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Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

ASHLAND FOREST LANDS COMMISSION November 14, 2001 4:30 – 6:00 PM MINUTES MEMBERS PRESENT: Frank Betlejewski, Fred Binnewies, Richard Brock, Joe Charter, Jo Anne Eggers, Stephen Jensen, Bill Robertson (Chair}, John Morrison (Council Liaison) Members Absent: None Staff: Keith Woodley, Karl Johnson, Nancy Slocum Guests: None I. CALL TO ORDER AT 4:35 PM II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: October 10 minutes approved with one minor addition. III. ITEMS FOR DISCUSSION: A. Review of Commission Goals – Jensen had edited the October 10th draft; making terminology consistent throughout. Commission reviewed this final draft and made a few revisions. Final Goals and Strategies were approved unanimously and dated this day. B. Continued Discussion of Stand Density Reduction on City Owned Forest Lands – Subcommittee (Robertson, Brock, Betlejewski, Woodley and Main) meet October 30th to discuss presentation to City council during one of their study sessions. Brock presented a draft proposal and Robertson commended his efforts. Brock believes the stand density reduction could be done relatively inexpensively. The core of the decision making is a design elements general approach versus a unit-by-unit approach after which the project will be turned over to Marty Main. Brock explained the three distinct “landscape locations” in the City forest lands ownership; 1) the dry steep brushy slopes at the north end, 2) the large area of variable slopes with young forest between Granite Street and Reeder Reservoir and 3) the Winburn parcel which is centrally located in the Watershed with a diversity of vegetation including some old growth conifer forest. Activities in these locations will also be based on eco-type (pine-dominated type, dry Douglas fir type, moist Douglas fir type and riparian transition zones. Decisions for the commission to consider (subject to Council approval) include the thinning of in draws and geologically sensitive zones, thinning old growth stands on Winburn and the level of overall thinning (very light, light, moderate, fairly heavy) and the tradeoffs involved within each. Robertson said that the decisions would be based on whether stand density reduction would be completed conservatively (lasting 8-10 years), heavy (approximately 40 years) or somewhere in between. He would like to make a site visit to the different landscape locations. The commission agreed. Eggers asked that City Council, staff, the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary be invited as well. Woodley suggested adding to the council proposal including a brief discussion of the methods used to cover objectives, how roads would be utilized and a discussion of removal options including helicopter removal. Regarding site visit: Main said it was possible to mark larger trees and explain why they were chosen. He described a couple of more reasons to cut larger trees including age. Brock would like to avoid setting limits on size and instead leave the largest healthiest trees and remove the weakest and smallest trees. Main stated there where two main goal categories: forest protection goals (the main objective) and forest restoration goals. Binnewies left meeting at 5:40 PM Brock asked Woodley if any federal or state money was available for city land for mapping spotted owl locations. Woodley replied that funding was never applied for. Main suggested talking to Fred Way of the Forest Service who has been supportive of stand density reduction. He added that a frame of reference is important for wildlife management. Robertson suggested the commission read over Brock’s draft proposal and pass comments to Brock who will pass it on to Slocum for final formatting and inclusion in next month’s packet. REPORTS – None. IV. OTHER BUSINESS – A. Discussion on timing and attendees to the City-owned forest lands site visit. It was agreed to hold the visit Sunday, December 16th beginning at 9:00 AM and meet at the Winburn parcel (corner of Granite and Glenview). Commission requested visiting the three types of city owned forest landscape and perhaps have the trees marked with different colored ribbons representing different degrees of thinning. They requested a GIS unit map and a digital camera. The commission would also like Slocum to invite the Mayor, Business owner Michael Gibbs, the president of the Chamber and the Rotary, the Daily Tidings, JPR, Marty Main and Jeff MacFarland. B. Main displayed an overhead showing units and their relative density. C. Commission asked to be placed on the City Council’s January study session agenda. VI. ADJOURNED AT 6:15 PM

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