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Regular Meeting

Friday, April 17, 2015

Public Art Commission
April 17, 2015
Commissioners: Garrington, Bussell, Friend, Clark, Newman, Lemhouse (council) Seltzer (staff),
Sue Springer, Pam Marsh, Stef Seffinger, Laurel Merchant
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. 
Minutes: Minutes of the March 2015 meeting were approved.
Watershed Art
Marsh explained the purpose of the Watershed Art Group is to develop a greater awareness of the importance of the watershed by placing art along trails.  The group is still developing an overall plan of where art could be placed on trails and related signage.  The group received a grant from the Haines Foundation and commissioned Jeremy Crisswell to create a sculpture of the Pacific Fisher.  The Watershed Art Group requests the Public Art Commission accept the sculpture as a gift and incorporate the piece into the public art inventory.
Springer explained that the piece is constructed of rebar, cement and ceramic glass with a cement base and weighs about 800 pounds.  The group is eager for the Public Art Commission to be involved early with future art commissions so that quality of art and placement meets the standards of the PAC. 
PAC requested the following information:
  1. Where is this first piece of art to be sited and who is the property owner?
  2. How is it to be installed with installation drawings that satisfied city engineering requirements/review by city engineer for structural integrity and liability concerns.
  3. What is the source of funding for the installation?
  4. What is the proposed signage?
  5. Provide a maintenance and durability statement from the artist.
The PAC also requested information related to the next phase for watershed art.
  1. Art hike siting plan showing the proposed trail, locations for art and property ownerships
  2. Selection plan for future art pieces and involvement of the PAC in selection process
  3. Communication with other overseeing agencies concerning fire danger, locations for art, trail identification, and possible conflicts of interest?
The Watershed Art G will submit the above information for PAC review for an upcoming meeting.  Clark will be the liaison from the PAC to the Watershed Art Group.
Utility Boxes
Clark has researched utility box art in other communities and provided the group with information about how the program is run in other communities.  Of particular interest was the use of photographs on the boxes.  Photographs are selected and printed on 2 mil vinyl and shrink wrapped onto the utility boxes.
Clark contacted two sign companies in Medford who report the cost of the vinyl and shrink wrap is approximately $10-$12 per square foot.   One company offered to prepare a sample for the PAC.  Seltzer will ask the electric department to provide a box to use in the experiment.
Clark will develop a proposal for a similar program in Ashland to replace the current utility box program.
Calendar Review
The PC reviewed the schedule of meetings through the end of the year.  They agreed to a special meeting for Friday, April 24 and potentially two additional meetings this summer.  Given the volume of work, the group agreed to set the deadline for the Theatre Corridor project for January 2016.
Welcome Signs
The RFQ for the Welcome Signs has been published and provided to a number if designers.  Newman suggested posting the RFQ on Portland Creative List.  Seltzer will follow through.
Theatre Corridor
Garrington reported the Council approved a request for $75,000 for the public art project along the Theatre Corridor.  Lemhouse complemented Margaret on her presentation to the Council and the advances made by the PAC over the past few years.  Garrington will take photos of the area and Seltzer will secure a map of the location.  These will be added to the RFQ for posting later this summer.
Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

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