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Wednesday, January 09, 2002

ASHLAND FOREST LANDS COMMISSION January 9, 2002 4:30 – 6:00 PM MINUTES MEMBERS PRESENT: Fred Binnewies, Frank Betlejewski, Richard Brock, Jo Anne Eggers, Stephen Jensen, Bill Robertson (Chair}, John Morrison (Council Liaison) Members Absent: Joe Charter Staff: Keith Woodley, Karl Johnson, Nancy Slocum, Jeff McFarland Guests: Marty Main, Eric Navickas, Jay Lininger, Miles Murphy, Dennis Otian and 12 members of the public I. CALL TO ORDER AT 4:35 PM II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: December 12 minutes approved with three minor changes. III. PUBLIC FORUM: Navickas reviewed his comments from last month and read the conclusion of the 1977 flood engineering study by James Montgomery, EPA. The report discouraged logging and recommended controlled burning. Navickas said there is historic concern regarding timber cutting and today citizens are still concerned. He said the reasons for selling timber haven’t changed with time. IV. ITEMS FOR DISCUSSION: A. Continued Discussion of Stand Density Reduction on City Owned Forest Lands – Brock distributed the second draft. Egger affirmed this document as public record. The need for definitions of some terms and quantifiable objectives were noted. Commission began the process of editing the draft paragraph by paragraph. Jensen asked if geologic hazards (slope failure) could supercede stand health. Brock said yes. Would doing nothing be appropriate in certain instances? Again, yes, a wide spectrum of treatments would be appropriate. Betlejewski explained “girdling” as an available option in unstable areas. Girdling a tree causes a slow death from the crown down and in theory causes no short term canopy thinning. He said the time frame for treatment can be different for different stands. As time ran out Robertson recommended more frequent commission meetings. Commission agreed to meet every two to three weeks for the next two months. Robertson asked for questions from the public. Navickas began to reply with a statement and Robertson asked him to stop. Dennis Otian, Fire Ecologist asked if the commission’s decisions on city owned forestlands were weather driven or fuel driven. Robertson acknowledged the importance of this question and deferred discussion to an appropriate time within this draft review period. V. OTHER BUSINESS – A. Discussion on the City-owned forest lands site visit – Robertson said the site visit was scheduled for Saturday, January 12th. All the commissioners but Binnewies were planning to attend. Main said the tour would cover the lower elevation parcel. B. Jensen asked if the proposed Tree Commission ordinance effects the forestlands in any way. Robertson answered no. C. Navickas submitted a written letter to the commission for the record stating: “To whom it may concern: My question was whether the description of the proposal would include a section regarding public disclosure. I was beginning with a statement that the document didn’t include a section regarding public disclosure. Bill’s unwillingness to welcome public discussion when citizens are specifically called on is completely inappropriate. A question can begin with a statement and I do not feel that statements should be excluded either.” VI. ADJOURNED AT 6:05 PM

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