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Regular Meeting

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


July 18, 2017
Council Chambers
1175 E. Main Street


Mayor Stromberg called the Business Meeting to order at 7:02 PM
Councilor Darrow, Lemhouse, Morris, Slattery, Seffinger and Rosenthal were present.
Mayor Stromberg announced that there are Commission and Committee vacancies.  If anyone is interested they can find this information on the City website. 
He also announced that the applications for Team Ashland are due July 25th.
Study Session of June 19, 2017
Business Meeting of June 20, 2017
Councilor Seffinger/Slattery moved to approve Study Session Minutes of June 19th and the Business Meeting Minutes of June 20th.  Discussion:  None. All Ayes.  Motion passed unanimously.  
1.         Annual presentation by the Forest Lands Commission
Forest Lands Commission Chair, Steve Jensen and Division Chief- Forestry Division, Chris Chambers presented the annual report (see attached).  
2.         Presentation by the Ashland High School Representatives to Guanajuato
Mayor Stromberg introduced the Representatives of Guanajuato and members of the Amigo Club.
Councilor Darrow gave an overview of her experience in Guanajuato.  She spoke that she saw that the people of Guanajuato have a deep appreciation for arts, history and education but mostly their community and to serve others. She spoke in appreciation of the sister/sister relationship.  She thanked citizens of Ashland that opened their homes for the visiting students.  She also spoke that she is looking forward to the 50-year anniversary of this program.  
Senora Chela gave a report on what happens before going to Guanajuato and what takes place on a visit to Guanajuato.  She spoke they had 15 candidates this year. Senora Chela introduced one of the students chosen: Brook Hall.
Brook Hall- Ms. Hall thanked the Mayor and Council for letting her speak regarding her experience.  She described her visit to Guanajuato as a representative of Ashland.  She spoke to the beauty and graciousness of the Guanajuato people. She thanked the City of Ashland, the Council, the Administration, and the School for all the support. 
Nina from the Amigo Club spoke regarding how the Amigo Club supports the Sister/Sister program.  She explained a calendar is coordinated for the visitors and got host families.  There is also a scholarship program.  For over 2 years a monthly column for the Ashland Daily Tidings.  She spoke to the importance of this program.
Mayor Stromberg showed the audience a picture of a traditional ceramic tile mosaic shield of Guanajuato.  This was gift from the City of Guanajuato that will be mounted in some public venue before the 50th anniversary celebration.
Emmett Fisk-623 Prim St., Ashland- Read a letter into the record regarding funding 5 Police Officers (see attached).
Peter Warren-600 Beach St., Ashland -Spoke regarding Briscoe Park. He spoke The City potentially moving City Hall to the Briscoe area and paving fields for parking. 
Melissa Mitchell Hooge – 271 H St., Ashland-  Spoke regarding preserving Briscoe and Lincoln playgrounds. She handed out 4 conceptual plan (see attached). She spoke looking forward to find a parking solution.
Sharon Javna- Almond St., Ashland - Spoke in support of Briscoe being used for City offices but is concerned about taking the fields over for parking.   She spoke in hopes of finding a plan for parking and to the importance of public input.
Tiki McClure-69 Manzanita St., Ashland-Spoke would like to see the playground at Briscoe and Lincoln preserved and not converted into a parking area.  Spoke to how important it is to have the park.
Interim City Administrator, John Karns gave a brief overview of where the City is with this possible project.  This will be presented to Council in October. 
1.  Approval of minutes of boards, commissions, and committees
2.  Reappointment of Christopher Jean to the Tree Commission
Councilor Rosenthal pulled #3
3.  Rogue bike share program
Councilor Rosenthal questioned RVMPO Senior Planner, Andrea Napoli about the existing bike share. Ms. Napoli explained there are 6 stations but those funds expire July 24th so the stations will be going away.  She explained that new funding is being obtained from ODOT and RVTD to keep the stations going.  She spoke that other sources of funding are being looked into as well as better locations.  Council Morris asked what the average usage has been.  Ms. Napoli answered approximately 1200 trips in the last year and a half.
Councilor Seffinger Pulled #4
4.  Agreement with Addictions Recovery Center (ARC) for sobering services
Councilor Seffinger questioned if Jackson County has been the funding agency or is this new. Chief O’Meara spoke that Jackson County has been financial intermediary with Ashland and ARC.  They do not want to operate in that capacity anymore.  Ashland is now forming an agreement with ARC directly to continue services. Ashland has been paying 1% of the operating cost while doing 6% of the workload, therefore cost has gone up.  Councilor Darrow asked if this is a reimbursable service.  Chief O’Meara spoke he will look into this question.  Mayor Stromberg asked for an example for use of this service.  Chief O’Meara explained that it is generally intoxication issues.  If a sober adult cannot be found to take responsibility, then the ARC services are used. 
Councilor Morris pulled #5.
5.  Approval of a street painting permit
Councilor Morris questioned the types of paint being used for the street painting.  He explained that striping paint is not the best for traction if on a bike. Engineering Services Manager, Scott Fluery explained they used an additive to help with the traction. 
