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Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017
Siskiyou Room, 51 Winburn Way

Mayor Stromberg called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM
Councilor Morris, Lemhouse, Slattery, Seffinger and Darrow were present.   Councilor Rosenthal was absent.
1.         Public Input
Louise Slawkat- 870 Cambridge, Ashland – Read a letter into the record in support of the parking plan (see attached).    
Sharon Jayna- 219 Almond St., Ashland –Spoke to advocate for the approval of the parking plan. She explained that the transportation Commission has created a planning concept to allow moving toward a less auto dependent community.  She urged Council to hire a parking manager and to move forward with the plan.
Elizabeth Hallett – 938 Mountain Meadow Circle –Ashland-  –Spoke regarding the importance solar panels.
2.         Look Ahead
Interim City Administrator, John Karns gave an overview of the Look Ahead. He spoke that Item 10- the CEAP Ordinance moved to 9.5. And Item 14 will be moved to 9.19. 
3.         Downtown Parking Management Strategy -35 minutes to downtown parking.
Public Works Director, Mike Faught and Parking Management Strategy Consultant, Rick Williams gave a PowerPoint Presentation for the final report recommendations for the Downtown Parking Plan (see attached).  
The following items were discussed:
  • Future self-driving cars.
  • Car sharing system.
  • Parking Manager.
  • Potential for paid parking/parking meters.
  • Parking for City Employees.
  • Parking for Customers.
  • Late night parking and safety.
This topic is on tomorrow night’s Council Business Meeting Agenda.
4.         Discussion regarding proposal to add video arraignments from the jail and have a second arraignment day - 25 minutes
City Attorney, David Lohman gave a hand out with background information regarding arraignments in Municipal court (see attached).  
Assistant City Attorney, Doug McGeary, Police Chief, O’Meara and Judge Pam Turner presented a PowerPoint (see attached).
The following items were discussed:
  • Arraignments.
  • How the beds are currently used.
  • Misdemeanors verses felony.
  • Work program options.
  • Video arraignment.
  • Lower verses Higher Lever Crimes
  • Pre-Conviction Situations.
  • Pilot Program.
  • Failure to appear options.
Allen Drescher gave on overview of the purpose of the judicial system and law enforcement.  He spoke in the importance of having an effective deterrent.
The Police Department is going to begin working on the video arraignment.         
The Study Session was adjourned at 7:00 PM
Respectfully Submitted by:
City Recorder, Melissa Huhtala
Mayor Stromberg

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