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Agendas and Minutes

Tree Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Thursday, December 06, 2001

Ashland Tree Commission
Minutes, December 6, 2001

Call to Order - The meeting was called to order at 5:15 p.m. by Chairperson Rich Whitall. Additional commissioners in attendance were Bryan Holley, January Jennings, Greg Covey, Dan Moore and Tom Peil. Staff in attendance was Robbin Pearce.

Approval of Minutes - Minutes for the November 8, 2001 meeting were approved with corrections.

Welcome Guests - Bob Kendrick, Library Project Manager was present to give an update. Elizabeth Schaefer, Willow Dean and Tina Jones - all Brooks Lane residents as well as Anita Nevison of Birchwod Lane were present to discuss the East Village project. And, Russ Dale, developer of the East Village project attended. John Freedom was also in attendance.

Bob Kendrick, the City's project manager for the library project gave a brief history of his experience and outlined the existing conditions for tree protection at the library project site.

Topics discussed included: excessive or not excessive limb pruning on the deodar cedar; impact of the condition of the existing retaining wall; impact of the change of the site conditions on the trees and the need for serious monitoring of specifically the cedar but also all the trees on this site; who is making recommendations for work to be done to the trees and who is actually doing the work; inconsistencies of tree protection fencing during periods of work within the dripline.

Specifications or 'means & methods' for trenching was also discussed. Staff will research what specification public works uses on city projects.

The Commission stated the primary concern now is the root systems of the existing trees, and the impact of the change in drainage. Rich Whitall asked for a consultation with the/an arborist.

Bob stated his appreciation for the 'extra eyes' on the project and he let the commissioners know he is available to them at any time to address their concerns.

Old Business

  1. Tree Ordinance - Staff is currently working on the press release. Commissioners will have the opportunity to review the press release before it goes to press. Talking points were discussed with the following assignments:
  2. Rich Whitall Homeowner Issues

    Bryan Holley Development Issues

    Tom Peil Professional Issues

    Greg Covey Public Lands Issues

    Questions will returned to staff as soon as possible. The talking points will be presented as a coversheet to the ordinance and will be mailed out to the established list as well as being available and/or by request.

  3. Recommended Street Tree List - Commissioners will review the completed document with a fine-toothed comb. Covers will be discussed at the next meeting.
  4. Jackson County Smart Map - Staff informed commissioners of the data that is available through Engineering Department's GIS database. Greg Covey will be the contact person for this project.
  5. Other - 1) Siskiyou Redesign Project - January Jennings reported the plan shows only three trees being removed; all of which are worthy candidates for removal. Dan Moore expressed concerns for the health of the existing parkrow trees and the lack of traffic-calming effect of the proposed trees. January will update again in January.

New Business

  1. Site Review: Planning Action 2002-117 (East Village/Russ Dale) Recommendation: 1) For over-all health of the tree canopy incorporate more species diversity of street trees. 2) Considering alternatives to proposed maples if you want very drought tolerant trees on this site. 3) Use backyard "buffer trees" along east side of development to screen Chataqua Trace and other properties. 4) Concentrate plant materials that encourage wildlife in the wetlands area.
  2. Proposed Rewording of Ordinance: Tree Height Required Clearance - The Electric department requested a letter of support for a change in the wording of the ordinance which defines height clearance. The Commissioners requested a representative from the Electric Department attend the March meeting to discuss the issue.
  3. Other - 1) The Street department requested a letter of support on tree clearance issues. Rich Whitall will draft a letter of support. 2) Staffing - Staff presented a comparison of staff time, staff hours and budgets for all city commissions. Bryan Holley will draft a letter to request additional support.


Adjournment - Meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm

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