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Bee City USA Minutes 7/11/2016

Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016 (postponed from June 14)
North Mountain Park Nature Center
620 North Mountain Ave. 
12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. 
Kristina welcomed everyone.
In attendance – Shari Shattuck, Kristina Lefever, Libby VanWyhe, Mike Gardiner, Brigette Cooke
There was a reminder to change the title from Agenda to Minutes.
Mike moved to approve, Shari seconded. Minutes approved. 
Review Action Items – Everything is done
Open Forum-No public forum
  1. Discuss status of and marketing for BCU-A Approved Pollinator Gardens - Libby, Kristina * (see attachment)-Discussed attachment.
Kristina shared the new pollinator garden sign for residents nominated to be a BCU Ashland recognized pollinator garden, garden. To attach signs, it was decided that we will ask people to drill their own holes so they can customize how they hang their signs.  
Kristina – Discussed what they’d done up to this point to market the pollinator garden nomination process. She and Shari shared the nomination process at their class on June 12th “Growing Pollinator Gardens” at pollinator week, and with an article in the Daily Tidings. They tabled at the Growers Market, and it was well received.
Kristina – for future Marketing-
             Kristina to invite the two New Members to participate in tabling events or pollinator garden approval.
   Kristina to post to Ashland Garden Club Facebook page
   Kristina to write a shortened version of the City Source Article
   Libby will send to City Source
   Brigette to post the BCU approved garden sign on Bulletin Boards
   Libby to post to Facebook re: pollinator gardens
   Libby print 2 copies of the Nomination Form
.Libby- mentioned that folks who drop off their applications really like to talk about their gardens. She suggested that perhaps we have a gathering of gardeners at the Nature Center in the future so they could talk with each other. Perhaps send photos ahead of time for a slideshow? Potluck?
  1. Develop a procedure for Pollinator Garden review, approval, and recognition - Libby
   At the time of the meeting, we had 11 applications, 13 once Mike and Kristina do one each.
            Libby suggested we scan the Nomination Apps into a file and send to committee for approval.
It was discussed that the committee hold the signs themselves so they would have them on hand when they visit a garden.
   Libby & Brigette to scan the Nom Apps and give to Shari & Kristina
   We will maintain contacts list spreadsheet
Shari asked if all three members were required to visit a garden for approval.
Mike suggested everyone was not necessary, that whoever was available can visit the gardens.
   People from committee visit the gardens for approval and give signs on the spot. Then send back the info to L & B to update the spreadsheet. Visit to garden should be a 2 week turnaround time between receiving application and visiting the garden.
For future discussion - Eventually having a database, so that perhaps next year do a garden tour as a community program similar to the Green & Solar Tour.
            Kristina mentioned she had a started a contact spreadsheet of interested volunteer persons.
   Kristina to send interested contacts to Libby & Brigette
Libby shared the excitement she received from Talent, specifically Dolly Warden. She liked the Pollinator Garden Nomination idea. She thought that perhaps we can share sign and application and modify them.
Kristina preferred that they get their own Talent sign as she does not want to share the image but was ok with sharing the Nomination App. Mike and Shari thought it didn’t matter whether they used the image, but just change out name. Kristina made it clear that she did not want the same image used.  Libby gave Kristina Dolly’s information to contact. 
  1. Present updated list of PC-friendly practices to discuss with Parks Maintenance - Shari, Kristina
Kristina shared a document to group to discuss with Parks. Mike asked if the document was “recommendations?”
Kristina read some of the example document. A document recommending Best Pesticide practices.  
Libby suggested we get clear on the content of the communication. Some aspects it looks like a friendly email, and in some aspects it looks like a formal document in which we are itemizing ideas that we want Parks to adopt.   Libby felt we should pick an approach. She suggested shorter and more to the point.
Mike suggested we make it more formal. Mike said BCU Ashland is part of Parks Commission. So Libby suggested maybe using a Parks commission letterhead with Bee City logo on it as well. Kristina agreed.   
Kristina-thought maybe it would be good to send communications in the City Source, or some kind of newsletter to the community if the PC practices are adopted. Saying this is what we do, and inspiring others.
Mike suggested we start with Bruce. We would have to make the recommendations first. Then to let them respond to the request. Allow staff to discuss it. Then staff would decide how to present it to the commission for discussion. It’s possible some practices will be adopted. He suggested it would take some time, labor, extra expense weighing out the benefits, and possible costs. Perhaps 6 months from now it will be on the Parks Commission agenda. At that point, let’s see what’s possible for policy changes. Mike thinks this discussion is timely.  He said we constantly are looking at revising policies as many can be not necessarily obsolete, but out-dated.
Libby also recommended possibly a formal letter, printed and signed, and cc’d to Michael Black. Ask if he would like it sent to other commissioners and let staff decide if they should rewrite the policy. Maybe as a courtesy ask Mr. Black if it was ok to send it to staff members such as Bruce.
Mike agreed, and notifying Michael Black that “this is coming your way” is appropriate. 
Kristina also mentioned that she would like to have areas that are not mowed, such as areas with blooming clover and a sign explaining the purpose behind manicured areas.
Libby suggested adding that as an item in the formal letter of recommendations. 