6.  Sole source procurement with Dry Creek Landfill, Inc.
7.  Approval of radio maintenance agreement with Day Wireless
8.  Contract for legal services for Douglas M. McGeary
Councilor Slattery pulled #8
Councilor Slattery questioned if after this one year would the contract end.  City Attorney, David Lohman explained it would end but not until they hired a new Assistant City Attorney. 
9.  Emergency Procurement from Ovivio USA, LLC
Councilor Rosenthal/Lemhouse moved to approve the Consent Agenda.  Discussion:  None.  All Ayes.  Motion passed unanimously.
PUBLIC HEARINGS (Persons wishing to speak are to submit a “speaker request form” prior to the commencement of the public hearing.  Public hearings shall conclude at 9:00 p.m. and be continued to a future date to be set by the Council, unless the Council, by a two-thirds vote of those present, extends the hearing(s) until up to 10:30 p.m. at which time the Council shall set a date for continuance and shall proceed with the balance of the agenda.)
1.               Discussion of Funding Options for Police Officers
Mayor Stromberg gave background information on this issue.  He explained that Council increased property tax by 4.5 cents to pay for one of the PD Officers and also established a Resolution to create a public safety support fee and set the assessment at zero.
Councilor Rosenthal questioned the status of the 2 possible new hires.  Chief O’Meara explained he has only made condition job offers pending the positions being funded.  He spoke that one of the 2 is a Lateral Officer so can begin after a background check. The other would be a new hire and could take 9 months to start.   Councilor Rosenthal clarified that even with the property tax increase the funding for 2 Police officers is still short $98,000. Chief O’Meara went over the shifts for each officer. 
It was discussed that adding just 1 officer would not be beneficial.
Councilor Rosenthal moved establish public safety utility fee at .50 cents per month on the electric bill for the purpose of assuring adequate funding for 2 police officers in Fiscal Year 2018. Councilor Lemhouse seconded. 
Discussion: Councilor Rosenthal explained that .50 cents would equate to $71,000 and the generated Property Tax would equate to $183,000.  Councilor Lemhouse spoke that only funding half might dead-end the process.  He spoke in support of getting 5 officers on board not just 2. Councilor Seffinger questioned the timeframe for additional officers. Chief O’Meara explained they would be entry level candidates and it would take 9 months from identifying them to getting them doing civil patrol. He explained that currently there is 1 Lateral Officer but the other 4 would be entry level.  Councilor Slattery spoke that he will remain consistent with his other votes on this issue to not raise rates or fees. He spoke to look at ways to find the right funding mechanism for the 5 Police Officers.  He spoke that priorities and other types of funding streams need to be looked at.  Councilor Darrow spoke opposed to increases in utility funding. Councilor Morris spoke that he doesn’t see it as a utility fee he sees it as ability to collect money with the meter usage.  He spoke in support the motion. Councilor Lemhouse spoke he will support the .50 cent utility fee increase but is concerned it is not enough. He spoke that other options need to be looked at to fund the addition officers.  Councilor Seffinger spoke in support of the motion. She spoke to the importance of safety for the Community and Police Officers.
Roll Call Vote:  Councilor Lemhouse, Morris, Seffinger and Rosenthal: YES.  Councilor Slattery and Councilor Darrow: NO.  Motion passed 4-2.
Councilor Lemhouse suggested an Ad-Hoc Committee to look at budget options.  He proposed 3 Councilors and Staff Members to look at this and bring back to a Study Session.  Mayor Stromberg spoke that he will bring a proposal back to Council after discussing this with the Administrator.
1.               Creation of Climate and Energy Commission
Assistant to the City Administrator, Adam Hanks gave a Staff Report.  He went over options for a Phase 2 to have an ad-hoc or continue with the Ordinance.
Councilor Rosenthal moved to direct staff to prepare an Ordinance for first reading to create a new standing CEAP Commission utilizing the draft Ordinance presented. Councilor Slattery seconded. Discussion: Councilor Rosenthal spoke that he prefers establishing a Commission as directed in the Plan. Councilor Slattery agreed with Councilor Rosenthal.  Councilor Seffinger spoke in support of the motion. Councilor Darrow spoke she will not support the motion and would like an Ad-Hoc Committee to get started and make recommendations.  Councilor Morris agreed with Councilor Darrow.  Councilor Lemhouse agreed with Councilor Darrow.  Mayor Stromberg spoke in favor of an Ad-Hoc Committee.    
Roll Call Vote:  Councilor Slattery, Councilor Seffinger and Councilor Rosenthal: YES. Councilor Darrow, Councilor Lemhouse and Councilor Morris: NO.  Mayor Stromberg: NO. Motion failed 3-4
Councilor Lemhouse moved to authorize the Mayor to create a CEAP Implementation Ad-Hoc Committee consistent with Ashland Municipal Code 2.04.090 B. and further recommend that the membership and powers and duties descriptions in the draft Ordinance be used by the Mayor and City Administrator when selecting committee members and the committee scope of work. Councilor Darrow seconded.
Discussion:  Councilor Lemhouse and Darrow spoke in support for having an Ad-Hoc Committee.  Councilor Slattery spoke he will not support this motion.
