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Council Regular Meeting

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

January 16, 2018
Council Chambers
1175 E. Main Street
Note: Items on the Agenda not considered due to time constraints are automatically continued to the next regularly scheduled Council meeting [AMC 2.04.030.E.]
6:30 p.m.  Executive Session for real property transaction pursuant to
ORS 190.660(2)(e)
The Executive Session was adjourned at 7:00 PM
Mayor Stromberg called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM
Councilor Slattery, Councilor Lemhouse, Councilor Morris, Councilor Seffinger and Councilor Rosenthal.  Councilor Darrow was absent.
1.   Executive Session of January 2, 2018
2.   Business Meeting of January 2, 2018
Councilor Seffinger moved to approve the minutes. Councilor Lemhouse seconded.  Discussion:  None. All Ayes.  Motion passed unanimously.
1.   Introduction of Fire Chief Mike D’Orazi
Interim City Administrator, John Karns introduced Fire Chief, Mr. D’Orazi.  Mr. D’Orazi introduced himself.  Mayor Stromberg spoke on behalf on the Council that all are pleased to welcome Chief D’Orazi.
2.   Update from SOU Small Business Development Center
Administrative Services assistant to the Administrator, Adam Hanks introduced Director, Marshall Doak.
Mr. Doak thanked Council for the sponsorship for Rogue Valley Business Resource Forum.  He spoke that there were 100 participants this year and 25.  He spoke that they had 13 speaker engagements, 15 workshops and a 9-month business development class. 
Airport Conservation Forest Lands
Historic Housing and Human Srvs. Parks & Recreation
Planning Public Arts Transportation
Tree Wildfire Mitigation  
VIII. PUBLIC FORUM Business from the audience not included on the agenda.
(Total time allowed for Public Forum is 15 minutes. The Mayor will set time limits to enable all people wishing to speak to complete their testimony.) [15 minutes maximum]
Gwen Davies- 860 Harmony Lane, Ashland – Spoke regarding the recall of 3 parks Commissioners.  She read a letter stating concerns (see attached). 
Dennis Miller – 725 Terrace Ave., Ashland-Spoke regarding homeless in Ashland.  He explained that he found and organization called Access Resource Center which has been very helpful with his current move. He spoke regarding the importance of helping the homeless get off the street.
Huelz Gutcheon- 2253 Hwy 99, Ashland – He spoke regarding Council being the complaint department.  He spoke regarding climate change solutions.  He suggested that in City limits to set the speed at 20 MPH.    
1.   Approval of personal services contract for the preliminary engineering of the Ashland Canal Piping project
Councilor Rosenthal pulled this item. He questioned why Public Works decided to phase it out and why the need for a public relations firm instead of in-house.  Public Works Director, Paula Brown explained that the Ashland canal is in many yards in the City; since so many they decided it would be best to phase the project.  The firm selected is outstanding for pipeline but not public relations.  She explained the importance to get public awareness on this topic and that it cannot be done in-house.   Councilor Rosenthal questioned when the next phase will go forward.  Ms. Brown explained it will be in the engineering phase for 12-18 months then will move into the construction phase. 
2.   Flexible service maintenance agreement with the Oregon Department of Transportation
3.   Southern Oregon Cooperative intergovernmental agreement for materials and services
4.   Request for approval of contract addendum with Northwest code professionals
Councilor Slattery pulled this item.  He questioned why this project is getting resourced out instead of working on it in-house.  Planning Director, Bill Molnar gave a Staff report.  He explained that the Planning Department has had a lot of turnover in the last 6 months.   They decided to go with a company to keep up with customer service. 
5.   Approval of a resolution titled, “A resolution of the City Council of the City of Ashland, Oregon declaring its intention to reimburse expenditures from proceeds of tax-exempt obligations”
Councilor Slattery pulled this item.  Deputy Public Works Director, Scott Fleury gave a Staff report.  He explained that the reimbursement resolution allows city staff to proceed forward with Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) prior to obtaining final funding.
6.   Approval of a resolution titled, “A resolution authorizing the investment policy of the City of Ashland and repealing Resolution 2009-33”
7.   Special procurement for Water Treatment Plant filter media replacement and filter repair
8.   Liquor license application for Restaurant Republic, LLC
Councilor Slattery moved to approve the Consent Agenda.  Councilor Lemhouse seconded.  Discussion: None. All Ayes.  Motion passed unanimously.
