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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Regular Meeting

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Meeting Minutes
September 4, 2013
Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room
Newly elected Chair, Terry Skibby called the meeting to order.
Historic Commissioners Present:  Dale Shostrom, Keith Swink, Kerry Kencairn, Allison Renwick, Sam Whitford, Victoria Law, Tom Giordano, Terry Skibby
Commission Members Absent: Ally Phelps
Council Liaison: Greg Lemhouse - absent
High School Liaison: None Appointed
SOU Liaison: None Appointed
Staff Present: Staff Liaison: Amy Gunter; Staff Clerk: Billie Boswell

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Mr. Whitford made a motion to approve the minutes of the August 7, 2013 meeting, Ms. Renwick seconded the motion. Mr. Giordano and Mr. Skibby abstained due to being absent. The minutes were approved unanimously by the remaining Commissioners.

PUBLIC FORUM:  Allan Sandler expressed a concern about the lack of maintenance on the sidewalk curbs throughout the Historic District, pointing out that many were crumbling and in disrepair.  He was advised to contact Public Works.
There being no one else to speak, the Public Forum was closed.
COUNCIL LIAISON REPORT:  Greg Lemhouse-absent
  1. Planning Action:  PA-2013-01208
Subject Property:  19 Gresham & 374 Hargadine
Owner:  Susan Springer
Applicant:  Joyce Ward, Architect
Description:  Request for a Conditional Use Permit to expand an existing non-conforming residential unit located at 19 Gresham and 374 Hargadine.  The applicant has proposed to convert the existing basement storage space to habitable space.
 Chairman Skibby confirmed there was no exparte contact or conflict of interest.  Five of the Commissioners did a site visit.  Ms. Gunter explained the applicant was requesting to convert the daylight basement area from storage space to habitable space.  Cosmetic fixes would be applied to the exterior with matching materials and paint.  No one in the audience wished to speak so the Public Hearing was closed.
Most of the Commissioners felt the building would be improved and look better.  Chairman Skibby suggested that a more substantial porch be added and 12” eaves all around. 
Ms. Kencairn made a motion to recommend approval of the plans with the suggestion that the new porch and eaves be considered.  Mr. Giordano seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
PreApp – 15 North Main St. (on Calle Guanajuato) Owner, Allan Sandler and his architect, Mark McKechnie, passed pictures around. They explained that they incorporated some of the front entry changes suggested by Mr. Shostrom.  They showed the solarium design to be utilized by the restaurant next door, along with the storage and mechanical equipment plans for the existing roof.  They want the space to look like it was built in the late 1800’s but with new materials.  Overall, the Commissioners liked the plan.
  1. Review Board Schedule
September 5th   Kerry, Keith
September 12th Tom, Dale, Sam
September 19th Kerry, Tom, Allison
September 26th Victoria, Ally, Terry(?)
October 3rd Allison, Keith, Ally
  1. Project Assignments for Planning Actions: No new Projects.
BD-2011-01029 400 Allison (Robin Biermann) New SFR  (under construction) Whitford/Renwick
BD-2011-00621 89 Oak St (Amorotico) New façade on building (under construction) Shostrom
BD-2013-00256 175 Lithia Wy (First Place Partners)  3-story mixed use building (under constr) Giordano
BD-2013-00388 522 Rock (Wallace) 4 Accessory Units  (1 under construction) Shostrom
BD-2013-00093 108 Second (Dudley Rood) CUP and Solar Waiver for 2nd story unit (under constr) Shostrom
BD-2013-00378 245 Van Ness (Nate Witemburg & Brint Borgilt) Addition (under constr) Kencairn
BD-2013-00405 207 Enders Alley (Dresher) conversion to motel unit  (under construction) Swink
PA-2013-00366 57 N Main St. (North) Mix Sweet Shop entry door  (complete) Phelps
BD-2013-00718 5 B Street (Spartan Properties) New Comm Bldg  (under construction) Phelps
BD-2013-00796 15 N First (Amuse) Walk in Cooler  (under construction)  
BD-2013-01363 370 E Main (Staunton) Front Façade (in review)  
DISCUSSION ITEMS:  Butler Perozzi Fountain.  Don Robertson of the Parks Department discussed the proposed restoration of the fountain and requested a letter of support from the Historic Commission to accompany the grant request.  Ms. Kencairn said she would draft the letter and send it out to the Commissioners prior to the deadline of September 9th.
Calle Guanajuato Resurfacing Project.  Don Robertson and Rachel Dials of the Parks Department explained the issues leading to the decision to resurface and discussed the plan details to address those concerns.  There would be a utility corridor in a herringbone pattern for easy access without tearing up or cutting of the concrete.  The Commissioners were all in support and felt the design was beautiful.
PreApp for 270 First St.  Ms. Gunter solicited comments about the design of the new 2-story home.  The Commissioners felt it looked commercial, not compatible with neighboring houses, out of scale with other single and story and a half homes. They suggested adding a gable pitched roof with dormers, a front porch, double-hung windows and siding more appropriate to a residential design.  The applicants were not present at the meeting.
Next meeting is scheduled for October 2, 2013
There being no other items to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Billie Boswell.

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