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Agendas and Minutes

Tree Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Thursday, May 03, 2001

Ashland Tree Commission
May 3, 2001


 Call to Order - The meeting was called to order at 5:05 p.m. by acting Chair January Jennings. Commissioners present included Bryan Nelson, Bryan Holley, Greg Covey, Rich Whitall, Council Liaison and staff Robbin Pearce. Commissioners not in attendance included Tom Piel and Dan Moore, Planning liaison Kerry Kencairn and Parks liaison Donn Todt.

Welcome Guests - Guests included Cate Hartzell, City Councilor, Brandon and Kevin from the Oil Stop Project, Tom Giordano and Martha Wilhelm for the Scenic Avenue project, John Galbraith and Keith Woodley for the Fire Station Project and Scott Allison for the Beswick project.

Approval of Minutes - Minutes were approved with changes

Old Business:

    1. Community Forum - It was agreed the program format would be as follows:
    • Introduction (Moderator - Robbin Pearce - 10 minutes) greeting, general purpose, introduction of commissioners and staff, councilors, planning commissioners.
    • PowerPoint part I - (Dan and team - January, Bryan, Bryan and Rich - 15 minutes)
    • Video and Commentary (Donn Todt - 15 minutes)
    • PowerPoint part II - (Dan and team - 15 minutes)
    • Break into Issue Groups (Table Captains - 10 minutes per table - 40 minutes)
    • Reconvene & Recap (Robbin - 15 minutes)
    • Last slide for Closure
    • Issue Tables -- Captains
Tree Removal on Private Property -- January Jennings
Tree Removal at Development Sites -- Bryan Holley
Mitigation & Penalties -- John McLaughlin
How will the new ordinance give more protection to trees? -- Rich Whitall

Each captain will prepare a Current and Proposed Comparison with the rest of the time used for discussion and to list issues.

The Issue Survey will be handed out at the beginning of the meeting when people sign in and they will be asked to fill it out before they leave. The questions on the survey will be:

    • In order to protect our urban forest is it appropriate to regulate tree removal on public and private property?
    • Are you in favor of a tree ordinance that offers more protection for trees?
    • Would you support:
    • Strong penalty
    • Moderate penalty
    • No penalty for violation of the ordinance?
    • What do you think the minimum size should be for regulating tree protection? Draft language requires 12" dbh (diameter at breast height or 52" from ground level). Circle one: 4" 6" 8" 12" 18"
    • Should the City be held to the same standards as the public?
    • Are you in favor of mitigation funds going into a community tree project fund?

Bryan Holley's op-ed piece was reviewed and changes submitted. It will be forwarded to the Tidings first thing Friday morning.

Rich Whitall will check and see if he can get some tree cookies to show as examples of sizes. January Jennings will check and see if she can get the Apple Cellar to donate tree cookies as snacks for the Issues tables.

New Business:

  1. Site Reviews
    1. Planning Action 2001-029 - Fire Station - Exchange the Crape myrtle on Siskiyou corner planting with Zelkova to more appropriately fit the space. Add Chanticleer Pear trees to the front plaza area to soften hardscape mass. But allow adequate room for the antique engine to move. Recommend using structural soil in the plaza site. Remove junipers along Siskiyou and replace with fire resistant plantings. Consider offering Staghorn sumac for adoption before construction. Replace Acer plantinoides with Crape myrtles. Add grasses to daylily bed along East Main for drought tolerant balance. Recommend requiring an arborist on site to outline and monitor tree protection process and to submit a report that all work has been completed according to that plan.
    2. Planning Action 2001-032 - Allison on Beswick - Be sure to add an additional street tree next to the driveway on the south. Amend condition 7a requiring soil treatments to allow treatments at the owner's discretion.
    3. Planning Action 2001-040 - Oil Stop - Recommend considering use of Rainbird XT700 rather than proposed process. Good plan.
    4. Planning Action 2001-042 - Multi-family development on Scenic & Rock - Daphne, azalea & rhodies (philadelphus) on the south side seem exposed; might consider alternatives. Consider preserving maximum amount of existing, healthy plant materials on the east side of the project upon consultation with landscape architect.
  2. Other - 1) Bryan Holley suggested an education program for school children would be an essential follow-up to the proposed ordinance. 2) January Jennings submitted her list of corrections for the most recent draft of the Recommended Street Tree List. Staff will insert the corrections, ask for the draft to be reviewed one more time, and hand it off to the person formatting the document.

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

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