingency in the Airport budget each biennium. Fleury thinks we will have a better   understanding after July and can move money to allocate for projects but cautions that we need to keep funds for unexpected   costs.  Moen suggested having a budget meeting in September.
 Zeve asked about hangar maintenance. Skinner, Kathol and maintenance staff met to discuss what needs to be repaired and   how to communication about repairs going forward. Skinner explained that maintenance funds have been spent to bird proof   hangars. This was not done in the past. 
 Wolske wants to know what can happen during this budget cycle. Staff is preparing requests for proposal (RFP) for the   restroom remodel and irrigation so that the Commission will have cost estimates for these projects. 
 Action Item List
  1. Hangar enclosure project - none
  2. Tree topping project – Fleury updated the Commission that trees have been trimmed and topped, but the project is on hold due to bird nesting. The project will resume in October. Wolske asked about if this bid was for trimming all the trees at the airport.  Fleury explained that we had to make an estimate of how many trees were trimmed and then identify what other trees need to be trimmed for a phase 2 of the project. Skinner expressed concern about aircraft safety and current clearance.  He said there are some trees that are in bad shape after all the trimming and wondered if there could be some tree removal with replanting to help the approach profile. Fleury said the City is looking into a riparian restoration project with funds from DEQ to offset the City’s waste water effluent impact. One area identified for this potential project is Neil Creek which may help the Airport approach slope.  Zeve asked if the FAA takes precedence for this project Kathol said we would have to comply with both Federal Regulations. Skinner mentioned he would research putting out a noteum.  
  3. Landscaping (contract with Parks) – Morris mentioned that Parks Director Black agreed to meet with the Airport Commission. Wolske asked for it be included for next month’s agenda. Fleury told the Commission that he has been working with Parks to make sure they give notice before coming to the Airport. Skinner said they have been communicating and setting a schedule. Zeve mentioned that Brim Aviation has been mowing at the Airport. Skinner said the airport does not require the grass to be at a certain length and Brim Aviation chooses to maintain that area with more frequency than the rest of the Airport requires.
  4. Landscaping (Driveway) - Wolske looked at the irrigation and wondered if it could be fixed.  Fleury said the juniper roots have destroyed the irrigation system and that it should be replaced and not repaired. Wolske would like an RFP for irrigation repair. Greaves questioned investing in irrigation when that area has not been irrigated for a few years. Fleury will put out an RFP for a mainline irrigation system that can irrigated the trees and be expanded in the future.
  5. Restroom Improvements- Kathol is working on the RPF for this project and should have more information in July.
  6. Web Camera Adjustment – Skinner met with SOS and they thought the cameras could be adjusted with new brackets. He will update the Commission next month.
  7. Leak near Hydrant - Kathol told the Commission this is a seasonal spring, not a leaking hydrant. Staff is looking into solutions for drainage. The Commission agreed to change the name of this action item to water seepage.
  1. Approval of Rates for Miscellaneous Fees – Fleury asked the Commission to make a recommendation to Public Works for fee rates for the Airport Facilities. The Commission reviewed the rate fee sheet. Fleury mentioned that Commissioners may have a potential conflict of interest due to being hangar tenants.
 Commissioners Moen, Greaves, Zeve, and Wolske declared a potential conflict of interest due to being Airport hangar tenants. 
 Moen motioned to recommend the proposed Airport rates based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Spera seconded. 
 The Commission discussed the motion. 
 All ayes. Motion passed
  1. Airport: Good Neighbor Items – Skinner mentioned a few complaints and questions about helicopters. Palomino asked if there is a log of complaints and Skinner mentioned they do keep track.
  1. Science Works Aviation Summer Camp – Zeve mentioned that if there was anyone would want to encourage youth in aviation.  Moen suggested Airport day might be a good time to discuss the program with Science Works.
  1. Attached – Wolske asked about the Electric pole land lease and how it should be reported. Fleury said it has always been in the Airport revenue and Skinner will be receiving the management fee.
  2. Maintenance Updates
      A.            Brown Bag Lunch  
      B.            Medford Update - none
 Open Discussion
 Wolske asked about hangar letters to non-compliant hangar tenants. Staff is waiting for a list of tenants.  His item   will be added to the action item list. 
 Morris discussed with the City attorney about having FBO do some small maintenance contracts. Currently the City   has an interim City Administrator and this will probably not move forward until that position is filled. 
 He mentioned the solar project is going to be delayed.
 Zeve congratulated Vandenberg on his appointment to the Airport Commission. 
 Zeve encouraged everyone to come to Airport Day Saturday June 2, 2018. The Commission discussed advertising, budget,   vendors and a site walk through for the event. 
 NEXT MEETING DATE:  June 5, 2018 9:30 AM
  ADJOURNMENT:  11:50 AM         
    Respectfully submitted,
    Tara Kiewel
    Public Works Administrative Assistant

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