X. PUBLIC HEARINGS (Persons wishing to speak are to submit a “speaker request form” prior to the commencement of the public hearing.  Public hearings shall conclude at 9:00 p.m. and be continued to a future date to be set by the Council, unless the Council, by a two-thirds vote of those present, extends the hearing(s) until up to 10:30 p.m. at which time the Council shall set a date for continuance and shall proceed with the balance of the agenda.)
1.   Infill strategy update and ordinance revisions
Public Works, Maria Harris gave a Staff report.
Ms. Harris discussed the Ashland Transit Triangle Infill Strategies Project.  She went over the importance of this project.
John Fregonese, from Fregonese Associates presented a PowerPoint presentation (see attached). 
Mayor Stromberg explained that tonight Council will need to decide whether or not to refer this to the Planning Commission to start the Ordinance process. City Attorney, Dave Lohman spoke that no final decision can be made tonight.  
Councilor Lemhouse questioned the feedback from the developers.  Mr. Fregonese spoke that the meeting with the developers went well and they gave positive feedback.   He spoke that the Housing Authority also liked the idea of this project.  Ms. Harris spoke that the developers supported the proposed project and gave suggested alternatives to the step backs. 
Councilor Seffinger questioned addressing affordable housing for 50 years and older.  Mr. Fregonese explained that all structures will have elevators. 
Council discussed the vertical housing option.  
Mayor Stromberg questioned if there are more than 20 units for development could inclusionary zoning be used.  Mr. Fregonese answered yes and explained how to include inclusionary zoning. 
Public Input:
Zach Brombacher – 1370 Tolman Creek, Ashland – Spoke as a developer.  He spoke to stay with the zoning that is current.  He suggested to not make it mandatory to have the overlay dictate the developers.  He spoke in concern of lack of parking and issues with infill. 
Councilor Lemhouse suggested for Staff to respond to Mr. Brombackers concerns and bring back to Council.
Councilor Lemhouse moved to direct the Planning Commission to initiate Ordinance revisions to implement the infill strategy for the transit triangle study area. Councilor Morris seconded.  Discussion:  Councilor Lemhouse spoke to the importance of moving forward with this.  He spoke that there are still questions to be answered and discussions to be had.  He suggested for Staff to look at financial incentives. Councilor Morris spoke in support of the motion.  Councilor Rosenthal spoke in support of the motion and excitement for the project.  Councilor Slattery spoke that the City has a great Planning Commission and is excited for the project. Roll Call Vote:  Councilor Lemhouse, Councilor Morris, Councior Slattery, Councilor Rosenthal and Councilor Seffinger: YES.  Motion passed unanimously. 
Councilor Lemhouse moved to direct staff to bring incentive programs similar to the vertical housing incentive program to a future Study Session.  Councilor Slattery seconded.  Discussion:  Councilor Lemhouse spoke to the importance in looking at all our tools and incentives for the citizens.  Councilor Slattery agreed with Councilor Lemhouse.  Roll Call Vote:  Councilor Lemhouse, Councilor Morris, Councilor Slattery, Councilor Rosenthal and Councilor Seffinger: YES.  Motion passed unanimously. 
2.   Capital Improvements Plan update
Ms. Brown gave an update of Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) projects approved and the status of other projects.  She went over the spreadsheet (see attached).  She explained all projects listed have begun.  She suggested to have CIP updates twice a year instead of quarterly.
3.   Annual appointments to the Citizens’ Budget Committee
Regina Ayers-199 Hillcrest, Ashland- Spoke regarding gender equity on Commissions and Committees.  She encouraged Council to consider gender equity when making the appointments tonight.  She went over percentages of female Commissioners verses male Commissioners.
Councilor Rosenthal spoke he was impressed with the candidate pool. 
Councilor Slattery spoke that he received a suggestion from a Citizen to not have to state
their address during Public Comment. Council gave consensus to have citizens fill out a speaker
request form with their address but not to give their addresses when speaking just their name and


Council did a silent ballot vote (see attached). 
Shane Hunter and Pamela Lucas were appointed to the Budget Committee. 
Councilor Slattery thanked the people who put on the Martin Luther King Day Celebration.
Mayor Stromberg spoke to the importance of history.   

The Business Meeting was adjourned at 9:08 PM
Respectfully submitted by:
City Recorder, Melissa Huhtala
Mayor Stromberg
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the City Administrator's office at (541) 488-6002 (TTY phone number 1-800-735-2900).  Notification 72 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the meeting (28 CFR 35.102-35.104 

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