Roll Call Vote:  Councilor Darrow, Councilor Lemhouse, Councilor Seffinger and Councilor Morris: YES.  Councilor Slattery, Councilor Rosenthal: NO.  Motion passed 4-2.
2.               Climate and Energy Action Plan – Goals and Targets Ordinance
City Attorney, David Lohman spoke that he is looking for direction from Council regarding the 4 possible approaches.  He gave an overview of the 4 approaches.
Mr. Lohman went over the difference between an Ordinance and a Resolution.
Public Input
Robert Block-Brown-50 Pine St., Ashland –Spoke that this is a challenging problem.  Thanked Ashland for the work so far. He explained the percentage of reduction of greenhouse acquisition has to be 8% and Ashland is not even close.  He spoke in support of an Ordinance. 
Annika Larson- 795 Ellendale Dr., Medford - Spoke in support to prepare a first reading of a CEAP Ordinance. She explained that without an Ordinance goals will not be met and the public will not have the information they need.
Bryan Sohl –283 Scenic Ashland –Spoke that Eugene, OR passed a CEAP in 2010.  It began by efforts led by citizens and by youth.  He spoke in support of an Ordinance to mandate all requirements in the CEAP.   
Klia Den-Spoke on behalf of Maya Davis – 9667 Wagner Creek Rd.- Thanked Mayor and Council for their work so far.   Spoke in support of an Ordinance to keep the public updated and to mandate all requirements.
Mr. Lohman explained that whether or not Council decides to do an Ordinance or a Resolution changes can still be made.  
Councilor Slattery suggested having a Resolution using the Ordinance language.  Mr. Lohman explained that is Draft B.  
Councilor Darrow spoke that accountability, updates, targets and reports are important. She spoke in support of getting a Staff person hired and the Commission set-up. 
Councilor Rosenthal spoke that it is time to take action on this topic and spoke in support of an Ordinance.    
Councilor Seffinger spoke that whether it is an Ordinance or Resolution targets and reports are the most important part of this and for people to reduce their carbon foot print.
Councilor Lemhouse spoke in agreement with Councilor Rosenthal that it is time to take action.  He spoke that Ordinances and Resolutions are not needed in order to do their jobs; it is important for people to be accountable to do their jobs.  He spoke he is not in favor of mandates.  This could lead to a lawsuit and that is not the right message to send.   
Councilor Morris spoke in support of a Resolution.
Councilor Slattery spoke he is in support of a strong Resolution with the same protection of an Ordinance.
Mayor Stromberg spoke that is important to make an effort to promote practical measurable innovation in the Community.
Councilor Slattery moved to direct staff to prepare for first reading at the next available Council business meeting the attached CEAP Ordinance Draft B.  Councilor Morris seconded. Discussion: Mr. Lohman spoke that the recitals in the Resolution are the exact same in the proposed Ordinance as well as the action items.  He explained that this will come back as first reading.  Councilor Seffinger asked if an Ordinance is riskier legally.  Mr. Lohman answered yes.  Mr. Lohman spoke that Council can request to make changes and state items to be protected not mandated.  Councilor Lemhouse disagrees with this motion. He spoke that it is counterproductive and explained why.  He spoke that not having an Ordinance and holding elected officials accountable is a way to be productive. He spoke he is supportive of the Plan but not the Ordinance.  Councilor Seffinger spoke regarding the confusion of having a Resolution made into an Ordinance.  Councilor Rosenthal suggested having a Resolution reporting requirements regarding the plan.  Councilor Darrow spoke that the last Resolution in the Packet makes the most sense and incorporates what is needed.  Councilor Slattery believes a Resolution is the way to go but it does not provide a way to avoid being overturned.  Roll Call Vote:  Councilor Morris, Slattery and Seffinger:  YES.  Councilor Lemhouse, Darrow and Rosenthal: NO.  Mayor Stromberg: YES.  Motion Passed 4-3.   
3.               Approval of the Creation of the Ad-Hoc Budget Process Committee
Councilor Slattery gave a staff report.  He suggested that having the Ad-Hoc Committee meet 4-times and report back to Council in October.  He suggested the Committee consist of 2 Councilors, 2 Appointed Members and 2 Staff Members. Once a roster was chosen bring back to Council for approval.   
Councilor Slattery moved to approve the creation of the ad hoc Budget Process Committee and the charge of the committee as presented in the memo from the Interim City Administrator. Councilor Seffinger seconded.  Discussion: Councilor Lemhouse moved to amend the motion to include in the community’s charge to look at how the budget committee can be involved in the financial reports.  Slattery seconded.  Slattery would like to not do this because want to come to amendment fails. Main motion passes.
Councilor Rosenthal congratulated the Ashland little league teams that are still playing. Councilor Darrow announced that the varsity football team is going to Japan and will return on the 30th. Councilor Lemhouse added that there will be a viewing of the football game at Northwest Pizza.  He spoke to add them to the August 1st for the coach to come and present regarding their trip.
The Business Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 PM
Respectfully submitted by:
City Recorder, Melissa Huhtala
Mayor Stromberg

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