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Airport Commission Regular Meeting

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

June 6, 2017

Members Present: Lincoln Zeve, George Schoen, David Wolske Bob Skinner, Daniel
Palomino, Bernard Spera and Bill Skillman
Members Absent: Mike Morris (Council Liaison), Susan Moen and William Butler
Staff: Scott Fleury
Guests: Dawn Lamb


2. AGENDA ITEM ADDITIONS: FBO bathroom update and FBO lease update added to old
business. Hangar construction added to new business.
Commission Chair welcomes two new members to the airport Commission. Daniel and
Bernard provide brief backgrounds.

A. Public Forum: Pete and Linda Kreisman discuss bridge located on property in vicinity
of Neil Creek, reference attached letter and picture. The bridge is a steel truss, eighty
foot span bridge built by Emory and Son's in 1915. It was used on the gun club
property to span Emigrant Creek. The bridge was moved to the airport property in the
late 1980's with the intent to use as a pedestrian crossing across Neil Creek. The
intent was never realized as there was a preeminent safety concern with creating the
crossing and having pedestrians walking near or on runway. Pet and Linda are
interested in the historic value of the bridge and would like to see it used/displayed
for others to enjoy. They will be discussing with the Historic Commission as well. In
general the Airport Commission members support the bridge being utilized to its
highest capacity and maintaining its historic integrity.

3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion to approve minutes as submitted by Skillman, 2nd by
Shoen, all approved.

A. Action Item List:
1. Riparian Restoration: Discussed options for improvement with master plan
update and perimeter fencing plan.

2. Paving dirt areas around the hangars: Staff to work with Street Department
regarding paving of dirt areas as time and budget allow.

3. Hangar enclosure project: No update.

4. Segmented circle painting: Kathol has contract in place, just waiting for
area to dry up completely. Appears the current culvert could be extended
past the segmented circle and this would eliminate water ponding issues at
this location.

5. Tree topping project: Staff is still trying to finalize the bid documents. Staff
to include approach slope drawing in next packet. Monies originally
intended to be spent before July will be carried over into the next biennium
to be used on the topping project.

6. Airport website/webcams: The webcams are not fully functional yet.
Kathol has a contract in place with SOS alarms and they should be made
functional shortly.

7. Entry Road Landscaping: Staff to work with Parks and try to perform
irrigation system prior to next meeting in order to determine level of effort
for improvements prior to performing any additional landscaping

8. Trip hazard: walking surface around JLC hangar door changes grade
abruptly, presents tripping hazard. Staff has scheduled site visit with Street
Department Supervisor to discuss and initiate improvement.

B. ODA Grant Application/Master Plan Update: Staff informs Commission that
negotiations are currently under way regarding the scope ofthe project. Staffhas
reviewed the scope and the FAA will be providing comments to the consultant as
well. Staff expects to have the selected consultants under contract to start
performing the update in August. ODA is waiting for staff to submit the final
scope and fee for the master plan update in order to develop the final COAR grant
to cover 9 of the 10 percent required FAA match. Staff is working with the FAA
on the 90% project grant as well.

C. FBO Bathroom Update: Spera asks about process to improve existing FBO
bathrooms. Typically the first place a pilot goes once he/she lands onsite is to the
restrooms and as Bob has mentioned before they are in dire need of an overhaul.
He is also interested in having some form of public art/mural painted in the
bathrooms that include images of aviation from the airport and surrounding area.
The improvements must be durable and withstand a high level ofpublic use. Staff
informs the Commission in general the requirements to construct any public
improvement and how ordinances and procurement laws must be followed.
Commission likes the idea of art in the bathroom as long as it is near the ceiling
area. Spera to discuss more with artists. Staff to work on having contractors look
at the bathroom and provide costs on improvements.

D. FBO Lease Update: The FBO lease is scheduled for approval at tonight's City
Council meeting. Once approved the Mayor will sign and formalize lease
agreement with Skinner Aviation to perform FBO related duties onsite.

A. Airport Good Neighbor Items: Skinner states there has been nothing out of the
ordinary with respect to complaints or site issues. Brim, Erickson and Timberland
have been onsite performing their required annual training.

B. Airport Day Wrap Up: The group discusses the recent airport day activities. In
general everyone believes this year's event was a complete success. Commission
to work on development of thank you letters to everyone who volunteered or were
part of making the day a success. Commission discusses establishing a date for
next year's event right now in order to put it on people's calendars. The June date
for this year's event worked well and the weather was great. Commission thinks a
June date for next year would be wise. Commission selects June 2,2018 for next

JLC Avionics and all vendors had a great day even with other events happening
during the same time. Having two bounce houses worked well. Group discusses
other things that could be added next year including more drones, pet adoptions,
wildlife images booth, Ashland Police Department attendance and maybe
involvement from the Air force.

Group discusses items needed for improvement at next year's event:
More trash containers
Location of porta potties
Site signage improvements/area map
Obtain drone footage of area during next year's event
Counters for the CAP in order to develop a total attendance number
More kids toys/handouts
Need onsite cleanup crew to pickup after event
Outside outlets on FBO maintenance hangar to support food trucks
Announcer plug vendors-need upgraded PA system
Information booth
Contact Kingsley Field-flyover?
Overall the group would like to stay on top of planning for next year's event and
everyone gives a sincere thank you to Dawn Lamb who really helped make this
year's event a success.

C. July Meeting Date: Staff informs Commission the next regular scheduled meeting
is set to occur on July 4th Commission agrees to postpone meeting date one week
to July 11th. Staff to adjust calendar to reflect new meeting date.

D. Hangar Construction: Staff informs Commission of a company that is interested
in building a hangar onsite to house an aircraft but also perform some company
functions. The company manufactures casters and lifting systems, and does not
have a direct aviation component. Staff asks about the possibility of having an
non-aviation related business onsite with storage of an aircraft in the hangar. The
Commission in general does not like the idea of having a business onsite that does
not have a direct aviation impact. The highest and best use of the airport property
is for aviation related uses. Staff has also emailed the FAA with the same question
and is awaiting guidance from them. Commission mentions that previously
Brammo Motors was turned down by the FAA to construct onsite. The
Commission also sites to previous issues with having non-aviation related uses
onsite and how that has caused issues. The Commission feels that companies and
individual users have tried to use hangar/airport space for non-aviation related
uses and this option is cheaper than trying to lease commercial building space or
storage units. Commission will wait to see the FAA's formal response if any
before making a final decision, but now are inclined to keep the policy in place
for direct aviation use only.

A. Attached: None.
B. Maintenance Updates: Noise abatement sign down at south end of runway.
Insulation repairs needed in FBO hangar and the shop furnace needs cleaning.
Skinner states there has been some re-growth of weeds onsite. Fleury states the
Oregon Department of Aviation will be onsite this year as part of the pavement
maintenance program and will generally treat weeds at that point in order to
perform the pavement and crack sealing work required.

A. Brown Bag: None.
B. Transportation Commission: None.
C. Medford Update: None.

NEXT MEETING DATE: July 11,2017 beginning at 9:30 AM

ADJOURN: Meeting adjourned at 11:54 AM

Respectfully submitted,
Scott A. Fleury
Engineering Services Manager
Public Works Department

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