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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

November 1, 2016
Members Present: Lincoln Zeve, George Schoen, Bob Skinner, Alan DeBoer, William Butler, and Susan Moen (9:42 am)
Members Absent: Alex Censor, Bill Skillman, Sherm Lucas, David Wolske, and Mike Morris
Staff: Kaylea Kathol and Kyndra Irigoyen
Staff Absent: Scott Fleury
Guests: Mike Bull (Century West Engineering), James Love (KenCarin Landscape Architects), and Daniel (JLC).

3.APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion to approve the minutes, first by Schoen and Seconded by Moen. All approved.  
A.FBO Lease: Fleury submitting to attorney.
B.Action Item List:
1.Riparian Restoration: No changes.
2.Paving dirt areas around the hangars: No changes.
3.Hangar enclosure project: RFP is complete, not enough money in the budget for this. Skinner said American Industrial and Door gave us a proposal. Butler will follow up with Fleury about this item to see if it needs to go out for bid.
4.ODA inspection improvement and tie down chain repairs: Almost complete.
5.Paint on surface: New sign is complete. Plan is to relocate the old the sign in front of the FBO. Painting is complete. Need to find contractor to kill weeds. No Parking signs that were painted are not sufficient. Fire extinguisher casings were damaged during wind storm and need to be replaced.
6.Security Camera System Improvements: No changes.
7.Storage Box: No changes.
8.Crack seal and weed spraying project: None.
9.Tree topping project: None.
10.Webcams: Discussed earlier in meeting.
11.Entry road: 40 foot trees are too high, need to find smaller trees.  
12.Runway safety area: Gopher holes have been graded in.
C.Airport Website Development: IT Department said public computers cannot access these because they are on a private network. Kathol will find out who we can hire to get this taken care of.
D.ODA Grant Application: None.
E.Entry Road Landscape Design: Consultant presented landscape design to commission and will email the attachment to Kathol to distribute to the commission. The proposed trees are too high and will need to identify smaller trees instead.
A.Airport Good Neighbor Items: None.
B.Hangar Rental Policy Discussion (Commercial definition): Keep two lists for commercial and non-commercial hangars. The commercial list will have priority when a hanger becomes available. When a hangar becomes available, email everyone on the list to see if they are still interested in renting a hangar. If multiple people want the hangar, the hangar will go to whoever has the most seniority on the list.
Definition: Commercial hanger is anything we charge per square foot.
C.Hangar Inspection & non-complying use: A copy of the inspections were emailed to the tenant and to Skinner. Re-inspections will be in early December. Some of the main issues were with fire extinguishers and extension cords. Other issues included clutter, housekeeping, and one hangar had five buckets of uncovered oil inside. Skinner overall, they were happy with the inspections. Fire extinguishers are required at 100 ft. intervals.
D.Master Plan RFP – Commission Representative: None.
  1. Attached: Last month there was an issue with a fuel truck parking too close to the fuel island, with regards to the exhaust. Typical limits for fuel, is to not be within 50 ft. of something flammable. Butler will research appropriate limits.
Water Labs contacted Skinner regarding storm water testing and compliance. Skinner said they were cheaper and offered more. Kathol will follow up with Fleury on this item.
Currently we have four empty hangars. One was a City T-hangar and the other two used to be referred to as the Schaefer group. One is owned by Marty Jacobson’s, who does not own an airplane anymore; the hangar is empty and has his bikes and boat inside.
  1. Maintenance Updates: None.
A.Brown Bag: Butler gave an overview of the meeting.
B.Transportation Commission: Butler said it sounds like the downtown redesign is a dead issue. Their new project is to create a shared road on Glenview Drive. 
C.Medford Airport: None.
    1. Butler informed the commission that Alex Censor has submitted his resignation.
NEXT MEETING DATE:  December 6, 2016 beginning at 9:30 AM
ADJOURN:  Meeting adjourned at 11:03 AM
Respectfully submitted,
Kyndra Irigoyen
Administrative Assistant
Public Works Department


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