   Libby will confirm whether we should be sending the recommendations to the commission as well?** She will find out who to cc in the letter and get back to Kristina.
   Shari & Kristina to edit the letter & put it in letter head**
   Then, Kristina to send recommendations to Bruce and Michael **
  1. Review applications for BCU-A prospective community members - Libby
We received two applications for BCU-A new subcommittee members, one came in after the deadline. 
Albert Pepe- (early applicant)
Karen Potts-. (late after deadline applicant)
Libby read both applicants’ experiences and times available
Everyone agreed that we’d try to recruit both new members
   Libby invite both new committee member applicants and start an email thread
   Kristina to invite the two New Members to participate in tabling events or pollinator garden approval
  1. Discussion of BCU-A Budget items, including BCU-A materials purchased to date - Kristina / Libby ** (see attachment)
Kristina- there is a budget of $1,000.
Libby explained that Susan Dyssegard had set up a line item for BCU-Ashland in the Ashland Parks Foundations account.
Shari reminded us that the $10 for the sign is a “suggested donation” and not everyone has paid.
  Kristina thought we would need to get more signs.
  Shari thought we should wait to get signs until we actually needed them.
 Mike recommended the sub-committee keep a spreadsheet on expenditures to keep track of the     $1,000 budget.
  Libby to create a spreadsheet for BC USA Budget tracking
Banner $55
25 signs $285
Shutterstock $29
Parade entry $25
Pollinator Conference donation $100
Kristina asked if we should talk about future expenditures. T-shirts were discussed, but thought they’d wait till next year budget. She wanted to know if they should budget for snacks. She thought we should have snacks just in case.
Libby thought it might be wise to not peg money for snacks at this point for a “just in case scenario.” She suggested we should perhaps wait until we have something that we know we need to spend it.  She said budgetary discussions can come after we have our goal setting meeting, narrow our goals and that would help us decide how best to use the budget.
Mike agreed.
Kristina asked if she could use a table.
Libby said we do and she could use it if NMP wasn’t using it for programs.
  1. Discuss possible additional objectives to add to list of goals and objectives for BCU-Ashland – Kristina ***
Kristina said she would like to rework list and assign code numbers #1 or #2 for our two goals. 
            (1, Educate -2, Encourage Pollinator friendly landscape) for next time.
Libby suggested when we have a full committee we could add one or two action items to each of those goals.
Kristina, on behalf of BCU-A, would like to recognize Lori Ainsworth, for her volunteer efforts.  It is because of her dedicated team that we don’t need use pesticides. 
Libby said yes, that is why Lori’s position exists.
Kristina has concerns about volunteers and not knowing what’s going on, and she would like to Market BCU-Ashland through VIP (volunteer in parks program). Kristina said she did not get many emails from Lori for volunteer opportunities. 
Libby explained how Lori contacted volunteers – they are contacted by what the volunteer said is their interest on their original application. She does not send every volunteer opportunity to everyone in her data base.   
Libby suggested we get the list of people interested in BCU Ashland activities and gardens on the Guide Contacts list. 
Libby explained how we advertise programs and events.  Dorinda’s press plan includes press releases, as well as quarterly, monthly and weekly communications with specific press outlets. We also use the Recreation Guide, multiple online community calendars, and our Facebook page.
  Brigette to add BCU contacts to guide hardcopy mailing list
            Kristina- asked if we should possibly Print T-Shirts, for volunteers tabling events and sub-committee members.
Mike said maybe check out the price, and then decide if we want to use the budget for that. 
Kristina wants to add – BCU-Ashland Movie night, to the goals list. 
Libby suggested submitting a request for proposal for a free movie night through community programs and it would be in the Guide an event. Perhaps at SOU. It will get publicized. We already have the fall guide in production so next would be winter spring.
  Kristina will submit a pollinator movie night as a free community program in the winter spring guide
Kristina spoke about getting a pollinator garden at the grove and she’d like to involve Water Conservation department.
Mike said maybe after we get the garden in or have the plans then may ask Water what they think.
  Mike will get in touch with Bruce about the plants in front of the grove. Mike will ensure that we are told when tear-out can happen for replanting.
Kristina would also like a Monarch pledge-signed by the Mayor and add that to our goals list.
Mike wanted us to know that the Mayor can’t sign a pledge without city council. 
Libby-First impression, he has already showed his support. By accepting the subcommittee he has shown his intent.
Mike wanted to know what the Monarch Pledge is.
Kristina said it’s just a pledge the Mayor signs saying that the City will do certain things.
Mike said if he signs a pledge then he’ll be bound  
Shari said he would probably have go through council.
Kristina discussed the letter that BCU-A wants to send to the city council about Spraying of Delta Guard.
Shari suggested we focus on getting the word out to the community that individuals may be concerned about spraying Delta Guard. Or better yet, educating the community on using different practices each citizen can do to curtail mosquito – in other words our focus and be on informing the public. 
Mike suggested Letters to the editor. Possibly signed by BCU? 
  1. Review BCU calendar for 2016 (see attachment)
            Salmon Fest-
            Libby suggested that they maybe come up with an activity at that tabling event.
            Kristina wants to have a meeting in Sept.
  Libby to schedule a doodle poll for next meeting
  Mike will show the signs & bring it up at the July commission meeting & city council

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