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Regular Meeting

Friday, July 17, 2015

Public Art Commission
Regular Meeting
July 17, 2015
Commissioners: Garrington, Bussell, Clark, Newman, Merchant, Friend, Lemhouse (Council Liaison) Seltzer (staff),
Brandon Goldman
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. 
Minutes of the June 19 meeting were approved.
Utility Box Test Program
Clark has been in contact with Justin at Sign Dude in Medford.  The cost of the ‘wrap” is $10 - $12 per square foot.  The life span of wraps is 5 to 10 years and can be removed using an application of heat.
Brandon Goldman provided a general overview on the use of photographic images.  As long as the City is not asking for exclusive rights for the use of an image a reasonable compensation to the photographer would be $50 to $100.  He explained that taking a two dimensional image and transferring it to a three dimensional utility box will require a higher aptitude of the use of Photoshop.  He suggested that the PAC use a graphic designer to create a template of the utility box and provide the designer with the image to be transferred to the box.  This would create continuity and provide the sign company with a direct line of communication regarding the image, resolution and pixel requirements   Goldman also suggested creating a signature image of 3” x 5” that can be dropped onto the image to appear on a lower right corner.  This would include the name of the artist, name of the image and the installation date.
Goldman provided the PAC with five image options for the test box on Granite Street.  
Friend motioned the PAC use “Leaf City” as the test image.  Bussell seconded the motion and the motion passed.
The PAC feels developing a utility box wrap program will provide more opportunities to both photographers and artists and offer opportunities to wrap boxes in areas outside of the downtown core.  It was noted that the program could cost a few hundred dollars more than the current cost of $500 per utility box.
RFQ Welcome Signs
The PAC reviewed the three submissions of graphic designers that responded to the RFQ. The group noted that RDG included a sign manufacturer and installer and the other two submissions did not.  While some felt the RGD examples were too corporate looking others felt that the other two submissions were not the quality they were looking for.
Friend motioned the PAC select the Rogue Design Group with Steve Morgan of Designer Signs, LLC as the designer for the Welcome Signs.  Garrington seconded, motion passes.
Next Steps:
The PAC will have a special meeting on Friday, August 28 to meet with the designer and members of the Downtown Beautification Committee.
Discussion of RFQ for Theater Corridor
Garrington recently attended the Americans for the Arts conference in Chicago and provided the PAC with her observations and lessons learned about working with professional artists on public art installation.  She confirmed that an RFQ is the best process.
The PAC noted a few changes to the current draft RFQ.  Seltzer will make the changes and post the RFQ November 1 with a deadline of December 31.
Notification of the dedication of “Fall Splendor”
The PAC reviewed the list of notification opportunities and assignments.  Seltzer will post information on the City’s website and submit information to the Daily Tidings, the Chamber and ask the Mayor to make an announcement at the City Council meeting and invite the park Commission and City Council.  Friend will make an announcement to Rotary, Newman will send an email to AGA members and Clark will notify AAC members.
Review of Calendar
The PAC reviewed upcoming calendar dates and agreed it is helpful to review the calendar at each meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

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