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Public Art Commission

Friday, November 21, 2014

Public Art Commission
November 21, 2014
Commissioners: Bussell, Friend, Garrington, Clark, Newman, Seltzer (staff),
Slattery, council liaison
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. 
Garrington welcomed new commissioner Richard Newman to the Public Art Commission.
Minutes: Minutes of the October meeting were approved with corrections
Utility Box A Street and Oak Street
Ann DiSalvo competed her painting of the utility boxes on Pioneer and A Street.  Members of the PAC have reviewed the work and determined that meets the originally proposed design.  Seltzer will initiate the final payment  to DiSalve.
Garrington reported that she and artist Yelena Joy have exchanged emails and hope to meet in December at the box Yelena painted to discuss how the box will be re-painted.
Public Art on the walkway between Earthly Goods and Starbucks
Bussell and Clark had visited the location and developed a list of questions specific to the site.  The group discussed the site and possible installations.  The City has requested a detailed survey of the site.  It was discovered that the wall is a 1928 “party wall”.  Staff is still researching what the terms actually means and if it allows to City to mount directly onto the wall.
Given the size of the space, the PAC also discussed whether it is reasonably possible to commission art for that space for $18,000.  Friend will contact Susan Zocolla and ask about the cost for her installation at the Seattle Center.  If the PAC determines that $18,000 is not enough for that space they will notify the City Council.  They also discussed incorporating light into the sculpture itself using LED rather than separate supplemental light.  Newman suggested looking into projecting light onto the piece.
Generally the group agreed that the piece should be contemporary, interesting during the day and transformed at night using light.
The commission will continue to discuss the vision and preliminary language for an RFP.  Garrington mentioned that she would like to keep the Historic Commission informed about the project and possible requesting the Historic Commission take on the process of naming the walkway.
The group agreed that the Council Chambers is not suitable for the Gateway artists presentation and agreed the large room at the library and the Siskiyou Room were the best locations.  Seltzer will book space at each location: one meeting for mid day and the second late afternoon/evening.
The commission brainstormed possible candidates for the Selection Panel based on the requirements of AMC.
Marlene Alt (SOU)
Sue Springer
Christian Burchard
Matt Small or Bruce Richey
Erica Leppman
Jamie Hutchinson
Denise Baxter
Judy Howard
Amy Blossom
Ted Mularz
PAC members will begin the process to contact possible selection panel members in the next several months.
Wall Graphic
Friend, Garrington and Bussell attended the City Council study session meeting when wall graphics were discussed.  As a follow up to that meeting, Bussell provided a slide show of wall graphics to the PAC.  Generally the group does not consider wall graphics to be art not does it believe that wall graphics fall into the category of murals and does not want to “take on” the responsibility of approving wall graphics.
Garrington presented a draft letter to the City Council about wall graphics.  Seltzer will work with Garrington on expanding the draft letter for PAC review in January.
Future of Utility Box Program
Due to time constraints this item will be on a future agenda.
Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

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