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Public Art Commission Regular Meeting

Friday, April 21, 2017

Public Art Commission
8:00 a.m.
April 21, 2017
Commissioners: Garrington, Merchant, Newman, Friend, Block-Brown, Bussell, Fuhrmark, Seltzer (staff liaison)
Lemhouse (council liaison)
Minutes of the February 17 meeting were approved with corrections.
Watershed Art
Bussell reported that the site identified for the Karen Rycheck Totem has been approved by Public Works and Parks and will likely be installed in June.
The Watershed Art representative, Stef Seffinger, has suggested that the third piece be sited further up the Bandersnatch Trail at an overlook area with a bench.  Seffinger has requested steps be dug into the trail between the Pacific Fisher and the Totem.
Garrington reminded the group that the Rogue Valley Runners previously submitted a letter in opposition to the public art being located in the watershed.  Bussell noted that the opposition was for art further up in the watershed.  The PAC agreed to contact the Rogue Valley Runners prior to a final decision on a location for the third piece.
Theater Corridor Artist Presentation Discussion
Friend opened the discussion by asking the PAC if the two concepts presented by the artist met the project intent. 
Generally, the group felt that more information about each concept was needed to determine if the concepts meet the project intent and for the Selection Panel to make an informed decision.  The following was identified:
1) Bouncing Ball
a. Detail of the ball (color, material, surface texture, degree of transparency, lighting)
b. The general plan for the light in the tubing
i. All white or colored
ii. Low voltage or line voltage
iii. Spacing pattern for 
2) Figures 
a. Scale of the figures relative to the space and their placement in the space.  The PAC suggests:
i. A scaled digital plan view drawing of the corridor with approximate placement and area to be occupied by figures
ii. Scaled digital plan elevation of approximate size of figures and how much light the figures will project in the corridor.
Garrington showed images of the corridor taken at night and noted that the Main Street section of the corridor is very dark and the upper section is brighter due to the two pedestrian light poles adjacent to the stairs.  The PAC agreed that it is important to understand the amount of light that will emanate from both concepts and that it is important the figures have detailed interest at the viewer’s eye level.
Garrington offered to draft a letter to send to the artist stating the PAC concerns and suggestions for further development of the concepts prior to presentation to the Selection Panel.
Selection Panel
The PAC brainstormed names of people to ask to set on the Selection Panel based on the requirements of AMC 2.29.100 which requires a mix of art professionals and enthusiasts, neighbors of the proposed installation and city staff.  The following names were proposed:
Pam Hammond neighbor of the project and served on the Beautification Committee
Sandra Slattery neighbor of the project
Scott Fleury city staff
Carlos Delgado architect
Christopher Acebo scenic designer OSF
Scott Malbaurn artist and director of the Schneider Museum
Jennifer Longshore art history professor at SOU
PAC members will contact the above names to determine if they are willing to participate.
Artist Presentation
Monday, July 31 Artist will present his concepts to the community (Selection Panel will be required to attend this presentation)
Tuesday, August 1 Artist will present to the City Council
Friday, August 4 Selection Panel will meet to determine the preferred concept
September 5 City Council will determine which concept to approve. 
The Historic Commission will be notified of the artist presentation and the date of the City Council meeting for concept selection.
Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.
Next meeting date:
May 19

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