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Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission (View All)

Conservation Commission Meeting

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ashland Conservation Commission
Meeting Minutes
December 18, 2013
Community Development Building, Siskiyou Room
51 Winburn Way
  1. Call to Order
Commission Chair Weir called the meeting to order at 6:00.  In attendance were Commissioners Gould, Hartman, Buck, Silverberg, McGinnis, Biegel-Coryell and Koopman.  Commissioner Beam and Council liaison Rosenthal were absent.  Staff Hanks was also in attendance.
  1. Consent Agenda / Reports
Meeting minutes from the November  20th Commission meeting were approved unanimously by motion/second from Gould/Hartman.
  1. Announcements
Commission Chair Weir noted that the next Regular Commission meeting is scheduled for January 22, 2014.  Upcoming Sub-committee meetings for Jan/Feb include the BYOB sub-committee and the sustainability sub-committee
Other Announcements from Commissioners:  Weir noted that he would like to alter the agenda to move up the City staff report on the Ashland Storm Drain System that is under new business to immediately follow Public Forum.
  1. Public Forum
Misty Munoz, who spoke at the November meeting inquired about funding availability for her potential compost project as part of her graduate work at SOU.  Hanks stated there wasn’t a process for the Commission to approve or recommend funding for that type of activity.
  1. New Business
Ashland Storm Drain System – Beam and City Staff
Hanks noted that the original intent was to have the Public Works/Engineering staff present an overview of the City’s storm drain management plan and operations after Commissioner Beam described the downtown pilot project that he and City staff had conducted, but that Beam was not able to attend but Rob Morris from the Public Works Dept who is responsible for the City’s storm drain system management plan and regulations was able to attend and will be providing the overview of the system and Commissioner Beam will present the pilot project at the following Commission meeting.
Rob Morris presented an overview of the City’s Storm Water Management Plan which is made up of the following six components:
1.Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  1. Implement and enforce IDDE program
i.Non-stormwater discharge ordinance
ii.Incident tracking system – code compliance log
  1. Stormdrain system mapping
i.Drainage basins
ii.SD outfalls
iii.SW treament facilities
  1. Constructed wetlands, bio-swales, structural treatment
  2. Inform public, businesses of hazards associated with illicit discharge
2.Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control
  1. Require DEQ permit for disturbance of >1 acre
  2. “No track-out” ordinance
  3. Site plan review for SWPPP
  4. Erosion and Sediment Control training for inspectors
3.Post-Construction SW Management in New Development
  1. Mitigates hydromodification resulting from impervious areas
  2. LID requirement for >2500 s.f. of hardscape
  3. Require maintenance of private water quality features
4.Pollution Prevention in Municipal Operations
  1. O&M plan for city facilities
  2. Pollution prevention included in employee training
i.Park and landscape maintenance
ii.Fleet and building maintenance
iii.General construction
5.Public Education and Outreach on Stormwater Impacts
  1. Contracted out to Regional Manager – RVCOG
  2. Distribute educational materials to the community
i.Targeted stormwater brochures
  1. Concrete, painting, landscaping
  2. Conduct outreach activities on SW pollution impacts
i.Tabling at local events, watershed model
6.Public Involvement and Participation
  1. Provide opportunities for the public to become involved in program development and implementation – Storm drain markers
The Commission expressed their appreciation for Rob’s presentation and followed up with several questions including:
1) Wastewater Treatment Plant fish kill – Morris noted it was determined to be herbicide but not know who applied it.
2) Day to day education efforts – Buck suggested more pro-active efforts, including possibly using the sides of the street sweeper for educational efforts.
  1. Reports / Presentations
Council - Councilor Rosenthal
Moved to next meeting
Recology Quarterly Report
Buck provided a report of Recology related activities for the previous quarter including the following:
1) Leaf Diversion : Free Leaf drop Nov.17th – 11 boxes & Dec. 15th – 3 boxes
2) Pre-paid leaf bags—sold 239 total sets of bags at a cost of $1,076.  Conservation Commission contributed 67sets for $300. Public Works 103 sets for $464. RASS 69 sets for $312
3) DEQ’s 2050 Vision—switching to materials management for Oregon. Created (3) different work groups. I am on the materials management work group to strengthen recycling options- possibly change Opportunity to recycle act. Consider expanding the solid waste management plan
4) Jackson Co. diversion rate for 2012 was 49.3%
5) Hand out Recology Strategic Plan for 2014 -2018 
6) Roll out of trash carts for the city early January   2014                                                                                                                          
Recycling Center Ad-Hoc
Hanks noted that the Committee was approved for formation and the Mayors appointments were confirmed by the Council on December 17, 2013.  Staff will be coordinating with the members to being meetings.
  1. Old Business
Conservationist of the Year Awards Committee
The Conservation Awards sub-committee (Buck, Koopman and Gould) presented the results of their meetings and proposal for a modification to the previous awards format with the goal of involving more people in the community, getting more submittals to select from and using the program for education and awareness in addition to recognition.
The proposal is an all schools sustainability competition with several categories, one being a class award for a project, program or activity that displays innovative work in sustainability with measurable results.  The other is a performance based award for a song, play, or other performance based product with a sustainability theme/objective.
The Commission supported the concept and discussed a variety of potential program details.  Commissioner Gould motioned to give the sub-committee approval for the general concept and to return to the full Commission for formal approval of the final product.  McGinnis provided the second and was approved unanimously.
Sustainability Sub-Committee Request
 Chair Weir allowed for the addition on the agenda for the sustainability sub-committee to present a memo drafted to be included in the City Council goal setting packet tentatively scheduled for February 15, 2014.  The goal of the memo is to inform the Council of the progress and work being done in developing a framework for a community sustainability plan and to offer to address any issues the Council may have.
Biegel-Coryell motioned to approve the memo for submittal.  With a second from Silverberg, the motion passed unanimously.
  1. Wrap Up
Items to be added to next agenda
Ashland School District Report
Storm Drain Pilot Presentation
Recycle Center Committee Update
BYOB sub-committee update
Conservation Awards update
SOU Report
Conservation Awards update
Goals Review
Earth Day Plans
Fourth of July sub-committee report
Ashland Garden Club sponsorship recommendation
Weir adjourned the meeting at 8:00

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