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Bee City USA Minutes 6-8-17

Thursday, June 08, 2017

June 8, 2017
North Mountain Park Nature Center
620 North Mountain Ave.
3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

In Attendance: Kristina LeFever, Albert Pepe, Karen Potts, Shari Shattuck, Joel Heller, and Krystal Abrams
    1. Approve Minutes from previous meeting
      Note - date of meeting was 3/24 not 3/15
        Libby to change the date on the previous minutes.
      Karen moves to approve minutes, all approve.

    2. Review Action Items from previous meeting
      FYI Bee City USA Talent is not paying the renewal fee this year.  We paid $100 to Bee City for 2017 BCU status.
        Libby will double check the payment to Bee City USA and make sure it went through.
      We are not actually doing events during Pollinator Week, but we will be several things during the months of June and July.
        Libby will put together the June/July pollinator events into a flier.
      The group discussed the importance of increasing offerings during Pollinator Week.  Increasing pollinator week events can be an agenda item for another meeting.
    1. Open Forum
      Eugene is pushing to be a Bee City next year.  Kristal Abrams is a public visitor who represents the non-profit “Beyond Toxics” and is interested in seeing how our program runs.
Flyer for pollinator-friendly landscape practices - Shari (not sure if she will have anything) Kristina would like input on the new text.  The group would like to create this as a card of trifold brochure or card, to hand out on the Pollinator Garden Tour.  Shari suggests that this document should only highlight the 4 or 5 most important recommendations. Kristina will email her “pollinator friendly landscape practices” content to everyone.  All members should read the content, and send edits back to Kristina by next Friday 16th.
 Kristina will get a cost estimate for printing the pollinator friendly landscape practices card.
  Shari will work on formatting the practices on a card.

Update on Rocky Top - Karen and Kristina
Kristina did a presentation to the HOA, and there is some interest in adopting the Rocky Top area.
  Karen and Kristina will meet with Trudy and Lyn Ransford to discuss the details of the adoption.  Meeting Scheduled for June 19.
Kristina noted that there are gullies, on the steep slope up at Rocky Top.  Soil has been washed away, and the area needs mulch.
  Libby will reach out to Jeff and ask him if more work can be done on the slopes there at Rocky Top

Update on Pollinator Garden Tour booklet - Kristina and Libby
Printing the tour booklet will cost $1.60 each for 100 prints from Medford Builders Exchange.
  Kristina will submit the booklet to MBE and ask them to Bill us quickly, so that it hits the budget in the current fiscal year.
  Kristina will bring the booklet with her when she tables at the Growers Market, and remember to VOID the ticket on the back.
  Libby will check with Dorinda about the status of the press release for the pollinator tour.
  All committee members will sign up for locations to poster the large flier around town.

Update on The Grove Pollinator Garden sign - Kristina
Shari and Kristina met with Mariella to discuss making a sign for the Grove Pollinator Garden as a student project.  After that meeting, Mariella has not replied. 
  Kristina will contact Mariella’s teacher at John Muir School to see if she is still interested in being involved.


Budget - Libby
We have $406 remaining in this fiscal year’s budget.  This money needs to be spent by June 30, so invoices need to be returned quickly to accounts payable.
In the next biennium, Parks has budgeted $500 per year for Bee City USA.

Pollinator Garden Info Signs - Kristina
Everyone is excited about the idea of the educational signs, each containing a factoid about pollinator garden techniques.
We can make 20 of these Pollinator Garden Info Signs for around $100.  These would be made on re-usable corrugated campaign signs.
  Kristina will add a couple more educational factoids to the list, and then get these signs printed.

Pollinator Garden Tour - Kristina
  Libby will keep the Nature Center open on Sunday July 9 from 10am to 12 noon.  To give all registered people the tour booklets.
  Each committee member will call 4 of the gardeners who are on the tour, and make sure to connect about the tour.  Talk to each gardener about the logistics which were explained in Kristina’s email.  Also make sure that the gardeners are going to help with advertising the tour.
  Kristina will re-send her gardener information to the group, so they have a script for these gardener orientation phone call.
  Libby will ensure that the Approved Pollinator Garden Sign gets posted in the Nature Center Gardens.

Pollinator Week Event Flyer – Libby
Everyone is welcome to take a stack of full and quarter page fliers to distribute around town.  However, the Nature Center won’t be able to do any more color printing of fliers.  If the group wants black and white copies, we can do them in-house.  For additional color prints, work with an outside vendor.

Entry in July 4 parade - Kristina
Theme is “Together We Sing!”, $25 fee, deadline is 6/23
  Kristina will apply to be part of the 4th of July Parade, and pay the $25 fee.
  All Committee members will reach out to our contacts, and seek friends and their children to come out for the parade.
  Kristina will send 4th of July details to Karen.
  Karen will make up a ¼ page flier to attract people to participate in the 4th of July Parade with BCU.

Planning The Grove BCUA Pollinator Garden - Kristina and Libby
APF grant application was approved for $415 to purchase approximately 110 plants for installation in that area.
  Libby needs to double check on the Ashland Parks Foundation grant checks.  Ensure they been deposited in the dedicated categories?
  Libby to ask Jeff to identify the shrubs and trees currently in the Grove Pollinator garden area.  Also ask Jeff why the area beyond the memorial plaque and heading back to the bike rack wasn’t included in the “Grove Pollinator Garden” area?
  Kristina will email the site sketch for the Grove Pollinator Garden as well as some potential plant lists to the committee members.
  Each committee member will pick five to six plants that they’d like to see in the garden.  This list of potential plants will be discussed
The group plans to meet in August to discuss the plans.
  Kristina will inquire with Parks and Rec about reserving the Grove conference room for the meeting in August. 
  Libby will Doodle Poll the August Meeting to discuss the Grove planting and the September regular meeting, and include Nancy Appling in the poll.
  Joel suggests that we invite Joe Hyde to the September meeting to help with plant choice and landscape layout.

Neonicotinoids and IPM review
SB 929 died in Oregon Senate. 
Kristina would like Parks and Rec to announce the fact that we don’t use Neonics.  She would like Parks to write a press release about this.
  Joel will suggest that neonics be mentioned in the next small publicity statement he makes as a Parks Commissioner.

New BCUA subcommittee member applications
Susan Eckstrom is no longer able to join the committee.
An application was received from Nancy Appling (can’t meet on 2nd Thursdays)

All members vote in agreement to invite Nancy Appling into the committee. 
  2. September
  Libby will Doodle Poll the August Meeting to discuss the Grove planting and the September regular meeting, and include Nancy Appling in the poll.

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