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Public Art Commission Regular Meeting

Friday, October 20, 2017

Draft Minutes
Public Art Commission
8:00 a.m.
October 20, 2017
Commissioners: Friend, Garrington, Newman, Bussell, Fuhrmark, Merchant
Block-Brown, Lemhouse
Approval of minutes September 15, 2017
Approval of minutes with corrections [Garrington not present, Newman present, Bussell listed 2x, substitute actual names of artist instead of the generic ‘artist’ for Gateway and Velocity updates] Merchant/Newman (motion and second). Approved.
Citizen Issues
Gateway/Threshold Update
Susan met at the site with Commissioners Garrington and Friend, Ann Seltzer and Scott Fleury with city public works to establish location of footings for Threshold. [note: Commissioners suggest that prior to an artist visiting a site for the purpose of installation measurements, site should be prepped and ready for installation.]
  • Footings pour schedule unknown.
  • Susan has provided a landscape plan showing a path through the site
  • Lighting designer has been hired
  • Projecting installation of public art prior to the Thanksgiving holiday
Uplifting Mural
Commissioner Garrington met with the artist prior to the anti-graffiti coating. The artist added several pieces to the mural that were not part of the original design. Garrington recommended that the additions be approved with the condition that no further additions be made.  Subcommittee agreed to modification. Artist plans to add plaque in adjacent location to honor those who contributed to the work.
PAC moves to approve Uplifiting  ‘as is’ for acceptance into the City’s Public Art Collection with addition of the plaque at a later date. Approved.
Street Painting
Scott Fleury agreed that applications coming before the Transportation Commission for proposed street art would be forwarded to PAC for review and comment to ensure that copyright or other concerns aren’t an issue with the design.
Watershed Art #2
  • PAC moved to approve Watershed Art Piece no.2 for acceptance into the City’s Public Art Collection. Approved.
  • Watershed Art Piece no.3: Cheryl Garcia is considering an offer to design 2 options for review.
Work Plan Goal 2: Presentation on What is Public Art?
PAC discussed Strategy 1 to develop public presentations related to the value of public art as follows:           
  • Establish a “purpose statement” to guide creating
1. a power point
2. a video for public-facing “What is Public Art?”
  • Discussion:
    • Fuhrmark-would like to prioritize focus of materials to primarily identify the commissioners and their roles in collaborating towards effective art solutions in Ashland. Second priority, defining public art (described regionally and nationally, and not necessarily a secondary component to the order within the presentation).
    • Newman-would like to prioritize “value of public art” functions and artists who create. Can broaden awareness using various examples chosen in different communities for different issues or challenges. Should identify temporary vs. permanent public art by definition.
    • Garrington-Disclose the history of APAC, connecting to Richards’ concept
    • Friend-Who is the audience? Which media, and how best to utilize? Lets identify a purpose statement. Research other communities solutions.
    • Fuhrmark-Powerpoint is mobile, can be periodically updated. Video, stand-alone complete piece can be inserted in powerpoint,
    • Fuhrmark agreed to create draft purpose statement and outline for power point project for review and discussion in November.
Proposed Symposium
Sandy talked about a proposed collaboration with the SMA Director, a SOU art faculty member who is a public artist and Robert Block-Brown to design a Symposium to assist regional artists who are inexperienced at competing for One Percent and other public art projects gain the knowledge and make connections to successfully compete for projects. 
Meeting adjourned at 9:35.
Next meeting: 11/17/2017

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