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Agendas and Minutes

Tree Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Thursday, October 04, 2001

Ashland Tree Commission
October 4th, 2001


Call to Order - The meeting was called to order at 5:20pm by Chair Rich Whitall. Additional in attendance included January Jennings, Bryan Holley and Tom Peil. Council liaison Cameron Hanson, Parks liaison Donn Todt and staff Robbin Pearce were also in attendance.

Approval of Minutes - Minutes were approved with corrections.

Old Business

  1. Dan's letter of support for the position of City Arborist - The letter will be amended and Dan Moore will sign the letter as representative of the Tree Commission. Staff will be sure all City councilors receive copies. Eric is almost ready to get his arborist license.
  2. Bike/Ped Project Update - Scott Johnson, Electric Department and Dan Nichols, Facilities Manager had City crews begin the bike path cleanup. Bryan Holley has contacted Ken Kigel Assistant Principal at Ashland High School to coordinate school involvement. The charter school students might be available next Spring. Bryan has also been in contact with Kerry Green, Chair of the Bike/Ped committee and Bryan will work on Marketing the project to the newspaper.
  3. Tree Ordinance - Bryan Holley got his review notes to John MacLaughlin last week. The Commission asked that the corrections be made available electronically midmonth so the Commissioners can prepare their comments and additions before the November meeting. Bryan Holley explained the solar ordinance process in an effort to decide if the Tree Commission should develop language to require property owners to keep trees for canopy (shade). Additional discussion included (RW) mitigation being brief and yet broad with lots of leverage: size, tree banks, increasing survival rate (pg 8 - draft) to 3 years; or size beyond 1 1/2 inch caliper; wording for volume replacement; (DT) funding for openspace and knowing the trees will come - tie the wording together; (CH) presenting trees of 'prominent stature' that we have lost in the past couple of years (RP) lost & saved trees should be presented; (JJ) encouraging habitat trees. Staff was asked to email 1)list of assignments 2)email the draft - midmonth 3) be sure those not in attendance get Donn Todt's article and Bryan Nelson's email on Heritage Trees.

The timeline created was:

    • assignments completed -- ASAP
    • corrections from Mac -- mid-month
    • language inserts -- November meeting
    • draft to Planning Commission -- Nov/Dec study session/public input (if necessary)
    • to City Council -- January
  1. Recommended Street Tree List - Staff is waiting for the list to come back from the typesetter. The final draft should be ready for the November meeting.
  2. Library Project Update - The Cypress at the northeast corner of the building had surface roots that needed to be removed in order to access and water proof the basement. The trees are being watered every couple of weeks with soakers. The recommendation was to thin the upper portion of the tree in order to minimize sail. Tom Peil reported he notified the mayor of the situation where the equipment was impacting the rootbase of the deodar. The Mayor had the equipment moved the next day. However, the fencing still has not been replaced. Staff will be sure and contact the Mayor again.
  3. Basin Health Project (Now to be known as the Jackson County Smart Map Project) - Rich Whitall reported the Rogue Basin Restoration Technical Team was unable to find Ashland information. However, the Jackson County Smart Map can look at multiple layers down to lot size and vegetation. The County says the City has all the information we need. Rich will work the City Public Works Department and bring more information to the next meeting.
  4. Other - There was no additional old business.

New Business

  1. Site Reviews - There were no site reviews this month.
  2. Other - 1) Donn Todt presented an article "What is a Tree Worth?" which he felt has some good information to add to the list. 2) Terry Skibby will be at the November meeting to present what he has done.

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

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