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Public Art Commission

Friday, January 15, 2016

Public Art Commission
January 15, 2016
Commissioners: Garrington, Merchant, Bussell, Newman, Friend, Lemhouse (council liaison) Seltzer (staff),
Michael Dawkins, Brent Thompson, Eric Warren, Irene Kai, Max Reinhardt, Robert Brown-Block
Minutes of the December meeting were approved with corrections.
Citizen Issues
World Peace Flame
Irene Kai requested the Public Art Commission consider commissioning a World Peace Flame sculpture for the Gateway Island.  She presented a packet which included a letter to the Mayor and Council, her resume and two photos of the World Peace Flame in Wales. The PAC thanked her for her interest and explained that opportunities for the Gateway Island project closed in March of 2014 and therefore the group would not be able to consider her proposal.
Entry Signs
Eric Warren provided a recap of the process and various entry sign designs to date.  He confirmed the PAC’s preference for the brushed aluminum letters, the font and wording and the discussion about the various pedestal designs.
Warren presented a new pedestal design which shows a flat front with cutouts of the mountain surrounding Ashland at the top.  The new design has the previously agreed upon letters on the front of the base. Warren noted that the lettering is contemporary, sculptural and the mountains give a “sense of place” and geography into the concept.
Both Brent Thompson and Michael Dawkins, members of the Beautification Committee, like the new design and recommend moving it forward to the Council for approval.
The PAC also likes the new design and the flat fronted base.
Lemhouse likes the design but suggests including a second option for public comment at First Friday.
Discussion about First Friday
Friend covered the outreach and set up for First Friday.
  1. Outreach:
    1. January City Source (done)
    2. Newsletter sent to all Art Center members (done)
    3. News Release (Seltzer will send a news release and post the release on the city’s website closer to the date and send the information to all city commission members
  2. Set up
    1. Warren will assist with creating flyers and information board to be placed either outside the Art Center or inside the Art Center on First Friday.
    2. Garrington and Friend will meet at the art center to set up the display.  Warren will assist but not remain for the event
    3. Station Attendance Schedule includes:
      1. Garrington and Friend from 4:00 – 6:00 (Seltzer will bring comment forms, pens and nametags at 4:00)
      2. Bussell and Merchant from 6:00 – 7:00
      3. Newman and Reinhardt from 7:00 – 8:00 (includes taking down the display area, collecting the comments, pens etc. and returning to Seltzer)
The group asked that the display options be labeled (A, B, C) so that folks can reference the option in their comments.
The PAC agreed to hold a special meeting on Monday, February 8 to review the public input from First Friday and to vote on a recommendation to the City Council.  The recommendation will be on the February 16 council agenda. 
Discussion about Council decision on Gather
Lemhouse began the discussion explaining that he did not feel that a yes or no vote would have passed and he felt that the motion honored the recommendation of the PAC to use Susan Zoccola. 
Garrington commented that while initially she was disappointed, she is now at peace with the Council decision and even happy and eager to move forward with Susan and a second concept.
She explained that she has spoken with Susan who has agreed to do a second concept and she has stated the second concept must still meet the project intent described in the RFQ.  Lemhouse confirmed that was the intent of the council motion.  Margaret has provided Lemhouse and the Mayor with a draft of the letter and will send it to Susan once she hears back.  She confirmed that it is the Council’s intent to have the second concept bypass the PAC and go directly to Council.  Some members of the PAC feel it is important for the PAC to review the second concept in order to ensure it meets the criteria stated in the RFQ and the criteria in the ordinance.  Lemhouse will speak with the Mayor and suggest asking for PAC input as it relates to the criteria.
Seltzer has prepared the contract for $3,500 for Susan and will send it next week.
The group discussed sending a letter from the PAC to the Council expressing their support of the motion and moving forward with Susan.  Friend and Garrington will work on a draft letter to be sent to Lemhouse who will read it at an upcoming council meeting.
Watershed Art Group
Dana provided an overview of the Watershed Art Group Call for Artists and noted the WAG is interested in ephemeral pieces.  They are aware that there are inherent challenges installing art adjacent to the trails because of the difficulties accessing the area with large equipment.
Dana answered questions posed by the group and will ask the WAG to make the following changes:
  1. The first two sentences should read: A selection panel created by the City of Ashland Public Arts Commission, and including members of the Watershed Art Group will review all submissions.  The panel will review and recommend based on the following criteria:
  2. The last bullet in that section should read: Appropriateness to the mission of the Watershed Art Group (eliminate reference the City Public Arts Commission).
Dana will provide the corrections to WAG.
  • Seltzer to send current bios of PAC members to the group (use the bios Garrington provided to the Council)
  • Seltzer will send the most current draft of the Theater Corridor RFQ to the PAC (this item will be on the February 19 agenda)
  • Seltzer will request Garrington be placed on the Historic Commission agenda for February
It was noted that Max will be appointed to the PAC, with council approval, at the January 19 council meeting.  Robert is meeting with the Mayor on February 3 and will likely be appointed to the PAC at the February 16 meeting.
Upcoming Dates
February 5, First Friday 5:00 at the Ashland Art Center
February 8, Special meeting to make a recommendation on the entry signs
February 16 Council meeting
February 19 Regular PAC meeting
Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

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