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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Siskiyou Room, 51 Winburn Way
1. Call to Order
Chair Marni Koopman called the meeting to order at 6:02 p.m. in the Siskiyou Room. 
Commissioners Mark Weir, Thomas Beam, Risa Buck, Shel Silverberg, Jim McGinnis, Jim Hartman, Roxane Beigel-Coryell, and Brian Sohl were present. Councilor Rich Rosenthal was absent.
2. Special Introduction
The group welcomed new commissioner, Brian Sohl, and introduced themselves.
3. Consent Agenda
Weir/Buck m/s to approve the minutes of May 28, 2014 as presented. Voice Vote: all approved.
4. Announcements
The next regular meeting will occur on July 23. Group discussed who will likely be absent at that meeting. They reviewed the compost class assignments for the upcoming month; July will be Koopman, August will be Beam, and September will be McGinnis.
Group announced upcoming events including the 4th of July parade, SOU produce sales on Wednesdays during the summer, and school garden work. They also discussed the possibility of applying for a grant through Georgetown University.
Weir/Beam m/s to have staff member Hanks apply for the Georgetown grant. Voice Vote: all approved.
5. Public Forum
The Goal Setting Facilitator, Ken Crocker, introduced himself.
6. Reports and Presentations/Updates
      6.1 Council update: Councilor Rosenthal was not present to provide an update.
      6.2 City Operations: There was no memo in the packet, so no discussion on the City Operations memo.
      6.3 Quarterly Report: N/A
      6.4 Recycle Center Ad-Hoc update: Beigel-Coryell informed the group that the Council agreed to the requested extension of the ad-hoc group. Group briefly discussed the sticker program and the possibility of mandating garbage service. They also discussed the memo in the Council packet and how it relates to where the ad-hoc group is in its discussions.
      6.5 BYOB: Buck read an e-mail from staff member Adam Hanks, regarding the status of the BYOB program. The group would like more information on the requiring of the 10 cent charge on “trinket” bags. It’s not an overall bad idea, but want to know what’s the requirement for retailers to notify customers of the charge. Additionally they want to know more about the planned outreach to the community. They also discussed the desire to have baseline information on current use of plastic/paper/reusable bags so they can determine later if the fee needs to be increased to aid in moving people to reusable bags.
      6.6 Sustainability Sub-Committee: Group discussed current status of the STAR program and gave overview of the history of the program for new member Sohl. Group discussed whether more and clearer information needs to be in the start of the presentation to Council rather than potentially get lost in the appendixes. Group discussed including achievable metrics in the document. Beigel-Coryell reiterated that this program is to be used as a framework for focusing the Council and other groups, but not for specifically telling Council what goals or metrics to require. They agreed to review this program again at the next meeting after using it in their goal setting session.
      6.7 Fourth of July Subcommittee: The group is excited about their plans for the 4th. Buck gave an overview of plans for the day and got a head-count of who will be participating.
      6.8 Conservation Awards Recap: The “green” Green Show went well, and the group agreed that ice cream was a good incentive for the kids. Overall it was a good test-run and learning experience for future events and told them lots about what education is needed for students.
      6.9 Divestment Policy Presentation: Group gave an overview of the presentation to Council for new member Sohl and discussed how it went. They heard many positive responses.
7. Old Business
Koopman gave an overview of the goal setting agenda. She requested that the group do the homework assignments she previously e-mailed so that their time can be as efficient as possible. Facilitator Crocker talked to the group about how they can help and what they can do to make it a successful goal setting.
8. Wrap Up
The group would like the following on the upcoming meeting agenda:
            Recycling Center ad hoc
            BYOB report from staff member Hanks
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,                                
Diana Shiplet
Executive Secretary

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