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Special Meeting

Monday, May 19, 2014

Public Art Commission
May 19, 2014
Commissioners: Bussell, Friend, Garrington, Hepford, Clark, Seltzer (staff),
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m. 
Scott Balcom
Review of Gateway Submissions and determine finalists
The committee reviewed the intent of Gateway Public Art.
What does the PAC want the Gateway piece to accomplish? What distinguishing characteristics are important and are these demonstrated in the submission images? What are the Aesthetic elements to be considered in the review of the artwork submissions?
The final piece should…
  1. Be of appropriate scale and “monumental”
  2. Develop a specific mood e.g.: dignified, quiet, sense of levity, funny, sophisticated, sober, wild, interactive, kinetic, colorful, environments
  3. Be “iconic”
  4. Create a sense of identy and articulate the space
  5. Create a landmark
  6. Be visually memorable
  7. Be of a size and character that enhances the setting
  8. Activate the setting in a new way
  9. Be made of durable outdoor materials e.g. carved stone, sculpted metal, fabricated metal, recycled materials, ceramic, glass etc.
  10. Finely crafted
With the above in mind the PAC reviewed the images of the highest scoring submissions which totaled eighteen.  After much discussion the PAC identified seven of these submissions as the possible five finalists.  PAC members will begin contacting the references listed in these submissions.
The commission discussed questions to ask of the references and agreed on the following:
  1. Did the artist deliver the project on time and on budget?
  2. Was the piece built and installed properly and appropriate for the site?
  3. How well did the artist communicate with staff throughout the process?
  4. How well did they manage the project (schedule and communication with sub-contractors)?
  5. Was the artist receptive to public input and public process?
  6. Did the artist meet the requirements stated in the scope of work?
  7. Is the community happy with the outcome?
Commissioners will contact artist references using the questions listed above and submit the responses to Seltzer by Thursday May 28.
Commissioners                                    Artist References
Friend                                      Pete Beeman
                                                John Buck
Clark                                       Kathleen Caricof
                                                James Harrison
Bussell                                     Tykeson/Rose
                                                Susan Zoccola
Hepford                                   Roger White Stoller

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