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Regular Meeting

Friday, January 16, 2015

Public Art Commission
January 16, 2015
Commissioners: Bussell, Friend, Clark, Newman, Seltzer (staff),
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. 
Minutes: Minutes of the November were approved with corrections
Public Art on the walkway between Earthly Goods and Starbucks
The PAC reviewed the charge recommended by the Beautification Committee and approved by the Council which states “...the piece will be affixed to the outer edge of the city-owned half wall…”.  The group then discussed whether $18,000 was enough money to create a piece to complete that space – the length is about 60 feet by about 20 feet high.  Based on costs of vertical pieces designed, built and installed in other communities the group agreed that the allocated funds was not enough for the entire span of the wall.  Discussion then shifted to a piece that covered just a third of the area 20 Feet long by 20 feet tall and though it might be possible to commission a piece for $25,000 - $30,000.  Seltzer will contact RAAC in Portland for assistance in determining an appropriate budget.
The PAC agreed the piece should be visually interesting day and night, should not incorporate seating, should be a vertical contemporary piece that incorporates lighting, should be visually interesting a eye level and from a distance, should be abstract rather than representative.  They agree that a piece of this magnitude and location should be through the RFQ process rather than the RFP process.
Ultimately, the PAC must inform the City Council that the allocated amount is not sufficient for a piece of high quality plus engineering and installation and request additional funds be allocated.  The PAC will make this decision once they have more information on possible realistic budget.  Seltzer will draft an RFQ for the purpose of PAC review and input.
Artistic Welcome Signs
Seltzer and Friend explained that in April of last year, the Beautification Committee requested the PAC lead the process to commission and install “artistic” welcome signs at three locations.  However, after months of discussion of other projects the Beautification Committee inadvertently did not allocate funds for the project.
The PAC agree that this project is most appropriate as an RFQ and will seek qualifications from graphic designers who have experience in environmental design.  The “winning” designer will be expected to seek input (likely from the Beautification Committee) to determine the objectives of the project, the emotions the signs should evoke, what it should say (reflect) about the community.  Generally, the PAC thinks that an award of between $3500-$5000 is appropriate plus additional funds for the execution and installation of the signs.  PAC will research artistic welcome signs and their costs in other communities .  Seltzer reported the welcome sign in Springfield was $15,000.
The APC will need to inform the City Council and request an allocation of funds for both the designer and fabrication and installation of signs.
Seltzer will draft an RFQ for commission review and input.
Wall Graphic
The PAC approved the memo drafted by Garrington and refined by Friend about possible changes to the sign code as it relates to wall graphics.  Seltzer explained the item is not yet scheduled for the City Council but will include the memo in the packet when the project is scheduled.
Fall Splendor
Seltzer read an update from artist Annette Julian on the progress of the piece Fall Splendor.  The piece will be installed on the upper pedestal of the Calle staircase in June of 2015.
Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

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