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Public Art Commission Regular Meeting

Friday, June 16, 2017

Public Art Commission
8:00 a.m.
June 21, 2017
Commissioners: Garrington, Merchant, Block-Brown, Bussell, Fuhrmark, Seltzer (staff liaison)
Friend, Lemhouse (council liaison)
Garrington called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m.
Minutes of the May 19 meeting were approved with corrections.
Abby Carpet Mural Update
The contract between Abby Carpet and the City of Ashland requires the artist notify the PAC to evaluate mural at three stages of the project: 1) after the wall has been prepped and is ready for points. 2) halfway through the fabrication process, and 3) conformance with the approved design. 
Commissioners Friend, Newman and Merchant met with artist Krista Hepford June 15 to evaluate the first stage of the project. 
Garrington thanked the group for their efforts and noted that she also met with the artist after reviewing the PAC requirements.  The artist has chosen not to grid the actual wall but instead will grid the project on a piece of Plexiglas through which the artist can hold up and view the project as it will appear on the wall.  While the method was not used with two previous murals in Ashland, the PAC agreed that the method works well for this type of mural.
The artist intends to grid the wood units prior to installing them to the wall. Newman raised a concern about the brackets that will be used to mounts the wood units to the wall noting that it is critical the brackets are attached in such a way they cannot be pulled away from the wall. Seltzer was asked to send a follow up email to the artist requesting the artist include the contractor she is working with (Daryl Meyerhoff) to attend the next meeting with the PAC and the artist.
The PAC agreed that the requirements they provide the artist are meant as guidelines and expectations, but must be flexible enough to enable the artist to execute the project once the process begins.
Watershed Art
Bussell reported the piece, “Water is Life” has been installed but the dedication was cancelled due to rain.  The new dedication date is Saturday, July 15 at 10:00 a.m.
Bussell continues to work with the Watershed Art Group, primarily Steff Seffinger about the process for the third and final installation. She has advised Seffinger of the two locations identified by the PAC. The artist for the third piece has not been selected and the group is discussing the process; wither a direct commission or an RFP.  Funding for the third piece has been awarded by the Haines and Friends Foundation. No timeline has been set. 
Presentation by Gordon Huether
The committee discussed the outreach efforts to get the word out about Huether’s presentation to the community.  Fuhrman is working on the poster and Bussell will help distribute it.  They have committed to getting the posters in place by July 17.
Friend has contacted the Selection Panel and will send a reminder in July about the dates and locations. It was noted that Friend should put together a packet for the Selection Panel that includes the project intent and other items that will be useful to the panel during their deliberations.
It was noted that Huether should give his previous power point presentation at the community meeting and to the City Council. Seltzer will email the artist.
Meeting adjourned at 9:15
 Next meeting date:
July 21

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